Ultimate Southern Elsweyr Zone Guide

Southern Elsweyr Area Description

Also known as Pellitine, this land’s complex history stretches back into antiquity. Long ago, Khajiiti aristocrats ruled the southern kingdoms with grace and refinement. Now, in the wake of the Knahaten Flu, criminals, Imperial remnants, and Khajiiti patriots all compete for the reins of power.


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What Is A Crafting Set Station?

A crafting set station is a crafting area that allows you to craft a specific set piece of armor.  Often there are additional requirements, like a number of traits that must be researched before you can make an item of a specific set.  While you can make generic pieces at crafting set stations, these are the only areas where you can the specific set that is listed.  There is one exception – attunable crafting tables (which are ‘tuned’ to replicate set stations) can be obtained and placed in houses for use.

ESO Map Icon Crafting Set Stations

On your map, crafting set stations appear with a blackened crafting icon when you are close to a location.  Once the set station has been visited, the icon turns white.

Southern Elsweyr Crafting Set Stations

How To Obtain Overland Set Pieces

Players are rewarded for each boss kill with item/items from that boss’s loot table.

  • Delve bosses drop a waist, foot, or another unique item piece.  
  • Overland World Bosses drop a head, chest, leg, weapon, or unique item piece.
  • Public dungeon bosses drop a shoulder, hand, weapon, or unique item piece.
  • Chests at Dark Anchors or Dolmens drop a jewelry set piece.

Even with Curated Item Set Drops, bosses with a specific loot table will only drop curated items from their own loot table.  Treasure chests have a chance to grant any set piece from the zone they are found in.  Click here to learn more about curated set drops.

Southern Elsweyr Overland Armor Sets

What Is A Delve?

A delve in The Elder Scrolls Online is in essence a small dungeon.  Delves usually contain a few enemies, at least one ‘boss’, and a skyshard.  Delves can generally be completed solo.   If you are a new player, you may want to explore delves with a friend.  Most delves have an associated quest that you can get just inside or near the entrance.  This quest is more a side story to the main quest of the area but does offer rewards for completing it.

ESO Delve Icon Map Image

On your map, delves appear with a blackened single torch.  Once the delve is completed (by defeating the boss or bosses), the delve icon turns white.

Southern Elsweyr Delves

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There are 2 delves in Southern Elsweyr.

Forsaken Citadel

Formerly known as the Topal Legionary Academy, this venerable structure produced some of the Akaviri Potentate’s greatest commanders. Now, little more than ghost stories haunt its ruined interior.

Forsaken Citadel

Near the entrance to the Forsaken Citadel, you will meet Catina Garrana, a young Imperial woman who recently lost her mother, Honoria.  Since her mother’s passing, she tells you that she is having dreams that Honoria has unfinished business in the ruined academy and asks for your help.

Forsaken Citadel Location

The Forsaken Citadel is located in the eastern region of Southern Elsweyr.  Travel slightly southeast from the Pridehome Wayshrine to locate this delve.

ESO Achievement High Isle Breakwater Cave Explorer

Exploring and defeating the boss will reward you with the Forsaken Citadel Explorer achievement.

Inside Forsaken Citadel

Forsaken Citadel is inhabited by Forsaken enemies including battlemages, blademasters, and sharpshooters.  This delve has two levels, one boss, and one skyshard as notated on the map.  Hiijar’s Tapestry Scrap fragment is also found on the wall upstairs in the Grand Lecture Hall in the area notated on the map.

Commandant Weston

Commandant Weston is an Imperial officer of the Imperial Legion who has become a zombie.  

Completing Dreams of the Forsaken

After finding an unsent letter from Jano, you are led to perform a ritual by destroying three Corrupted Totems.  After dropping the Locket into the fire, you had dispelled the Forsaken Citadel’s curse in hopes that Honoria and Jano can reconcile.  When you return to Catina, you learn that Jano is her father.  You are rewarded with gold and the Forsaken Citadel Armor, part of the Senchal Defender armor set.

