Ultimate Murkmire Zone Guide

Murkmire Area Description

At the southernmost extremity of Black Marsh, the region informally known as Murkmire gradually slopes down from the interior uplands of the north until it fades into the ocean. Legend holds that the land once extended much further south before it sank beneath the waves.


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What Is A Crafting Set Station?

A crafting set station is a crafting area that allows you to craft a specific set piece of armor.  Often there are additional requirements, like a number of traits that must be researched before you can make an item of a specific set.  While you can make generic pieces at crafting set stations, these are the only areas where you can the specific set that is listed.  There is one exception – attunable crafting tables (which are ‘tuned’ to replicate set stations) can be obtained and placed in houses for use.

ESO Map Icon Crafting Set Stations

On your map, crafting set stations appear with a blackened crafting icon when you are close to a location.  Once the set station has been visited, the icon turns white.

ESO Murkmire Location Map Crafting Set Stations

Murkmire Crafting Set Stations

How To Obtain Overland Set Pieces

Players are rewarded for each boss kill with item/items from that boss’s loot table.

  • Delve bosses drop a waist, foot, or another unique item piece.  
  • Overland World Bosses drop a head, chest, leg, weapon, or unique item piece.
  • Public dungeon bosses drop a shoulder, hand, weapon, or unique item piece.
  • Chests at Dark Anchors or Dolmens drop a jewelry set piece.

Even with Curated Item Set Drops, bosses with a specific loot table will only drop curated items from their own loot table.  Treasure chests have a chance to grant any set piece from the zone they are found in.  Click here to learn more about curated set drops.

Murkmire Overland Armor Sets

What Is A Delve?

A delve in The Elder Scrolls Online is in essence a small dungeon.  Delves usually contain a few enemies, at least one ‘boss’, and a skyshard.  Delves can generally be completed solo.   If you are a new player, you may want to explore delves with a friend.  Most delves have an associated quest that you can get just inside or near the entrance.  This quest is more a side story to the main quest of the area but does offer rewards for completing it.

ESO Delve Icon Map Image

On your map, delves appear with a blackened single torch.  Once the delve is completed (by defeating the boss or bosses), the delve icon turns white.

Murkmire Delves

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There are 2 delves in Murkmire.

Teeth of Sithis

As Sithis is Change, there are naturally no standards for Sithis altars or chapels—but in Murkmire, there is certainly no larger temple to the Dread Father than the Teeth of Sithis.

She Who Eats The Light

The Teeth of Sithis, a pair of ancient xanmeer temples, has been overtaken by the servants of its heretical, former high priestess, Shuxaltsei. She has taken the custodians of the Teeth captive and is sacrificing them in some profane blood rite.

Teeth of Sithis Location

Travel slightly northeast from the Dead-Water Wayshrine to locate this ancient temple.  The entrance is through a tunnel behind a waterfall.

ESO Murkmire Delve Teeth of Sithis Location Map
ESO Achievement High Isle Breakwater Cave Explorer

Exploring and defeating the boss will reward you with the Teeth of Sithis Explorer achievement.

Inside Teeth of Sithis

Teeth of Sithis is an ancient temple of Sithis that is inhabited by salamanders, Blackguard Bloodfiends, and Sun-Eater enemies.

This delve has three levels, one boss, and one skyshard as notated on the map.  


Shuxaltsei is a an ancient Argonian priestess.  She uses both magical attacks and melee attacks.  During combat, she will summon Blackguard Bloodfiends and Bound Hemonculous to aid her in battle.  Shuzaltsei also creates a swirling red mist that allows her to transport to one of the Sithis shrines.  If she consumes a Bound Hermonculous, she can breathe a damaging red mist that will knock any target down while doing moderate damage.  Avoid the aoes when possible and focus on the adds.  Shuxaltsei is easily defeated.   

