Live Streams

twitchcon 2019

Welcome to LIVE game-play!!

Every day 10pm UK time, i Live Stream Twitch. On Twitch, occasionally twitch drops are available so you can get in game loot crates just from watching. Also during the Twitch streams if you buy any crowns or content directly FROM my channel, you will unlock cool emojis and badges for yourself on Twitch to show off with!

Sometimes the streams are general chill out sessions, playing dungeons etc…and other times they’re competitions and prize give-aways! That’s right, free stuff!

Also along side the above, I have the chat showing on the side so you guys can somewhat interact and ask questions etc while I am playing. I try to answer most questions. Come join the fun!!


  • Have Fun!

  • No trolls, the bridge is broken, find another home!

  • keep it “relatively” clean. I am sure we all swear and make jokes but no need to “over do it” and be deliberately offensive to show off because you are on live chat. Consider the viewers, this is NOT a room for people to beat their chests at each other in.

  • Do not insult people in the stream, or watching the stream…There are forums in dark corners of the internet for that.

  • Don’t ask for free stuff.

  • no advertising in the channel, that includes your own channel. You are here to watch and/or take part NOT use it as a hub to steal viewers.

  • I cannot craft things for everyone on Youtube, I try to help by creating content already, I don’t have time to make everyone’s gear too.

  • Don’t pass out second hand information you watched from another video assuming that 99% of the community AND the streamer haven’t seen it. If it’s not your idea, don’t talk about it like it is…
    example: “hey why don’t you try 3xVO,5x2fanged,2xMaelstrom and 2xVeli? I think it would be good”
    ….really dude? We all know that is from somewhere else and we all know a smart ass when we see one, remember you ARE LIVE! 🙂

  • The BIG ONE…
    NO BACK SEAT GAMERS! Constantly telling people how to play their game while they are showing YOU what they are doing is rude, be considerate.
    Watch the stream, have fun and enjoy the ride. If you know better, to the point where you have to keep telling the host what to do… go make your own channel:)

    Live stream playlist right