Moonlit Cove

“The caverns of Moonlit Cove support a wealth of unique flora and fungus. A naturalist could lose themselves in that place for days were it not for those uncouth brigands!” – Felixa Caprenia, Senchal’s Naturalist in Residence

Skooma Sequela

Shazar the Sibilant informs you that a band of smugglers have turned the sacred Moonlit Cove into a skooma distillery and poisoned the waters.  He asks that you drink water from the five sacred shrines.  

Moonlit Cove Location

Moonlit cove is on the western coast of Southern Elsweyr.  Travel southwest from the Western Plains Wayshrine to locate this delve.

ESO Achievement High Isle Breakwater Cave Explorer

Exploring and defeating the boss will reward you with the Moonlit Cove Explorer achievement.

Inside Moonlit Cove

This delve is inhabited by Ruddy Fangs who have turned the sacred religious site into a skooma distillery.  This delve has one level, one boss, and one skyshard as notated on the map.  The Oranu’s Tapestry Scrap fragment can also be found in Moonlit Cove on a wooden platform next to a cushion in the area notated on the map.

The Tigershark

The Tigershark is a Pahmar-raht skooma distiller who uses a battle axe for melee attacks.  He summons Deranged Pirates to aid him in battle.  He has a heavy-hitting attack that can usually be interrupted.  During the battle, at about 75% health, he gains a slight damage shield.  At 45% health, he drinks a bottle of his own skooma and becomes very aggressive.  Avoid the aoes when possible.  He is easily defeated.

Completing Skooma Sequela

Once you have drank from all five shrines, find Shazar outside along the water’s edge.  He asks you to expel the sickness out to sea.  You then will be rewarded with gold and the Moonlit Cove Sash, part of the Maurder’s Haste armor set.

What Is A World Boss?

World bosses are powerful enemies often with their own unique abilities.  They sometimes require groups of players to overcome.  World bosses in DLC zones are significantly harder than other base game bosses.

ESO Map Icon World Boss

On your map, world bosses appear with a blackened skull and crossed swords icon.  Once the world boss is defeated, the world boss icon turns white.

Southern Elsweyr World Bosses

There are 2 world bosses in Southern Elsweyr.

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Ri’Atahrashi at Ri’Atahrashi’s Training Grounds

Travel northwest from the Western Plains Wayshrine to locate the area of Ri’Atahrashi’s Training Grounds.  Ri’Atahrashi is training students in forbidden practices and techniques.  

Mechanics Notes

Ri’Atahrashi is a Pahmar-raht who has mastered the art of Goutfang.  He is in exile and is training students.  The students use magical attacks and also create path-type aoes to charge you.  Ri’Atahrashi has heavy hits and creates a large aoe that explodes after a few seconds.  He summons students continuously so focus on Ri’Atahrashi. Avoid the aoes when possible.

Achievement Earned

ESO In-Game Icone Achievement U24 Group Boss 1

The first time you defeat this world boss you will earn the End of the Exile achievement.

Iratan the Lightbringer at the Shrine of the Reforged

The Shrine of the Reforged is a ruined shrine to Meridia.  Travel southwest from the Black Heights Wayshrine to locate this worldboss.

Mechanics Notes

Iratan the Lightbringer is one of Meridia’s guardians that guards the Shrine of the Reforged.  He uses two large swords for heavy-hitting melee attacks.  During the battle, he creates a deadly laser beam that creates rotating lines of fire.  The first time he does it, there are only two beams.  The second time, there are four.  Be careful where you are stepping and walk around Iratan staying in a safe spot.  Additionally, he creates smaller flaming aoes.  Avoid the aoes when possible.  Ranged attacks work well.

Achievement Earned

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U24 Group Boss 2

The first time you defeat this world boss you will earn the Temple Guardian Terror achievement.

What Is A Wayshrine?