Completing She Who Eats The Light

You will need to search for survivors and disrupt sacrificial altars.  After killing Shuxaltsei. Devours-the-Sun, return to Xode to complete the quest.  You will be rewarded with gold and the Tribal Glove Crate, a uniquely crafted wood crate containing gloves specific to Murkmire.

Tsofeer Cavern

A spacious and well-watered cave system in Murkmire would normally be used or inhabited by some of the local Argonians, but Tsofeer Cavern is avoided even by the aggressive Dead-Water tribe, all because of one dread word: “Wuju-Ka.”

The Lost Legion

Dradeiva, a local Argonian, seeks to prove that the Imperial Ninth Legion disappeared in the Tsofeer Caverns. She hopes to show that her ancestor didn’t betray Murkmire. Unfortunately, the caves may also be home to the monstrous voriplasm, Wuju-Ka.

Tsofeer Cavern Location

Travel southwest from the Dead-Water Wayshrine to locate Tsofeer Cavern.

ESO Achievement High Isle Breakwater Cave Explorer

Exploring and defeating the boss will reward you with the Tsofeer Cavern Explorer achievement.

Inside Tsofeer Cavern

This delve is inhabited by salamanders, bear lizards, and poisonous plants.

Tsofeer Cavern has one level, one boss, and one skyshard as notated on the map.

Wuju-Ka Guardian

Wuju-Ka Guardian is a large poisonous coagulant that summons Voriplasmic Corpses to aid it in battle.  While he is slow-moving, he can do a lot of damage if you are susceptible to poisons.  Focus on the Corpses.  Wuju-Ka Guardian is easily defeated.

Completing The Lost Legion

You will need to explore the cavern looking for clues left behind by the Imperials.  You must defeat the Wuju-Ka Guardian.  After performing the ritual, speak to Dradevia to complete the quest.  You will be rewarded with gold and a Tribal Boot Crate, a wooden crate containing boots unique to Murkmire.

What Is An Arena?

An Arena is an area to test your skills and earn a variety of rewards.  Some arenas are solo and others require a group of 4.  Each arena offers a normal and veteran difficulty. 

Arenas are fought in stages.  Your progress through an arena is saved after each stage.  Another unique characteristic of the Arena is the sigil buffs.  During each stage, you will be offered buffs to help you in battle.  Not all Sigils are found in all arenas.

The Sigil of Defense (shield) reduces incoming damage and reflects ranged physical and spell-based projective attacks.  This sigil is found in Blackrose Prison, Maelstrom Arena, and Vateshran Hollows.

The Sigil of Haste (wing) grants increased Magicka and Stamina regeneration as well as Major Expedition.  This sigil is found in Maelstrom Arena, and Vateshran Hollows.

The Sigil of Healing (chalice) grants a powerful heal over time effect.  This sigil is found in Blackrose Prison, Maelstrom Arena, and Vateshran Hollows.

The Sigil of Power (sword) grants increased weapon power.  This sigil is found in Maelstrom Arena, and Vateshran Hollows

The Sigil of Resurrection (totem) resurrects dead group members and protects the activating player.  This sigil is found in Blackrose Prison.

The Sigil of Sustain (larger wing) grants increased Magicka and Stamina regeneration.  This sigil is found in Blackrose Prison.

ESO In-Game Icon Arena
ESO In-Game Icon Group Arena

On your map, solo arenas appear with a blackened square icon with a skull.  Group arenas appear with the same icon and a plus sign.   Once the arena is completed (by defeating the bosses), the arena icon turns white.

Murkmire Arenas

There is 1 group arena in Murkmire.

When Imperial Potentate Versidue-Shaie wanted a distant dungeon to house the most feared criminal and political prisoners of the Second Empire, he ordered a penal institution built on the coast of Black Marsh; it was named Blackrose Prison after the ancient city a day’s march to the north.

Blackrose Prison Arena Armor Sets

Perfected versions are available for completing the Veteran mode.

What Is A World Boss?

World bosses are powerful enemies often with their own unique abilities.  They sometimes require groups of players to overcome.  World bosses in DLC zones are significantly harder than other base game bosses.

