Unhallowed Grave

This dungeon you will have access to at level 45 or if you travel to the opening yourself at lower levels.
This is located at the South of the Bankori map as shown below left.

The bosses are marked on the map below right with their names and locations. I shall explain their mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing them.


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eso unhallowed grave
eso unhallowed grave
eso unhallowed grave
eso unhallowed grave
eso unhallowed grave

Boss Fights

Nabor The Forgotten: Secret Boss #1

This boss is quite tricky but relatively simple. This will really test the ability of the players with the grapple hook mechanic (aka batman). The tank MUST maintain a taunt on the boss at all times and hold him as still as possible.

The dps/healers will have to be aware of their surroundings.

The boss will never move but the group will have to, so keep your eyes open.

Heavy attack – The boss will throw out a occasionally at the tank. Simply block this and you will be fine.

Big BOOM! – This mechanic is pretty simple but fiddly. The boss start channeling and the platform you are on and multiple others will have a spreading aoe on them. If you are standing on ANY of those platforms when it explodes, you will die and/or be thrown off the edge.

Here you must look for a SAFE platform and grapple to safety until the explosion is over. Once it has gone you can get back into the middle again.

Adds – After 75% the boss will spawn adds around the room. These archers are a BIG problem and they will try to take aim on random individual targets.

If they succeed they will throw the player off the edge and kill them.

During their channeled up take aim ability you have a few options to prevent it.

You can interrupt the target (close or long ranged).

You can have your tank pull them in to the fight and kill them with the boss.

OR the safe option is to have one of your dps work on the adds. Simply go to each add and kill them one by one to prevent them from nuking people.

How you deal with them is up to you and your group but be sure you 100% interrupt them while they channel or it is game over fast!

Hakgrym the Howler

This boss is quite simple although can appear quite intimidating and also can cause a big problem if the tank is not paying attention. His basic attacks are not so bad but his major mechanics can hit very hard! The tank should always maintain a taunt of course and turn the boss away from the group at all times!

Heavy attack – The boss will throw out a long winded heavy attack which does a very high amount of damage. If you are a dps/healer you must dodge roll this or you will die. However if you are the tank you must block this, BUT try to be sure you have full health or high health at the time. Blocking this at half health or low health especially if you are not a very chunky tank, will one shot you. If you are a very low health tank you may want to take the chicken approach on this one and carefully time a dodge roll to avoid it.

Lich Crystals – This mechanic is pretty simple. The boss will throughout the fight cast double lich crystals on the floor. There will be a spreading AOE and then an explosion once it peaks in size. Simply step out of these and don’t let them hit you. Getting hit by one will take a dps/healer to at least half health but if they are already low or get hit by a couple at once they will die.

Totem – The boss will occasionally summon a Totem into the room. When you spot this you must kill it as soon as possible. If you do not, it will channel constant magical bolts of damage at the group. The longer this is up the more damage it does and could cause a potential wipe. Be sure to focus this down as soon as it is summoned.

Malcoms! (flesh Abombinations) – This mechanic is very simple. The boss at around the 70% and 20% health (depending on dps, you can overshoot this) he will teleport to the side of the room and release a flesh abomination! These are fairly lot health but must be killed asap. They have a huge spreading AOE slam on the ground that must be avoided. If you try to burn too fast and ignore these adds you will end up with two of them. Which is unnecessary. Kill them as they spawn and THEN carry on with the mechanics.

Adds – During the fight the boss will spawn undead wolves, be sure to kill these fast as they can put pressure on the group. The tank should try to hold these next to the boss to avoid them scattering around the room.

Juffy mode! (transformation) – At 0% health he will wolf out! The boss transforms into a Hulking Werewolf! This is where the fight gets a little scatty so do NOT panic. The same mechanics as above still persist, with the lich crystals and such but you do have a couple more mechanics to deal with.

Stomp – The boss will stamp on the ground causing a large spreading aoe on the ground. You must avoid this so simply step out of it when you see it.

Charge! – The boss will charge in the direction he chooses and will run all players in his path down, causing huge damage! You must avoid this.

Also as he charges, many undead adds will spawn and will have to be dealt with. The tank should try to stack these up while the group try to keep passive AOE damage down on the floor to help get them down as they spawn.

Keeper of the Kiln

This boss IS straight forward but if you think you can skip mechanics, you had better think again. This is the pug killer of pug killers.
There is a simple rule in this fight above all. Follow the mechanics, or die!

There are four platforms on the ground and three grapple points up the top above your heads. These are very important.

The tank should hold the boss on one of the four concrete squares to start with and hold it still. The rest is as follows below. Do NOT drop taunt.