Wayshrines are shrines that were built to honor the Divines by being a safe haven point where players can revive if you die while adventuring in Tamriel.  Once you visit a wayshrine, it becomes available on your map for you to use to fast travel at no cost.  You can also travel to any unlocked wayshrine from anywhere in Tamriel for a price paid in gold.  This price reduces with time and also can be reduced by champion point allocations.  Each zone begins with one available wayshrine.

ESO In-Game Map Icon Wayshrine

On your map, wayshrines will appear with a blackened wayshrine icon when you are close to its location.  Once the wayshrine has been visited, the icon turns white.

Southern Elsweyr Wayshrine Locations

There are 6 wayshrines in Southern Elsweyr.

  • Black Heights Wayshrine
  • Dragonguard Sanctum Wayshrine
  • Pridehome Wayshrine
  • Senchal Wayshrine
  • South Guard Ruins Wayshrine
  • Western Plains Wayshrine

What Is A Zone Daily Quest?

Zone daily quests are daily repeatable quests throughout Tamriel.  Each zone has its own dailies which are usually given by a NPC.  Typically zone dailies include completing activities in delves, killing world bosses, or completing zone-specific tasks.  

ESO Map Icon Daily Repeatable Quest

On your map, zone daily quests appear as blue highlighted arrows.  Once completed the arrow disappears until the next day.

Zone Daily Quests In Southern Elsweyr

There are 2 types of zone daily quests in Southern Elsweyr.  You can find the NPC quest givers just south of the Senchal Wayshrine in the area marked on the map.  

Bruccius Baenius offers daily quests involving world bosses in Southern Elsweyr.

Guybert Flaubert offers daily quests involving delves in Southern Elsweyr.

Additional Zone Daily Quests In Southern Elsweyr

You will need to begin the main quest line and complete the first quest, ‘ The Dragon’s Lair’ to unlock the island of Tideholm.  The Dragon Sanctum Wayshrine will allow you easy access to the island.  There are two ‘hidden’ daily quest giverss in Tideholm that require you to complete the second main quest called ‘Reformation’ to unlock them.  Once unlocked, you will find Dirge Truptor and Chizbari the Chipper notated on the map.

Dirge Truptor offers daily quests involving retrieving treasures related to the Dragonguard Order all over Tamriel.  

Chizbari the Chipper offers daily quests involving Dragon Hunts.


The World Events in this are are called Dragonscours.  A dragonscour is a location where Dragon attacks take place.  The dragon map marker will follow the dragon while it is airborne.  There are a few possible landing spots which are usually large flat areas.

ESO In-Game Icon Dragon Fly

On your map, dragons appear as a moving dragon head.  Dragons engaged in battle will appear with crossed swords.

ESO In-Game Icon Dragon Fly Combat

Dragon Hunting Tips

  • Dragons can appear anywhere but they do have specific areas in which they land for battle.
  • Dragon hunting is a group project.  Most dragons have health over 11 million.
  • Dragons use their wings and breath for physical damaging attacks.  After a while, the dragon will fly off and usually land somewhere perched before returning to the ground.
  • Rewards for defeating a dragon will come in Half-Digested Adventurer’s Backpack in your inventory.
  • Not all dragons breathe fire.  Some dragons breathe ice.

Southern Elsweyr Dragonscours

There are 2 dragonscours in Southern Elsweyr.

  • North Dragonscour
  • South Dragonscour

What Is A Lore Book?

Shalidor’s Library is a collection of lore books in Tamriel.  Reading lore books within this collection increases your Mages Guild rank.  

ESO In-Game Icon Lore Book

On your map, lore books will appear in your compass as you near it.  Once collected, it will disappear.  You can track your collection under the zone guide.

Southern Elsweyr Lore Book Locations

There are a total of 10 lore books to be found in Southern Elsweyr.

