Mirri Elendis, ESO Companion

Mirri’s Companion Perk

Mirri’s Expertise – treasure chests found through treasure maps and in the overland have a 30% chance to provide additional loot from hidden compartments.  The treasure from these hidden compartments may contain additional gold, sellable, or recipes.

Mirri Elendis’s Companion Skills

Mirri is a Dark Elf with a nightblade-based skill set.  Here’s a brief look at her skills and passives.

Racial Passive Mirri Elendis

ESO Companion Racial Passive Mirri Elendis Dynamic


This passive increases the damage done by 3% and the healing done by 3%.

Deadly Assassin

ESO Companion Skill Deadly Assassin Warp Strike

Warp Strike

The companion flashes through the shadows and ambushes an enemy dealing 6643 Magic Damage.

ESO Companion Skill Deadly Assassin Slayer's Blade

Slayer’s Blade

The companion thrusts a magic blade with lethal precision to finish off an enemy dealing 19930 Magic Damage.  This is used when the enemy is below 25% Health.

ESO Companion Skill Deadly Assassin Shadow Slash

Shadow Slash

The companion slashes an enemy dealing 6643 Magic Damage and setting them Off Balance for 7.4 seconds.

ESO Companion Skill Deadly Assassin Impeccable Shot

Impeccable Shot

The companion marks an enemy and exposes their weakness causing them to take 20% more damage for 3.2 seconds while the enemy is exposed they build up to a single killing shot unleashing a massive bolt that deals 19930 Physical Damage.

Living Shade

ESO Companion Skill Living Shade Masque of Torment

Masque Of Torment

The companion terrifies nearby enemies causing them to cower in fear for 4.2 seconds.

ESO Companion Skill Living Shade Ghostly Evasion

Ghostly Evasion

The companion surrounds themselves in a phantasmic aura dodging the next attack made against them while also reducing their damage taken by 20% for 8.5 seconds.  This is used when the companion is below 75% Health.

ESO Companion Skill Living Shade Twilight Mantle

Twilight Mantle

The companion shrouds themselves in refreshing shadows healing for 25% of their max Health and becoming invisible for 3 seconds.  This is when the companion is below 50% Health.

Soul Thief

ESO Companion Skill Soul Thief Life Absorption

Life Absorption

The companion steals an enemy’s life force dealing 3321 Masgic Damage and healing themselves or an ally around them for 7035 Health.

ESO Companion Skill Soul Thief Life Siphon

Life Siphon

The companion siphons the vigor from the blood of enemies nearby dealing 3321 Magic Damage and healing themselves and their allies for 3517 Health.

ESO Companion Skill Soul Thief Blood Transfusion

Blood Transfusion

The companion infuses an ally with blood healing them for 10540 Health over 8.5 seconds.

Building Rapport With Mirri Elendis

Favorable Rapport Actions

  • earn +500 (one time reward) by completing her personal quest
  • earn +125 by completing Ashlander Daily Quest for Numani-Rasi
  • earn +125 by completing Fighters Guild Daily
  • earn +10 (30-minute cooldown) by entering Daedric Delve or Public Dungeon
  • earn +10 (20-hour cooldown) by visiting the Brass Fortress through the gate
  • earn +5 (5-minute cooldown) by antiquity excavating
  • earn +5 by looting a Psijic Portal
  • earn +5 by viewing a completed Khajiit Of The Moons
  • earn +5 by viewing a completed Rithana-di-Renada
  • earn +5 by viewing a completed House of Orsimoer Glories
  • earn +5 by viewing a completed Vault of Moawita
  • earn rapport by learning a new crafting motif
  • earn +5 by entering Vivec’s Library with a fully collected model of Vvardenfell
  • earn +5  by walking up to the completed Vault of Moawita in Summerset
  • earn +1 (5-minute cooldown) by killing a Goblin
  • earn +1 (10-minute cooldown) by killing a Snake (not Lamias)
  • earn +1 (5-minute cooldown) by crafting alcohol
  • earn +1 by reading a book from a bookshelf
  • earning +1 by summoning Daemonic chicken pet

Unfavorable Rapport Actions

  • lose rapport by engaging any friendly NPC in combat and killing them
  • lose -25 by using Blade of Woe on a friendly NPC
  • lose -25 by the successful completion of Sacrament quest
  • lose -1 by collecting a torchbug or butterfly
  • lose rapport by using a ship
  • lose -5 by using the Blade of Woe on an NPC additional times while the other is still in cooldown
  • lose -10 by entering the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

How To Get Mirri Elendis As A Companion

How To Add Mirri To Your Allies

To add Mirri you must first complete the introductory quest.  Travel north in Blackwood from the Doomvault Vulpinaz Wayshrine to the area marked on the map.  Mirri needs help saving her brother.

As with other companions, once you complete their introductory quest, she will join your list of allies.  

Please note that this same quest must be completed on all your characters in order to summon Ember as a companion.  

Mirri’s Backstory

Mirris Elendis is a relic hunter and a scholar.  She specializes in Daedra studies.  In a letter to Hall Steward Delte Nethri from the Armsman of Mounrhold Guildhall Belderi Llenim, he says Mirri is competent and hard-working but not easy to deal with.

Mirri despises authority figures and skirts along the edge of trouble with local authorities.  She bends rules but also gets things done.  

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