Ultimate Bleakrock Zone Guide

Bleakrock Isle Area Description

Bleakrock is an island off the northeast coast of Skyrim between Windhelm and Solstheim. The hardy Nords who inhabit Bleakrock are mostly farmers and fisherfolk. A small contingent of Pact soldiers keeps a sharp lookout for pirates and raiders.


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What Is A Wayshrine?

Wayshrines are shrines that were built to honor the Divines by being a safe haven point where players can revive if you die while adventuring in Tamriel.  Once you visit a wayshrine, it becomes available on your map for you to use to fast travel at no cost.  You can also travel to any unlocked wayshrine from anywhere in Tamriel for a price paid in gold.  This price reduces with time and also can be reduced by champion point allocations.  Each zone begins with one available wayshrine.

ESO In-Game Map Icon Wayshrine

On your map, wayshrines will appear with a blackened wayshrine icon when you are close to its location.  Once the wayshrine has been visited, the icon turns white.

Bleakrock Isle Wayshrine Location

There is 1 wayshrine on Bleakrock Isle.

  •  Bleakrock Isle Wayshrine

What Is A Skyshard?

Skyshards are glowing crystals that provide you with 1/3 of a skill point.  Collecting 3 skyshards grants you 1 skill point which can then be used for abilities and/or passives.  High Isle and Amenos offers 18 total skyshards. 

ESO In-Game Map Icon Skyshard

On your map, skyshard will appear with a blackened skyshard icon when you are close to its location.  Once the skyshard has been collected, the icon turns white but then disappears from your map.

ESO Achievement Skyshard Hunter

Once you collect all the skyshard from the zone, you will earn the Bleakrock Isle Skyshard Hunter achievement.

Bleakrock Isle Skyshard Locations

There are a total of 3 Skyshards in Bleakrock Isle.

Skyshard #1 – among the rocks in front of the Skyshroud Barrow

Skyshard #2 – beside the entrance to Orkey’s Hollow

Skyshard #3 –  inside Hozzin’s Folly

What Is A Treasure Map?

Treasure Maps are rewards that show the location of special chests that can only be seen when you have the map in your inventory.  You must travel to the specific location, dig the dirt mound, and then a chest will appear for you.

Treasure Map locations do NOT appear on your map.  You can slot the maps for quick access to compare your location.  

ESO Icon Treasure Chest

This map uses the chest icon to denote the location.

Bleakrock Isle Treasure Map Locations

  • Treasure Map I – under the bridge
  • Treasure Map II – between two trees
  • Treasure Map III – beside the Last Rest

Bleakrock Isle Summary

Bleakrock Isle is a small barren island located northwest of Morrowind.  It is sparsely populated and home to the Ebonheart Pact force to keep watch for enemy ships.

Bleakrock Isle is where Ebonheart Pact players began their journey after leaving the tutorial in Coldharbour but recent updates allow players to choose their location.  Nonetheless, Bleakrock Isle serves as a good starter area for beginning players to learn about The Elder Scrolls Online gameplay.

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