Ultimate Imperial Sewers Zone Guide

ESO Imperial Sewers Loading Screen

Imperial Sewers Area Description

Extending far beneath the Imperial City, the sewers and even deeper regions have been the source of dread rumors for centuries.


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Imperial Sewers Faction Bases

When you have entered into an Imperial City campaign, you will be teleported to your faction’s home base located in Imperial Sewers.  Inside the home base, you are totally safe.  Only other players from your alliance can enter.  This is a large area filled with everything you will need including a banker, various merchants, crafting stations, and access to both the Imperial Sewers and Imperial City.

ESO Imperial Sewers Map Locations Faction Home Bases

Finding Your Way Home

On the map above, you will note that each faction’s home base has two nearby irrigation tunnels that connect to Imperial City.  The corresponding district names are also included.  These two entrances are the closest to your faction’s home base but not inside it.  You will still need to make your way through PvE enemies and often PvP players to reach the safety of your home base.  The pathway to your home base, from these areas, are marked with your alliance flags.  This is of great help to quickly determine which way to go.

Ladders To The City

Inside your faction’s home base you will find six ladders.  Each of the six ladders allows you entry into a different district of Imperial City.  At this point, it is a good idea to understand how to return to the home base.  From Imperial City, you will enter into the Imperial Sewers using Irrigation Tunnels.  Depending on the district you are in and the tunnel you choose, you could have an easy quick route or a long complicated one.  The map below shows which district’s tunnels are located nearest to each faction’s base.

Tel Var Merchants

Various merchants (and a banker) can be found inside your faction’s home base.  These merchants sell wares accepting Tel Var Stones as payment.  As explained in the Imperial City guide, Tel Var Stones not in your bank are at risk outside of your home base.  Your home base handily includes a banker.

The Tel Var General Merchants sell everyday items like alkahest, ancestor silk, and rubedite ingot.  Additionally, they sell bound style pages, hard-to-find runeboxes, storage chests for your homes, and rare items like Rubyblossom Extract.

The Tel Var Jewelry Merchants sell legendary quality jewelry items including both rings and necklaces.

The Tel Var First Armorers sell epic quality armor items which are typically used for PvP.  The Tel Var Second Armorers sell superior quality armor items which are typically used for PvP.

The Tel Var Equipment Lockbox Merchants sell random epic quality armor items.  While you most certainly can obtain a need armor piece for a much more reasonable rate using the lockbox merchant, the item you receive inside the lockbox is random.



What Is A Skyshard?

Skyshards are glowing crystals that provide you with 1/3 of a skill point.  Collecting 3 skyshards grants you 1 skill point which can then be used for abilities and/or passives.  

ESO In-Game Map Icon Skyshard

On your map, skyshard will appear with a blackened skyshard icon when you are close to its location.  Once the skyshard has been collected, the icon turns white but then disappears from your map.

Imperial Sewers Skyshard Locations

There are a total of 7 Skyshards in the Imperial Sewers.

Skyshard #7 – next to a cart full of corpses

Skyshard #8 – behind a hammock and washing line

Skyshard #9 – behind a wooden fence next to crocodiles

Skyshard #10 – in a corner next to a hammock

Skyshard #11 – on top of a sewer drain

Skyshard #12 – upstairs on a ledge

Skyshard #13 – on the center platform

What Is A Lore Book?

Shalidor’s Library is a collection of lore books in Tamriel.  Reading lore books within this collection increases your Mages Guild rank.  

ESO In-Game Icon Lore Book

On your map, lore books will appear in your compass as you near it.  Once collected, it will disappear.  You can track your collection under the zone guide.

Imperial Sewers Lore Book Locations

There are a total of 3 lore books to be found in Imperial Sewers.

  • Lore Book #1 – Darkest Darkness – under a wooden scaffolding in a corner
  • Lore Book #2 – The Book Of Daedra – between wooden scaffolding and a wall near water
  • Lore Book #3 – The Spawn Of Molag Bog – in a corner next to wooden scaffolding

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