White Gold Tower Dungeon Guide

This dungeon you will have access to at level 45 or if you travel to the opening yourself at lower levels.
This is located at the center of the Cyrodiil Imperial City map as shown below left.

The bosses are marked on the map below right with their names and locations. I shall explain their mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing them.


Boss Fights

The Adjudicator

This boss is a very simple one but can make a mess of your group in a very short period of time. The tank should hold onto the boss at the BOTTOM of the stairs and face her towards them. Don’t physically have her standing on the stairs because that can sometimes get her stuck and result in some messy situations when mechanics kick in. The group should stand behind her (dps and healers) in a triangle formation ready for her attacks. You must be all in your own space to be able to determine WHO the next target will be, some of her mechanics she will single out an individual player and you NEED to see who it is. The tank must NOT drop taunt, else things can go horrible wrong.

Zombies – During the fight there will be zombies running at the group, the longer the fight the more zombies you will get. Basic low-mid aoe damage will dispose of these as they are quite weak but you will want to be sure to kill them else mechanics can get on top of you. Do not run away they are very fast and will just kill you in the back of the head anyway. Stand your ground, keep your dots down and kill them.

Flame Waves – The boss will face a random member of the group and force waves of fire at them(3x waves) in area of affect. This can hit anyone caught in the cone. Each wave does huge damage and knock back and if you are caught by 2-3 of them you are most likely dead. The trick to this is formation, so long as you are srpead out, you can see who the target is. When she spins around to fire at a member of the group, everyone should move to the SIDES of her, doing this will result in her completely missing. So hug up at her sides, and when she has finished and goes back to hitting the tank. Resume position as normal.

Fire Towers – During the fight the towers to the left and the right of the boss will throw fire into the room and onto the floor. Be sure to NOT stand in these negative aoe effects as they will do rapid damage over time and kill you quickly. The longer the fight goes on the more fire will spread in the room.

Prisoner! – During the fight the boss will pick a random player and throw them into one of the four cages full of fire. During this moment you have two choices, pick/break the lock or get someone else to do it for you. This is where your legerdemain skills will come in handy. If you are capable of breaking out be sure to put on a ticking heal or a damage shield on (or have the healer focus you) while you get out. Failing that stay alive as long as possible and be sure you have an assigned lock breaker in your group to come get you out asap!

Micella Carlinus, Otho Numida & Cordius Pontifio

This boss is actually three bosses! They all have a different role, have relatively low health per target but have some serious damage output. So the tank needs to be in control at all times if possible and the healer really has to be on point. The trick is that these can be CC’d (chained, rooted, stunned). So get your tank to taunt all 3 of them and stack them up. Watch your FEET! You should focus the tank first, then the dps, and THEN  the healer (in order of kill). The healer is the easiest to manage since you can just keep it interrupted thought out the fight (to prevent healing) while dealing with the other two.

Micella Carlinus – This boss is the tank boss. Sword and board and all the usual stuns and debuffs. This is your primary focus as a dps. Be sure to kill this boss first else it gets really tricky. She has stuns, and a nasty Dragonknight banner and can also cast engulfing flames causing the other two to do more damage to you. This buffer/debuffer MUST die first. So stack all three enemies together but focus this one down.

Cordius Pontifio – The boss is the dps type. Typically moves like a Nightblade, dual wield and teleport strikes etc but has Dragonknight abilities too. He also can drop a banner and has a habit of hitting the odd steel tornado too so be careful. He also has a banner which MUST be avoided!

Otho Numida – The boss is the healer type and is the last one you should have alive. During the fight heals will be distributed to the tank and dps types and all you have to do is interrupt to stop it. Repeat this every time a heal comes out until the tank and the dps bosses are dead and then finish this one off. Be careful however as this boss DOES have a Dragonknight Banner. Also this boss has a flame staff firing out light attacks and uses an ability that i like to call “The wheel” mechanic (exactly the same as the first boss in banished cells II) where the boss will stand on the spot and cast constant fire spokes in a circle on the floor. Stay in the gaps and don’t get caught out. 1-2 of these fire attacks will kill you as they hit VERY hard, especially when a banner is down.

