Say Hello To Xyborg!

Xyborg Discord Bot
What happens when man (Xynode) meets machine (Discord)?  It creates the newest addition to the Xynode Gaming family!
Allow me to introduce Xyborg, the Discord bot!  Xyborg is my latest creation!  After this bot is added to your Discord server, you and your users will have full access to all the amazing content that Xynode Gaming’s official website has to offer.  Using simple commands, Xyborg will retrieve any Xynode Gaming dungeon mechanics guide, trial guide, arena guide, build guide, class guide, beginners guide, ESO News, and more –  all from within your very own Discord server.  

Xyborg Is The Perfect ESO-Discord Companion 

Xyborg is more than just a bot with a cool name.  Xyborg is a workhorse for ESO  community members who also use Discord.  The Xynode Gaming Bot was created for members of The Elder Scrolls Online players from around the globe.  Xyborg is completely FREE and works 24/7 for you!

Discord has over 150 million monthly users and is a gamer’s favorite chat app.  You probably already belong to several Discord servers and may even have your own.  Enjoy instant access to all the stuff and things the Xynode Gaming website has to offer.  Please allow Xyborg to go to work on your Discord server today!

Xyborg on Discord provides

EVERY dungeon guide EVERY trial guide EVERY arena guide build guides beginners guides ESO news

Deploy Xyborg In Just A Few Clicks

Deploying Xyborg is super simple.  Just follow the link above, select the server where you want Xyborg to go to work, and it’s done!  Server administrator permissions are required to authorize the Discord bot.  If do not have administrator permissions, please share this page with someone who does.

Add Xyborg To Discord
Add Xyborg To Your Server
Xyborg In Use On Discord
Xyborg Delivering On Command

Xyborg In Action

Simple and intuitive commands are all that’s required for Xyborg to deliver.  Try “!news” and Xyborg will retrieve the latest news article from the Xynode Gaming website.  Or try “!patreon” and Xyborg retrieves the Xynode Gaming Patreon link.  Click the button to see the full list of Xyborg commands.

Patreon Logo
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Xyborg and Xynode Gaming are here to help you enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online.  The generous support that I’ve received from the community thus far has allowed this website to evolve into the ESO authority it is today.  If you enjoy all the stuff and things, please consider supporting me on Patreon so that I can continue the evolution.

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