  • Lore Book #1 – A Mother’s Nursery Rhyme – on a picnic mat along the water’s edge
  • Lore Book #2 – On the Knahaten Flu – near the cooking fire at Ri’Atahrashi’s Training Ground
  • Lore Book #3 – Pirates Of The Abecean – on a cot inside a small cabin
  • Lore Book #4 – A Nereid Stole My Husband – on a table inside Senchal Palace in the westernmost room
  • Lore Book #5 – Varieties Of Faith:  The Khajiit – on some crates
  • Lore Book #6 – The Moon Cats And Their Dance – on a crate in the bottom level of a house
  • Lore Book #7 – The Eagle And The Cat – on the ground near a barrel with a lamp and a broken crate
  • Lore Book #8 – Elven Eyes, Elven Spies – on a bench
  • Lore Book #9 – Master Zoaraym’s Tale, Part 1 – on a crate inside a small cave along the shore marked by a torch
  • Lore Book #10 – Master Zoaraym’s Tale, Part 2 – on a crate inside Dragonguard Sanctum

What Is A Treasure Map?

Treasure Maps are rewards that show the location of special chests that can only be seen when you have the map in your inventory.  You must travel to the specific location, dig the dirt mound, and then a chest will appear for you.

Treasure Map locations do NOT appear on your map.  You can slot the maps for quick access to compare your location.  

ESO Icon Treasure Chest

This map uses the chest icon to denote the location.

Southern ElsweyrTreasure Map Locations

  • Treasure Map I – between two rocks and a tree on the top of a cliff
  • Treasure Map II – in the middle of two cliffs

Collecting Southern Elsweyr Khajiit of the Moons Fragments

You will need the Dragonhold DLC or and ESO Plus membership to complete this quest.  There are a total 12 tapestry fragments that must be collected and restored completing the ‘Masterpieces’ quest.  

ESO In-Game Icon Antiquities U30 Museum Fragment 12

Fragments do not appear on your in-game map.  They do, however, glow green to aid you in spotting them.

Begin the Collection

Travel to Senchal Palace to meet Bebbia Sleek-Fur.  She explains that a band of Alfiq thieves has torn apart a prized tapestry.  She tasks you with heading to the leader Nishzo’s hideout.  After returning to Beebi, she will tell you there are 11 remaining tapestry pieces.

Southern Elsweyr Fragment Locations

There are 12 fragments in Southern Elsweyr.

  • Amaffi’s Tapestry Scrap – on a broken ledge in Khenarthi’s Breath Temple
  • Bufasa’s Tapestry Scrap – hanging on a wall
  • Dancer’s Tapestry Scrap – upstairs in the Senchal Outlaws Refuge behind a fence and Meeh-Zaw’s bench
  • Farro’s Tapestry Scrap – on a pillar on the top of Marzuk’s Tower
  • Grastia’s Tapestry Scrap – on a bookshelf in a ruined building
  • Hiijar’s Tapestry Scarp – in the Forsaken Citadel on a wall upstairs in the Grand Lecture Hall
  • Jarro’s Tapestry Scrap – on a bed on the upper level of scaffolding
  • Kesta’s Tapestry Scrap – on a tree on a large rock in the water
  • Magpie’s Tapestry Scrap – on a desk on top of an observation post
  • Nishzo’s Tapestry Scrap – in a cave on the beach.  You must read both books before the piece will appear.  (quest required)
  • Oranu’s Tapestry Scrap – in Moonlit Cove on a wooden platform next to a cushion
  • Seleiz’s Tapestry Scrap – hanging on the back of the ruins

You can collect and restore the fragments at any time.

Once you have collected and restored all 12 tapestry fragments, you will earn the Khajiit of the Moons Replica furnishing item.

You will also earn the Pieces of History achievement.

Southern Elsweyr Summary

In addition to the main quest line, Southern Elsweyr also offers many side quests, acquire zone-specific armor sets, visit points of interest, and striking locales.

Southern Elsweyr offers a tropical environment perfect for dragon hunting and its capital city is Senchal.

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