The Planar Inhibitor

Get ready for the “P.U.G Killer” herself! This boss is the bane of most player’s dungeon runs. MOSTLY because of lack of co-ordination! The ONLY way to taught/get agro from this boss is to pick up the pinion. Yes a piece armour is still required for the debuff to resistance but NO taunting “skill” in the game will get her attention, you MUST have the pinion in your possession to make her come to you. This is going to take some practice, but the tank should start with the pinion and hold the boss as still as possible while the group surround her in a circle. Do NOT stand stacked because you will kill each other with stacking aoes. The person whom currently has the pinion will take CONSTANT fire damage which will get stronger and stronger the longer they hold on to it, so the healer must focus.

Flame bursts – Each player and some random locations will be affected by a SMALL fire aoe that spreads very fast and explodes. You must stay out of these as much as possible. Simply move to the side/front/back of it and let it pass, then get back into position. If you stack together, multiples will appear in the same place(since they are carried by the players) and you will blow your group up.

Portals – You are taught this mechanic earlier in the dungeon, but you are looking for a dark aura on your head and above all, the WHOLE screen will go grey scale and all colours will be washed out. THIS means YOU have portal duty. Two people at once will have the affect and you must look around the room for portals and destroy them before adds come through. The portals are weak and can be killed fast but ONLY the people with grey screens/aura can attack them. If you do not kill them you will get completely overwhelmed with adds and make this fight 10 times more difficult. Once the portals are gone you can carry on as normal. Note: the person with the pinion will never get portals so long as the pinion is in their possession. This is very important since you do not want the tank to get it (generally they have low damage and struggle to kill portals).

Dive – The boss will dive into the ground and pop back up again, doing a MASSIVE aoe, burst. This must be avoided. Simply dodge roll or walk out of it. If you fail you will take a knock back and high flame damage. 

Piggy In The Middle! – This is the mechanic that kills everyone! The above “dive” mechanic will happen TWICE! The second one, she will appear engulfed in BLUE flames. If you go near her she will snare you to almost a stand still and if her flames touch you, you are dead! Even a full health tank with 50k hps can die in just 2-3 ticks of damage. THIS is where you play piggy in the middle.

Be sure that the tank runs to the furthest corner/side of the room and lure her over. As she is on the move Portals will appear. Once those portals have appeared (of course deal with the portals) be sure that someone else takes the pinion and runs to the OPPOSITE side of the room. This will take her attention OFF the tank luring her on a long run across the room. During this phase the new pinion holder will start to take flame damage overtime and the tank will still need heals for the remaining HIGHLY aggressive dot still on them. When the boss is about 10meters or so away from the player she is chasing, the tank should take BACK the pinion and run away again to the opposite side/corner of the room. You are literally playing piggy in the middle right now! Don;t let her TOUCH ANYONE! you MUST keep her moving back and forth. Once she gets half way across the room chasing back to the tank once the pinion is taken( if done efficiently) she will be about half way across the room. She will dive into the floor, with an aoe burst and be stunned for a few seconds. While she is in this state this is the group’s opportunity to reposition around her and continue just as if it was the start of the fight repeating all of the above.

This will be a rinse repeat process for the rest of the fight REGARDLESS of how much damage your group does or does not have. The ONLY thing that gets worse when the boss is low health is you will get MORE portals. Apart from that, keep doing what you are doing. Remember every SECOND ground dive, she will turn blue and you need to resort to piggy in the middle. Good luck!!

Molag Kena

This boss is in my opinion NOT as hard as the previous boss but does however require full understanding of what happens as far as mechanics are concerned. There are some rather unforgiving moments in this fight where things can go horribly wrong and it becomes increasingly difficult to recover. When you enter the room you will see Kena in the middle of the room being shielded by 4x adds. She will jump and smash the wall around the room exposing fire in a huge ring. do NOT go anywhere near it. I don’t need to be the one to tell you that fire “burns” but it does! The adds are very important. They shield her, so yes you guessed it, if you kill them, the shield goes away.

This will be important during two phases of the fight BUT you must be very clear about their mechanics. Yes killing them WILL take away her shield but they also explode when they die. If you are standing in the aoe when they blow up, you WILL die…tank or not, it is a guaranteed one shot kill mechanic! The tank needs to focus here and despite her constant want to run around the room, must control her and hold her as dead center of the room as possible at all costs. If kena goes loose, you are all going to end up being pushed into the fire! 

