Ember, ESO Companion

Ember’s Companion Perk

Ember’s Intuition – provides a chance to acquire hidden wallets of gold when pickpocketing. 

Ember’s Companion Skills

Ember is a Khajiit with a sorcerer-based skill set.  Here’s a brief look at her skills and passives.

Racial Passive Ember

ESO Companion Passive Skill Ember Cunning


This passive increases her Critical Chance by a % and damage done by a %.

Lightning Caller

ESO Companion Skill Lightning Caller Raging Storm

Raging Storm

The companion creates a thunderstorm that follows the target, striking all enemies within for Shock Damage every second for several seconds.  The final strike deals a % additional damage to enemies under 25% Health.

ESO Companion Skill Lightning Caller Crystal Blast

Crystal Blast

The companion conjures dark crystals to bombard an enemy dealing Magic Damage.

ESO In-Game Icon Ability Companion Sorcerer Mage Fury

Thunderous Strike

The companion calls down an explosion of lightning to finish off an enemy, dealing Shock Damage and additional Shock Damage to other nearby enemies.  Used when the enemy is below 25% Health.

ESO Companion Skill Lightning Caller Shocking Burst

Shocking Burst

The companion creates a nexus of storm energy at the target location instantly dealing Shock Damage to all enemies in the area and an additional Shock Damage over seconds.

Mischievous Caster

ESO Companion Skill Mischievous Caster Hurricane Visage

Hurricane Visage

The companion manifests themselves as pure lightning, zapping nearby enemies with electricity dealing Shock Damage over seconds.  While in this form their damage taken is reduced by 20%.

ESO Companion Skill Mischievous Caster Trickster's Trap

Trickster’s Trap

The companion dazzles an enemy in a ball of magic stunning them for seconds.

ESO Companion Skill Mischievous Caster Entomb


The companion uses binding magic to immobilize enemies in front of them for seconds and heal themselves for Health over seconds.

Playful Schemer

ESO Companion Skill Playful Schemer Quick Fix

Quick Fix

The companion patches themselves or an ally with restorative magic healing for Health.  This is used when the companion or an ally is below 75% Health.

ESO Companion Skill Playful Schemer Second Wind

Second Wind

The companion uses their backup resources reducing the cooldown of all their other abilities by 5 seconds.

ESO Companion Skill Playful Schemer Shared Wards

Shared Wards

The companion conjures wards made of energy for protection granting a damage shield for them and their nearby allies that absorbs damage for 6 seconds.  Targets affected by the shield are also healed for Health over seconds.

Building Rapport With Ember

Favorable Rapport Actions

  • earn +125 by completing a Mages Guild daily
  • earn +125 by completing a Thieves Guild heist
  • earn +1 by harvesting a runestone
  • earn +1 by killing wolves
  • earn +1 by killing werewolves
  • earn +5 by looting a safebox or thieves trove then +1 for each additional trove looted during cooldown (shared cooldown)
  • earn +10 by winning a Tales of Tribute game then +1 for each additional game won during cooldown
  • earn +10 by pickpocketing a guard then +1 foe each additional pick during cooldown
  • earn +10 by choosing the ‘flee’ option after being accosted by a guard
  • earn +1 by successfully getting away after choosing the flee option
  • earn +10 by invoking the clemency perk after being accosted by a guard
  • earn +1 by entering a restricted area (trespassing)
  • earn +25 by fencing a purple-quality stolen item
  • earn +5 by completing a Tip Board quest in the Thieves Den (has a cooldown)

Unfavorable Rapport Actions

  • lose -1 by fishing
  • lose -10 by getting seen pickpocketing, looting a safebox, stealing from a container, or killing an innocent NPS (shared cooldown)
  • lose -5 by getting killed by a guard (no cooldown)
  • lose -25 by willingly paying bounty to a guard after getting caught then -5 for each additional payoff during cooldown
  • lose 10 for getting spotted while in a restricted area (trespassing)

How To Add Ember To Your Allies

To add Ember you must first complete the introductory quest.  Cross the large bridge to the northeast of Gonfalon Bay towards the Tor Draioch Wayshrine.  In the area marked on this map, you’ll find a fellow swatting a strange green globe.  Speaking with him will begin the quest for Ember.

As with previous companions, once you complete their introductory quest, she will join your list of allies.  

Please note that this same quest must be completed on all your characters in order to summon Ember as a companion.  

Ember’s Backstory

A talented Mage and former street kid, Ember is a chaotic, earnest, notorious troublemaker.  In short, she’s a certified disaster.  Call this companion to your side for a bit of chaos and help her fuel her endless curiosity for mystic knowledge.

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