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Welcome to Xynode Gaming®LTD!

Your main one stop shop for all the information you need for The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO)!

On this website there are multiple areas for many types of content and play styles for all players to enjoy! It doesn’t matter whether you are a NEW player, or an experienced/elite player…there is something for everyone. Remember EVERYONE started as a beginner.

My goal is to teach as many people as possible in the community how to enjoy their Elder Scrolls Online experience to the fullest by supplying the information/tools and understanding of everything there is to know about the game. The more you know, the easier things get. There is nothing worse than playing a game and not being good at it or at least understanding it. So i drive to answer TWO questions for all players… HOW? and WHY?

How do things work? and WHY do they work?…My guides for The Elder Scrolls Online are incredibly detailed. There are long explanations on purpose and not for the sake of just being long, but so that i can cram in as MUCH helpful guide and/or tutorial type information as possible. New players come to this game like any other, with NO idea of what to do. And at the same time experienced players can focus so much on ONE thing that it can be difficult to branch out into other content. So no matter what you know or don’t know, i can teach you new things!

I am extremely experienced in The Elder Scrolls online to a heavy mechanics and game design understanding, teaching level. I have taught literally thousands of players how to be better at the game and as fast as i am teaching, even MORE new ESO content is being released. So while this can be overwhelming for some and hard to keep up, i have everything covered for you!

From every day causal questers to full out End game players, i can show everyone how to “get good” at what they enjoy the most!

I cover Dungeon guides, Trials guides, Arenas guides, (veteran difficulties and hard modes), builds for both PvE and PvP, and also some other various video tutorials, including Alchemy and special developer tour guides of older and newer content from time to time, WITH the developers of Zenimax online Studios themselves.

There is an Elder Scrolls Online All About Mechanics series where you can get your PVE fill ( dungeons , trials, arenas) along side an Addon for you PC players out there too!. These guides are NOT just for new players however, they are for new players AND experienced players. Some of the dungeons, and other content can be challenging for even the most attuned elder scrolls online players out there!

Support The Content Creator

As most of you may know, being a content creator (mostly focused on The Elder Scrolls Online) is my FULL time job and now a fully registered Trademarked Limited company business!

Each month is different and risky, but at the same time is such an adventure! I make a living by providing gaming content for YOU ( the players ) and in return there are many ways in which i can be supported to be able to continue to help the community with this type of content. Some ways to support are free so that the channel can grow and others are of course in the form of sponsorships and subscriptions and MUCH more.

As well as FREE YouTube guides and written guides i also provide paid services in many forms.

There are perks on Patreon where each rank has extra in game or out of game interaction and support. There are memberships on Youtube where you can get monthly perks and bonuses for supporting/sponsoring for set ranks. You can support via Twitch in the form of a subscription which will grant you emotes and badges for the streams AND of course mean you never have to watch adverts again.

You can purchase one to one sessions where you will be able to interact with the creator for one hour sessions at a set rate. There is also MUCH more on offer, including FREE fun on the live streams (check the Undaunted page for more information), and of course a Merch store with many more products to come in the future!

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