ESO Map Icon World Boss

On your map, world bosses appear with a blackened skull and crossed swords icon.  Once the world boss is defeated, the world boss icon turns white.

Murkmire World Bosses

There are 2 world bosses in Murkmire.

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Baxilt-Gah at Bok-Xul

Travel slightly southwest from the Black Rose Prison Wayshrine to find the ancient ritual site of Bok-Xul.

Mechanics Notes

Baxilt-Gah is an Argonian necromancer of the Ghost People tribe.  In addition to his magical attacks, he summons large groups of Bone Flyers and Skeletal Defenders to aid him in battle.  You must focus on keeping the adds controlled.  Baxilt-Gah is easily defeated but the adds can also easily overwhelm you.

Achievement Earned

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Murkmire Group Boss 2

The first time you defeat this world boss you will earn the Fiend of the Fens achievement.

Walks-Like-Thunder at Echoing Hollow

Travel northeast from the Dead-Water Wayshrine to find the ruins and old Argonian library called Echoing Hollow.

Mechanics Notes

Walks-Like-Thunder is a large Miregaunt who guards Echoing Hollow.  He is slow but has heavy-hitting melee attacks.  He also pounds the ground creating very large damaging aoes.  While this boss can be defeated easily, he summons totems that, if not destroyed immediately, will HEAL him even back to full health!  So the focus must always be to burn down the totems as quickly as possible doing as much damage as possible to Walks-Like-Thunder while the totems are down.  He can disappear into the ground to reappear at a new place.  Just be sure to keep aware of the aoes and focus on the totems.

Achievement Earned

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Murkmire Group Boss 1

The first time you defeat this world boss you will earn the Feller of Thunder achievement.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Murkmire Group Boss Meta

Defeat both world bosses in Murkmire and you will earn the Defender of Murkmire achievement.

What Is A Wayshrine?

Wayshrines are shrines that were built to honor the Divines by being a safe haven point where players can revive if you die while adventuring in Tamriel.  Once you visit a wayshrine, it becomes available on your map for you to use to fast travel at no cost.  You can also travel to any unlocked wayshrine from anywhere in Tamriel for a price paid in gold.  This price reduces with time and also can be reduced by champion point allocations.  Each zone begins with one available wayshrine.

ESO In-Game Map Icon Wayshrine

On your map, wayshrines will appear with a blackened wayshrine icon when you are close to its location.  Once the wayshrine has been visited, the icon turns white.

Murkmire Wayshrine Locations

There are 5 wayshrines in Murkmire.

  •  Blackrose Prison Wayshrine
  • Bright-Throat Wayshrine
  • Dead-Water Wayshrine
  • Lilmoth Wayshrine
  • Root-Whisper Wayshrine

What Is A Zone Daily Quest?

Zone daily quests are daily repeatable quests throughout Tamriel.  Each zone has its own dailies which are usually given by a NPC.  Typically zone dailies include completing activities in delves, killing world bosses, or completing zone-specific tasks.  

ESO Map Icon Daily Repeatable Quest

On your map, zone daily quests appear as blue highlighted arrows.  Once completed the arrow disappears until the next day.

Zone Daily Quests In Murkmire

There are three types of zone daily quests in Murkmire.  You can find the NPC quest givers just south of the Lilmoth Wayshrine in the city of Lilmoth as marked on the map.  

You will need to find a notice posted in Lilmoth entitled Death-Hunts.  This will begin the Death-Hunts Awaits quest.  Talking to Bolu will complete the quest and all you to pick up daily quests from him and Varo.

Bolu will give you a daily zone quest involving one of Murkmire’s world bosses.

Varo Hosidias will give you a daily zone quest involving one of Murkmire’s delves.

The final daily quest giver is only accessible after completing the zone quest By River and Root.  This quest will unlock the area of Root-Whisper Village.

Tulul in Root-Whisper Village will give you a daily zone quest involving gathering and searching.

What Is A Skyshard?