Heavy attack – The boss has a fairly harsh heavy attack. If you are a tank you should have no issues blocking this and you won’t take much damage. But a dps or healer will be one shot, so if for some reason this is aiming at you and you are NOT a tank, be sure to dodge roll it.

Adds –  Around the room there are many standing statues that you cannot interact with. These will come to life and join the fight at 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%.
The tank should grab these as soon as possible without spinning the boss and stack them all together. The group should focus these down as soon as possible.

Watch out for over burning on the dps side with the boss because otherwise you can end up with way too many adds in the room and it can be tricky to manage depending on your group.

Be sure to block if these adds try to heavy attack and be warned, they CAN chain players back in if they are too far away or up top.
Remember above all, if you have aggro, bring things to the TANK, do NOT run around the room like a headless chicken, it will not help at all.

Cleave – The boss will cast a cleave attack swinging his weapon in the direction of whoever has aggro. it is important that the boss is turned away from the group at all times so this is avoided and ONLY on the tank. Blocking this will be just fine, but the group should not be standing in it. Stay behind the boss if you are dps/healer players.

The kiln!!!! – This is the most important mechanic in the entire fight. The Kiln/room sets on fire, and you now fight against the clock.

On the ground at 90% 60% and 30% you will be presented with 4x runes.

Each one has a number of sigils visible inside of them from 1-4.

Up above are 3 platforms with a grapple point on each.

ONE of those points tells you WHICH symbol/sigil is the one you are looking for.

Players (dps and healer or a couple of dps) must grapple up and find the symbol. Once it is found, they must activate the symbol.

This will reveal to the tank WHICH one is the real one. It will have a swirling visual around it.

The tank must then position the boss on top of it.

When the boss is in place the group must break the damage shield the boss has on it in order for it to start taking damage. If successful, the boss will stab his sword into the sigil on the ground and you will all be safe.

If you fail, the entire group will burn to death. No coming back from it, no out healing. DEAD is DEAD.

Note: If you are one of the people up the top finding the symbol, you will have to protect yourself against archers. These also fire down at the group with arrow barrage so watch your feet and don’t die.

If you do this correctly you are safe, if you do it wrong you are dead. This is one of if not THE most unforgiving mechanic in the entire dungeon.

Voria The Heart-Thief​: Secret Boss #2

This boss is one of the most fun in the dungeon, relatively simple but there is a HUGE risk in this fight with the grappling hook mechanic.

The tank must maintain a taunt at all times while the group stay behind the boss if and when possible.

Heavy attack – The boss will throw out a occasionally at the tank. Simply block this and you will be fine.

Totem – This mechanic is the same as the first boss. Kill the totem or constantly take damage and die.

Goliath! – The boss will transform into a Bone Goliath for a few seconds at around 70-65% health, making her much stronger. So long as it is taunted by the tank this really is more mouth than action. Just keep doing what you are doing and be sure your healer has some passive HOTs running so people don’t take to much damage during this phase form aoe damage.

She’s ESCAPING! – This mechanic is SO much fun but people panic and die way too easy.

The boss will teleport to the place you first came from and is trying to escape. She will do this at 75% ish and then again around 40% she will travel BACK to where you just came from.

When she goes to the other island you must use the grapple to get across.

This is a double grapple mechanic where if you are too slow you will fall and die.

When you reach the boss she will have a damage shield and a slow spreading aoe under her. You need to break her damage shield first, THEN interrupt her to stop her channeling. If you do this the fight will continue. If you fail she will escape and the fight is over, you have failed until the next time you come into the dungeon and try again. Do NOT fail!

TIP: Aim your camera (as explained in the video) ROUGHLY in the area, you don’t have to be 100% accurate, but if you try to be too precise you will panic, waste time and fail.

Eternal Aegis

This boss can be done in two ways. The stack and burn way, or the safe way. Which way you choose is entirely up to you but the main thing you need to do is NOT panic. The boss should be turned away from the group at all times.

If your group has brought with it LOTS of damage mitigation skills/gear/ultimates and plenty of healing. you can stand together tightly stacked and nuke the hell out of it with ease, even with low damage in the group it is doable.

However if you do not have this and generally you are quite a squishy group, then mechanics should be followed (explained below).

Heavy attack – This is a simple heavy attack. If you are the tank and this is on you be sure to block it. It will do fire damage as well so be careful not to be low health while blocking. If you are a dps/healer and for some stupid reason you have aggro…you must dodge roll it or die.

Swords throwing – The boss will cross his arms and power up a powerful sword throwing mechanic. This is basically identical to every air atronach you have ever seen. If you see this happening, you can block the attack, OR simply interrupt it and it won’t happen.