Wind – Kena will occasionally cast a rather large thin angled cone affect in front of her, walk/dodge out of this so you are not thrown across the room. The damage isn’t very high but this does make YOU move from the middle of the room and/or wherever you are and she will streak straight to you afterwards, making it difficult to reposition her. She has lightning damage for sure but she is a melee type target engagement wise. She LIKES to be close. Take advantage of that and be careful not to let her push you around. This aoe is somewhat inaccurate also, so be sure you are DEFINITELY out of the aoe by at least a few extra feet. You can sometimes block this and not be thrown and/or use an immovable pot.

Lightning call The boss will channel lightning from the sky and place 4x small moving aoe type lightning affects on the ground. These zig zag about a bit and should be avoided, simply watch your feet, don’t panic and you will be fine. If they hit you they will do moderate lightning damage.

Lightning Spin! – This is where kena will call a long strip of spinning lightning across the center of the room. This moves around in the direction of her choice. If you are caught by this you will take MASSIVE lightning damage AND you will have a damage overtime effect stuck to you causing high damage afterwards. The trick to this is NOT to run around like crazy but to simply stay as close to the middle as possible while following it round. If you are on the outside of the room you will have to run fast to avoid it, if you are in the middle it is much easier to maneuver with it. The tank should hold the boss still while moving around her and everyone else should try to stay behind her while moving with the spin. You can dodgeroll THROUGH the lightning if you are capable or have no choice, but i would not recommend doing it on purpose at this stage.

NOTE: Hard mode, this lightning move at almost double the speed so hug that middle section and follow it without fail!

Storm Atronach – The boss will occasionally call down a stunning aoe into the ground and from it will spawn a Storm Atronach. When this spawns you must focus it as soon as possible! If you do not kill it, it will chase down a member of the group at random. If it TOUCHES them, the boss will stun them and explode causing a guaranteed one shot death to anyone caught in the aoe. do NOT let it touch you if YOU are the target. Kill it fast!

Shield Phase! – At around mid Health point 50-60% health depending on your group’s damage (some can push way lower than this but it is triggered by health regardless, she maybe mid mechanics before firing it.) She will go into the center and reset the original scenario you saw when you entered. There will be 4x adds around the room and they all must be killed to drop her shield again. Each add remember when they explode, will kill a player in one shot if they are in the aoe so stay away from their feet.

Kena will JUMP in the air and push everyone backwards a REALLY long way so when she rises up you MUST hug the middle of the room so you are not thrown into the fire. When she lands she will raise her hands and cast two waves of lightning which cause massive damage. If you or your tank has damage shields available for the group or a nova is present (whatever mitigates damage) you will need to take advantage of these, plus any heals you may have. The shock waves are easier to manage if you stay at long range from her. You can get in the gaps and be safe, BUT if you DO get caught, be sure to block. It will mitigate a lot of the damage but not the small knock back. If you do get hit and you are blocking and survive, be sure to heal up QUICKLY, even if you have a damage shield on. Having the lightning touch you will trigger an extremely aggressive damage over time on you which in a couple of seconds can strip your health bar. This will repeat…JUMP, then lightning waves twice (two casts of two waves) and then jump again..over and over and over until you kill all of the adds. Be careful. The longer this lasts the further you will be thrown back per jump phase.

So, to simplify, when she jumps, stay close, when she does lightning, get range. Once the adds are dead the shield will be removed and you can attack her like normal. The fight continues as normal with all mechanics in place.

At 25-30% depending on overlapping mechanics and/or dps of your group, she will go into the shield again for a second time. Repeat the above process to release her again.

EXECUTE! After the second shield phase is over she goes into the final stage! She will have ALL of the above mechanics at once BUT, she will cast the spinning lightning wall x2! That’s right, TWO spinning lightning walls at once, spinning different directions! Do not panic! Keep her as central as possible as before and stick to your mechanics. stay close to the middle as a group and when the 2 lines are about to close in on you, dodge roll THROUGH the lightning. Continue this process until she is dead!

Best of luck!!

Dungeon Loot

Here is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in the White Gold Tower. On normal the loot is blue and the boss does NOT drop a monster helmet, but on veteran difficulty all of the loot is purple and Molag Kena DOES drop a special monster helmet. Note Each individual boss can drop a unique item but generally the weapons and jewellery (non named items) come form the last boss) HOWEVER weapons and jewellery and regular loot can also drop from trash and chests, so loot everything!

Builds That Use This Gear

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…                   


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