The Book Wizard - Arcanist One-Bar Healer PVE Build

Written guide updated for Necrom Chapter DLC: Q2 2023


That’s right! The EASY way to heal with the Arcanist, right off the bat for the release of the Necrom chapter and it only requires ONE BAR!

This class came with it’s own UNIQUE way to heal out side of the copy and paste single or aoe spamables you have been used to in the past for other classes and/or skill lines.

We do have some semi generic ground based heals in aoe which are of course a welcome addition to the class since it is relative to what people already accept as a style, BUT even these come with some extra bonuses!

The ground based aoe we have taken advantage of from the restoration staff skill line ( Healing Springs) and the Arcanist skill (Reconstructive Domain) combined, allow for some HUGE ticking heals over time and ALSO buff the group with stats, bonuses and recovery all at once!
Not to mention of course for using Arcanist abilities you further boost the survival of the group by supplying a brand new way to apply Minor Evasion! Thats right, Minor Evasion JUST for using Arcanist abilities!

Every class brings something to the table, and this class offers protection with NO effort! You don’t want to have any group without this EASY to apply protection, what a great bonus!

While this build is SIMPLE it is also designed to be that magic V word people misuse, yup “Viable”. This is DESIGNED to heal at such an aggressive rate, that it is almost impossible for people to die unless they are hit with something that takes ALL of their health in one hit. We all know you cannot heal a one shot right? Well, it’s pretty close! Our Curative Surge aka Bible Beam is absolutely insane! We heal in front of us in a 22m long 4m wide aoe BEAM and anyone inside of this INCLUDING you, will heal every 0.3 seconds! You can also move and aim this in any direction you like while channelling! If people run out of stupid and you LOOK at them, it will still heal them. The build was designed to allow for the ground based skills to do most of the work but THIS is for the “ut oh” moments where you need the extra heals and…well it is arguably the strongest heal in the game.

This build if you apply yourself correctly even without Major vitality or Minor vitality on the receiver (increase healing received) can heal end ticks of as much as 38.6k per tick!

While breath of life can EASILY be stacked with bonuses to pump out a 40k+ heal or even combat prayer can through out high 30k+ in aoe, NOTHING in the game can heal the entire group (people in front) for up almost 40k per tick 3x a second!!! The channel is 4.5 seconds, and the rate of heal is off the chart. Literally at this point in time, NOTHING can touch this healing beam.

However, with all things that are powerful, comes BALANCE. The balance or risk vs reward is, while you are channelling, you are obviously not doing anything else, so be sure your HOTs are already running, and more importantly, if you cannot AIM, you miss!

So, it will take a tiny bit of situational awareness and practice. The good thing however is, if you want to cut it off, you can stop the skill at any time by simply hitting block!

Overall the build is designed to provide BIG heals and SIMPLE buffs to the group in way of flat damage and resource management, the ultimate gives weapon and spell damage, the ground heal gives weapon and spell damage, everything you do gives recovery bonuses and shields/heals, and just for being there pressing buttons everyone gets minor evasion, you have everything you “need” in one place.

And one more important thing to note, and actually this could be the biggest supporting set to the whole build…

In order to get that bible beam up to standards, you need the buffs to push it. The heavy attack bonus from the restoration staff passives gives you major mending, this will increase the healing YOU do by 16%. Which is an essential bonus, BUT, the beam lasts 4.5 seconds, and you will have a TINY gap between the pop of the heavy and then applying the skill. So strictly speaking you are only going to get about 3 seconds of the buff. Which makes the last 1.5 seconds of the skill (the strongest part) pretty flat, and never actually benefit from that buff.

DON’T WORRY!!! That is FIXED with a carefully picked gear set. The main set we are utilizing allows for that bonus to last for 9 seconds!!! So you will Always have full up time throughout the entire skill boosting it’s max potential. This helps ALL of your ground heals in strength/uptime power, and at the same time, never have a weak beam again!

Oh and one more thing to note, if you build up crux, that beam REPLENISHES people’s resources!

Important things about the build:

  •  One Bar! Less to focus on, more time to see mechanics, NO “omg wrong bar” moments!
  • Spamable damage shield to provide protection to the group but ALSO stacks crux for stronger healing potential!
  • Huge ground heals, stacked with bonuses from the Arcanist with no effort of application!
  • Healing springs, Energy Orb, Bible beam, reconstructive Domain ALL give back resources and/or give recovery bonuses to the whole group!
  • Vanus gives us 9 second major mending, ALWAYS maintain heavy attacks!
  • Oakensoul means? Empower on tap! Yes your heavy attacks can HEAL you or an ally, the higher the damage the bigger the heal!
  • Sanctuary boosts the entire group heals including heals that DON’T come from you, inside your space, so positioning can be taken advantage of in many situations!
  • NONE of the armour/gear requires Veteran difficulty content! Even the shoulder piece can be gained from Undaunted Keys from NORMAL difficulty!

    Final notes: Heavy attack when possible, always use it before the beam to maintain that huge uptime on Major Mending. Build a crux from the damage shield first if you can (explained in the video) and above all, LOOK at the targets you want to heal. It’s a manual heal, but it is SO strong in the right hands. Remember YOUR space is where the healing is, be sure to not hide at the back too much haha!


Fashion First!

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As demonstrated in the video, our fabulous setup and dress choice for this character is as follows:

Head: Light Arkthzand Armory
Chest: Light Arkthzand Armory
Shoulders: Light Arkthzand Armory
Legs: not needed
Hands: Light Arkthzand Armory
Belt: Light Arkthzand Armory
Feet: Light Arkthzand Armory
Staff: Light Arkthzand Armory

       The only color we are using is Roister’s Cerulean.