Adds/reflections – At 90% 70% 50% and 30% health the boss will spawn 4x adds/reflections with the same appearance as him. Basically his mini me type minions. These will all spin and spin doing fast paced damage over time to anyone caught in their aoe. They all have a gap in the aoe in the middle. If you manage to stand outside of the spin or in the middle of it and not touch the aoe, you will be untouched.

Here you have 2 options.

Option 1: Stay out of the damage circles and spread out. Kill the adds separate from the boss and then come back in again after they are dead.

Option 2: Stack directly under the boss, hold your ground, stack as much damage mitigation as you can in form of resists, buffs, damage shields, maim and protection while maintaining HEAVY heals. If you can do this and stay alive successfully, you can stack and burn every single phase.

SPIN! – Just like the adds the boss has a devastating spin mechanic. The circle has a gap in the middle. Either stay in the gap, or stay way out of the circle. Either way they choice is yours. This all depends on which option from above of 1 or 2 you have chosen.

NOTE: The spin usually comes when the adds are in the room also doing theirs at the same time. Be careful.

Ondagore the Mad

This boss is the next pug killer with very punishing mechanics. If you don’t pay attention to them, you are dead. Plain and simple. The tank should keep aggro at all times and hold the boss in the middle of the room while being fast enough to grab any new adds that spawn. Do NOT drop taunt.

Also i hope you practiced your batman skills before this boss, you are going to need them!

Bone Colossus/ghosts During the fight the boss will spawn ghost adds and a massive bone colossus along with some small ghost type adds. The ghosts are not too much of a problem and can die to even low aoe damage but should of course be killed.

The bone colossus on the other hand MUST be focused. If you don’t kill it you can end up with multiple over time depending on the damage in your group.

The tank MUST taunt this as soon as possible and hold it by the boss. The colossus has a massive devastating heavy attack.

If you are a tank you can block it and you will be fine (but it will knock you back even if blocking) however if this heavy attack is aimed at a dps or a healer, do NOT block it, you will 100% die. You must dodge roll it very carefully.

If it starts winding up, count 3, 2, 1 dodge! Too early and you die, too late and you die. It has a very precise timing.

GET OUT!! – At around 80% health and at around 40% health, the boss will become immune and toxic gases will fill the room! If you stay here you will die!

Every player must get out of the middle and use the grapple points around the edges to get to safety.

There are ghosts at certain random points and they must be killed. Once they are all dead you can return to the middle as the gas will have faded.

HIDE! – At about 60% health (depending on dps) and also again at around 20% the boss will go full wraith mode.

Basically he will have 4x menders (ghosts) around the room and they will be channeling him to keep his resistance and health up. You must kill the ghosts to lessen their hold oh him. If you kill them all the phase is over, but for each one you kill you can hit him a bit harder.

However, during this phase he is powering up for huge explosions that stun and cause massive damage. If you are caught you will die.

So what you need to do here is hide behind the grapple points behind the pillars. If the grapple point is glowing yellow while you are behind it also glowing, you are protected from the incoming explosion, if not, they you are not protected and you will die.

So, during this phase, stay behind the pillars, kill the ghosts, and then come back into the middle once it is all over.

NOTE: Mechanics CAN overlap so be careful. Some play risky, some play safe. What you do about that is up to you.


Voria's Masterpiece: Secret Boss #3

This boss s ONLY able to be fought if you have killed the last two. The room is massive so you have a LOT of space but that is a a very good reason. There is going to be a lot to deal with.

The tank should focus on keeping the boss as central as possible and use the middle grapple hook as a pivot point. Keep the boss turned away from the group at all times and do NOT drop taunt.

Heavy attack – The boss will throw out a occasionally at the tank. Simply block this and you will be fine.

Stomp! – The boss will stamp the floor and place a huge damage over time aoe on the ground. Usually around 90% and 40%. Do NOT stand in this. Each time he places one, as the tank, you should shift around the grapple post pivot slightly ready to place the next one close to or overlapping it but in a safe space. If you spread out too much this can end up filling the room.

Here you must look for a SAFE platform and grapple to safety until the explosion is over. Once it has gone you can get back into the middle again.

Skeletons -After the stomp skeletons will spawn from the aoe sections. There will be a couple of small ones which are not really a problem and die to passive aoe, but there is ONE two hander. IF you do not kill him you are going to have problems. Overlapping mechanics will take over you and people will likely die.

This add must be taunted by the tank asap! He has a huge heavy attack and a dps/healer will not be able to block it, they must dodge roll if they are targeted or die.

GOO! – During the fight the boss will punch into the ground causing aoe circles to be placed on the ground (avoid these) but around the same time Large Ooze type enemies will spawn. These in the early stages will be fairly low health and mostly die to aoe damage, but as the fight goes on they get bigger and bigger!

