How To Obtain The Hermaeus Mora Tales Of Tribute Deck With Update 40

ESO Tales of Tribute Patron Deck Coin Hermaeus Mora
Learn how to acquire the new Hermaeus Mora Tales of Tribute patron deck in the Infinite Archive.

Obtaining Hermaues Mora Deck

The Hermaeus Mora deck is earned by finding five fragments.  When all fragments are obtained, the deck can be created by combining the fragments and it will be available for you to use.  This deck is part of Update 40 and is available to everyone.  The Infinite Archive is located in Apocrypha and can be accessed by anyone.

Deck Fragments Inside Infinite Archive

There are five deck fragments needed for the Hermaeus Mora deck:

  • Academ’s Mora Deck Fragment
  • Delver’s Mora Deck Fragment
  • Filer’s Mora Deck Fragment
  • Seeker’s Mora Deck Fragment
  • Slayer’s Mora Deck Fragment

Each fragment can be acquired randomly by completing activities in the Infinite Archive.  The Filer’s Mora Deck Fragment is also obtained inside the Infinite Archive but must be purchased from Filer Tezurs using Archival Fortunes, the currency earned only in the Infinite Archive.

Once you have acquired all the fragments, you will combine them and the new deck will be added automatically.

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