Skyshards are glowing crystals that provide you with 1/3 of a skill point.  Collecting 3 skyshards grants you 1 skill point which can then be used for abilities and/or passives.  

ESO In-Game Map Icon Skyshard

On your map, skyshard will appear with a blackened skyshard icon when you are close to its location.  Once the skyshard has been collected, the icon turns white but then disappears from your map.

ESO Achievement Skyshard Hunter

Once you collect all the skyshard from the zone, you will earn the Auridon Skyshard Hunter achievement.

Murkmire Skyshard Locations

There are a total of 6 Skyshards in Murkmire.

Skyshard #1 – on the side of the Xanmeer ruins

Skyshard #2 – behind a small cliff by the water’s edge

Skyshard #3 –  halfway down the waterfall

Skyshard #4 – next to a small waterfall behind a rotten hut

One skyshard is also found in each of the delves.  Maps with exact locations are provided in those sections.

What Is A Treasure Map?

Treasure Maps are rewards that show the location of special chests that can only be seen when you have the map in your inventory.  You must travel to the specific location, dig the dirt mound, and then a chest will appear for you.

Treasure Map locations do NOT appear on your map.  You can slot the maps for quick access to compare your location.  

ESO Icon Treasure Chest

This map uses the chest icon to denote the location.

Murkmire Treasure Map Locations

  • Treasure Map I – in a large rotten tree stump between the waterfall and the large tree holding the ruined ship
  • Treasure Map II – in front of two rocks behind a large tree and two tall rocks

Collecting Murkmire’s Ancient Argonian Calendar Tablets

Twelve tablets were stolen from the Xinchei-Konu, an ancient Argonian calendar. Jekka-Wass Vozei, the keeper of the calendar, has tasked me to return the first missing tablet.

ESO In-Game Icon Antiquities U30 Museum Fragment 12

Tablets do not appear on your in-game map.  They do, however, glow green to aid you in spotting them.

Monument of Change

Travel to the Xinchei-Konu monument and speak to Jekka-Wass Vozei.  She will tell you about an ancient Argonian calendar called the Xinchei-Konu and that the tablets that created this calendar have been stolen.  To restore the calendar, you will need to find and defeat enemies and retrieve the stolen tablets.  

After collecting the tablets, restore them and speak to Jekka-Wass to complete the quest.  You will be rewarded with gold and The Broken Xinchei-Konu, an odd book of riddles.

Murkmire Tablet Locations

There are 12 tablets in Murkmire.

  • Tablet #1 – Vakka Tablet – drops from defeating Swallows-the-Sun
  • Tablet #2 – Xeech Tablet – on the top of the Xanmeer ruins
  • Tablet #3 – Sisei Tablet – on the side of theXanmeer ruins
  • Tablet #4 – Hist-Deek Tablet – in the water beside the ruins
  • Tablet #5 – Hist-Dooka Tablet – inside Echoing Hollow beside a stone table in a chamber
  • Tablet #6 – Hist-Tsoko Table – by the water’s edge near the base of a cliff
  • Tablet #7 – Thtithil-Gah Tablet – inside a house in front of the fireplace
  • Tablet #8 – Thtithil Tablet – on the ground behind the shrine among the ruins
  • Tablet #9 – Nushmeeko Tablet – inside the Wither-Vault behind the chimes
  • Tablet #10 – Shaja-Nushmeeko Tablet – drops from defeating Belly of Stone
  • Tablet #11 – Saxhleel Tablet – drops from defeating Roots-That-Stumble 
  • Tablet #12 – Xulomaht Tablet – drops from defeating Breath-Like-Decay

You will also earn the Chronic Chronologer achievement.

Murkmire Summary

In addition to the main quest line, Murkmire also offers many side quests, acquire zone-specific armor sets, visit points of interest, and striking locales.

Murkmire is situated in the southernmost region of the Black Marsh.  Its capital city is Lilmoth which features a mix of Imperial and Argonian architecture. 

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