Some end up with around 11m+ health!

You do NOT need to try to kill these doing 11million damage. If you grapple THROUGH the targets they will split in two. Making two smaller ones, rinse repeat till they are dead. You can physically kill them by grappling through them.

You can stack and burn the boss of course if you have high damage and mechanical awareness, but if following the mechanics, this can be a life saver as it can get a little hectic.

Kjalnar Tombskald

This boss is actually a lot simpler than it looks but there are some MASSIVE damage causing attacks that can and will wipe out the group and even the chunkiest of tanks. If you are a low health tank you are most likely going to die here. I would recommend stacking into some health in this fight!

As the tank be sure to taunt the boss at all times and as demonstrated in the video, ALWAYS turn him away from the group. The dps/healer should be behind the boss as much as possible slightly spread out.

Note: Hardmode he hits a LOT harder and changes his health from 8.5mil to 18mil!!

Heavy attack – The boss will heavy attack the tank, this is a BIG hitting ability and MUST be blocked. no block = dead tank, you WON’T survive.

Grasp – The boss will cast a grasping skeletal hand from the ground under the tank. This can be blocked (damage wise) but unless using immovable will stun/cc the tank. The tank MUST break free as fast as possible.

The hit is not only capable of killing a tank outright but also if it didn’t quite kill them, overlapping incoming mechanics will finish the job.

Be careful and pay attention!

Grave Dust – This mechanic is the pug killer mechanic unless you know how to manage it. The boss will raise his hand VERY fast, and from under him will be multiple fast moving Grave dust like effects. Similar to the stomp from the behemoth in maelstrom round 7. However, these hit incredibly hard!!

IF you are super fast and spot it you can block it. If you are at range you can weave away from it, but lets make it a bit simpler for you shall we?

The damage type of this is MAGIC damage. Stack heavy into spell resistance with buffs, bonuses, group and champion points. If you are stacking HIGH spell resistance, you can basically just fight through it with incoming heals and this mechanic never has to be a problem again.

I would still recommend blocking if you can see it coming though.

Cages! -This mechanic is where the boss will cast a cluster of cage like rocks on the ground. If you stay in this for more than a second as a dps/healer, you may as well say good night. Do NOT stand/stay in this, get out fast.

They spawn, and then rapidly explode with a massive domino type effect. This is a life or death mechanic.

Mines – The boss will cast multiple bolts (note he usually does a spreading burst aoe before this so watch your feet)all at once which will land in random locations all around the room. When they land they will appear to be horns/bones on the ground. This is very simple, they are land mines!

Don’t stand in them!

Skeletons/Blastbones – The boss during the fight will summon Blastbones and a slow moving two hander wielding skeleton. They try to reach the runes on the ground for more power.

The main focus here should be on the two hander. Kill him fast, he can be cc’d also. If you don’t kill him before he reaches the middle he will heal to full health and just be really annoying to deal with again. So focus him.

The blastbones need to be killed as fast as possible IF possible. Remember these are made to explode so you have a choice here.

If you kill them they will of course die, BUT if their reach the runes and power up they will explode doing HUGE aoe damage.

If you cannot kill these in time you can block the damage, or have a very well placed dodge roll and completely avoid them. This will take timing and practice but if you finish this phase, simply go back to the boss and carry on until it happens again.

These are on a timer however so the longer the fight the more it will happen. Maintain your stamina in case dodging is your choice OR only option.

This phase is the most important and should always take priority.

The boss has no official enrage, so you can take as long as you like so long as you deal with these mechanics when they happen and don’t die too much playing “res games”.

BIG BOY! – If you don’t like jump scares, then too bad for you. This boss shows off how much of a necromancer he really is and summons a humongous bone colossus giant!

This has a bigger bark than bite but there are some basic mechanics you must follow.

He will cast a frost breath every so often, simply dodgeroll or block to avoid/mitigate the damage.

Also he will cast a fireball at one target and place a huge aoe on the ground. Simply avoid this and don’t stand in it.

NOTE: panicking players running away are more likely to be targeted. Don’t lose your head.

TIPS: During execute the mechanic do NOT change. So, if you got this far, it’s inevitable that you can do it. Don’t change a thing, focus mechanics and keep doing what you are doing. Good luck!

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Dungeon Loot

Here is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Icereach. On normal the loot is blue and the boss does NOT drop a monster helmet, but on veteran difficulty all of the loot is purple and Kjalnar DOES drop a special monster helmet. Note Each individual boss can drop a unique item but generally the weapons and jewellery (non named items) come form the last boss) HOWEVER weapons and jewellery and regular loot can also drop from trash and chests, so loot everything!

Builds That Use This Gear

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…                   


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