Champion Points 2.0

The NEW Champion Points 2.0 introduced in the Q1 2021 DLC: Flames Of Ambition is quite possibly the BIGGEST change/addition to The Elder Scrolls Online since One Tamriel! And these were further altered in the Blackwood Chapter, giving us a lower base for capping out some of the essentials and also adding some more slotables!

Before it was a case of “I have limited points as a CP, so HOW should I spend them”? Now that is NOT the case as SUCH! Now, it is a case of, buy ALL the things, but which SLOTABLES should you take?

Everything before was a passive bonus with huge diminished returns, awkward calculations, and was messy to all players for the most part. The new system underlines NO diminished returns, no majorly confusing passives, and the ability to buy EVERY single passive available for tanking, DPS, and healing on the SAME character with enough points to spare for buying slotables. Being able to slot 4x special slotables from each tree when there is an abundance of them means you are only limited by your CHOICES, not by your CP.

Buy all the passives, CHOOSE which slotables to take vs the situation, and the rest of the points are spare. Or are they? Well here is the crunch…Once you go over 1800ish (depending on slotable choices, some are more expensive in the Craft tree) you basically have every single passive available PLUS 4 slotables per tree…

If you JUST wanted to focus on combat alone (all red and blue passives and 4 slotables for each one) you only actually need around 1600cp to be completely maxed in those areas. And if you wanted to go FULL glass cannon, only really focusing on one damage type you can achieve your max potential for that as low as 900 or so! You won’t have any resistances or healing bonuses from the Warfare (blue) tree doing this, but you can at least cap out the hard-hitting stuff, right? And this is considering slotables too so there is no harm in actually deliberately specing for a couple of damage resistance slotables instead even at THIS stage.

For tanking it is even easier! Push for your slotables and stack your resistance passives and it is game over! The rest are just a bonus!

So what’s next? Well, if you have higher champion points you can buy more slotables and switch stuff per situation as and when needed. If you don’t, then if you want to swap it will cost you gold for respecing. So in a nutshell, 1650-1800 (depending on build) is you’re pretty much done! Anything else is convenient due to not needing to spend gold swapping things you already have access to! How cool is that?


No matter what, THESE are the most important parts of the Champion Points 2.0 system. So this is your main FIRST goal when pushing for the build. You need to slot these even if they are not max level. However, there are swap-outs for situations as explained in the video.

BLUE (Warfare) are important for resistance, heals, and damage. Red (Fitness) are important for resources, health, and Crowd Control counters. Green (Craft) are literally quality of life! (aka your choice so not THAT important for combat).

It doesn’t matter what level you are at anymore, you can play ALL content regardless of your champion points level because during Flames of Ambition all players/characters had their base stats improved to make everyone somewhat more balanced at lower levels.

However, as mentioned above, the slotables are your main goal. Unlock the prerequisite passives to unlock access to your slotables if there are any…fill them up, and then just grab the remaining passives as you go.

300, 600, 900 champion points are not really important as checkpoints anymore for optimization. Just fill as you go, because ALL characters can have ALL passives with NO negative effects unlike before!

What should I aim for with this build?

  • Fighting Finese
  • Soothing Tide
  • Swift Renewal
  • Rejuvenator


  • Rationer
  • Liquid Efficiency
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Steed’s Blessing


  • Boundless Vitality
  • Fortified
  • Rejuvenation
  • Spirit Mastery


The video below explains how the changes work in more detail. Of course, over time, additions will be and have already been made to the system but the main BASE of it is the same.

Poisons, Potions, & Food

Potions really are up to you but they DO offer recovery/sustain while giving a burst of stamina/mag/health back at the same time depending on the choice of potion. I would highly recommend using Tripots if you can afford them BUT you can of course use trash magicka pots depending on how comfortable you are with your resources.

Columbine + Mountain Flower + Bugloss + Lorkhan’s Tears

Max health and max Magicka Food
         Minstral Banana-Bunny  Hash – Small game(1) + Bananas(2) + Seasoning(3)
         Melon-Baked Parmesan Pork – White Meat(1) + Melon(2) + Cheese(3)
         Solitude Salmon-Millet Soup – Fish(1) + Tomato(2) + Millet(3)

If you would like to make your own potions, I now have a fully functioning potion maker on the website. Here you can TEST any combination of potion or poison you like and check the outcome without having to know the combinations in-game! Check here for the App, working on Android and IOS – Potion Maker

Gear Setup

Below is a chart showing the overall gear set-up, noting the optimal set requirements in terms of weight, enchants & traits!

We are using The Ritual Mundus stone.  All 64 Attribute points go into Magicka.

We are an Argonian due to the sheer boost they have to heals and in testing this did provide the highest amount of “healing”, however ANY other race will still perform incredibly well they will just have different minor passives. Even not as a Lizard the heals are off the chart!

Flip horizontal on mobile device

SlotGear SetWeightTraitEnchantment
HeadSanctuaryLightDivinesMax Magicka
ShouldersEarthgoreMediumDivinesMax Magicka
ChestSanctuaryLightDivinesMax Magicka
WaistWisdom of VanusLightDivinesMax Magicka
HandsSanctuaryLightDivinesMax Magicka
LegsSanctuaryLightDivinesMax Magicka
FeetSanctuaryLightDivinesMax Magicka
Ring 1Oakensoul RingJewelryInfusedWeapon/Spell Dmg
Ring 2Wisdom of VanusJewelryArcaneWeapon/Spell Dmg
NecklaceWisdom of VanusJewelryArcaneWeapon/Spell Dmg
Weapon 1Wisdom of VanusRestoration StaffPreciseWeapon/Spell Dmg

Gear Locations

Earthgore Bloodroot ForgeUndaunted Keys
Wisdom of Vanus
Oakensoul Ring Mythic Item
Sanctuary Banished Cells I or Banished Cells II

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