Spindleclutch I Dungeon Guide

The Ayleid ruins of Dwynnarth that grin down from the bluffs above Hag Fen were plundered and emptied out generations ago. But it seems there are forgotten mine tunnels beneath the lowest levels of Dwynnarth that might not be quite so empty.

Spindleclutch I is a four-person dungeon in the game The Elder Scrolls Online. The dungeon consists of various rooms and corridors, each with its own challenges and enemies. Spindleclutch I can be accessed at Level 10.  In this guide, I shall explain the mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing the dungeon’s bosses.

Spindleclutch I Location

Spindleclutch I is located in the northeastern region of Glenumbra.  Travel east from the North Hag Fen Wayshrine to reach Spindleclutch I and II.  You can also access Spindleclutch I specifically by using the Dungeon Finder.

Inside Spindleclutch I

Spindleclutch I is a one-level dungeon with five bosses and one quest.  The enemies in this dungeon include corrupted fighters guild members, spiders, and spider hatchlings.

Deadly Whispers

Praxin Dourare and his comrades from the Fighters Guild explained that spiders infest the Spindleclutch caves. And maybe something else.  It whispers in the darkness.

Completing Deadly Whispers

You will need to clear out several areas of spiders and then defeat Praxin and his comrades and then silence the Spider Daedra named the Whisperer.  Speak to Guardian Sud-Hareem to complete this quest.  Completing this quest will reward you with gold, a skill point, and the Spelunker’s Chausses of the Spider-Slayer, part of the Spelunker armor set.

Spindleclutch I Boss Mechanics

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This particular fight is pretty basic and exactly what you would expect from a tier 1 first boss. It has some basic light attacks which most people should be able to survive but the dps should block if they hit them, a heavy attack that needs to be blocked, and then some basic mechanics to follow through out. It is a pretty fast fight and really the tank shouldn’t have too much of a problem holding the spider still while the dps stand behind it and kill it.

Summon Spiders – Throughout the fight, Spindlekin will summon small spiders to assist it in the fight, these are the same spiders you have encountered already, low health, they spit poison in frontal aoe and ground web aoe and can feed off of dead targets. Be sure as the tank to bring these in close to or stacked onto, the main fight area, around the boss. Most aoe damage should kill these but be sure to interrupt them if they try to feed/heal.

Devour – Very much like the regular spiders in this dungeon Spindlekin can also devour dead enemies on the ground to heal. This is quite a substantial heal and can be a pain if the damage in your group is low and/or the team is inexperienced so to prevent this mechanic from happening you must interrupt it as soon as you see the effect happening. Basically, you are looking for a visual where it appears to be “eating” a dead spider. If you can do this, the boss won’t be a problem.

Swarm Mother

This boss is very similar to the last, still, a large spider still has light and heavy attacks but if not properly controlled can be a LOT more mobile than the last. It is important that the dps and healers stand CLOSE and behind the boss. The tank needs to focus on chaining in additional spiders(or taunting from range) so the stack on the boss at the same time as making sure the boss stays as still as possible and turned AWAY from the group. Note: do NOT run around the room, running will just make things messy and you will die anyway.

Summon Spiders – Just like the last boss, this boss also summons spiders throughout the fight and these need to be taunted, and/or chained in and pinned by the tank WITHOUT making the boss run around the room. They can be killed fast with aoe damage but be sure your group is looking out for any that try to feed/heal from dead bodies. If you catch them doing it, interrupt them. also, stay out of their poison/web aoe.

Heavy Attack – Occasionally Swarm Mother will stand up on her hind legs and launch a powerful heavy attack at the tank or whoever has agro at the time, you MUST block this.

Leap – She will LEAP occasionally to a random target, hitting them hard and knocking them down. Stay together, stay close and you will be fine. HOWEVER if she does leap at you, block or dodge roll don’t run away! And once it is over, get back in as close as you can. The group needs to hug up else she will keep leaving the aoe damage.

Cerise the Widow-Maker

This boss is a tricky one, she isn’t particularly difficult but she does have a LOT of additional enemies in the room. The tank should grab the melee as soon as possible and then start to chain in the ranged targets while holding onto the boss. The dps should be able to aoe down the enemies quite quickly but should focus on the healers and the mages, they hit very hard and must sometimes have their channeling abilities interrupted. Stay out of circles on the floor, fire damage in here is quite nasty.

Flurry – Not strictly called flurry but she does have a flurry-type attack with fast light attacks aimed at the tank or whoever has agro, this isn’t very strong but i would highly recommend blocking it if it is aimed at you especially since the room of damage incoming combined can be problematic.

Heavy Attack – A straightforward heavy attack no different from any other visually, while she winds this up be sure to have your block ready. She won’t kill a tank if it doesn’t block but she can wipe out a weaker dps so be careful. ALWAYS block a heavy attack. Again, do NOT run away.

Immobilize – She casts a channeling ability and when it is complete she will stun/immobilize the target. Usually the tank, you can break free of it but you can ALSO interrupt it before it happens. Keep your eyes open and stop her from doing this.

Big Rabbu

This boss is simple but has a nasty attack that can catch you out. Firstly the tank needs to of course grab aggro of the boss, you do NOT want him hitting the dps or healer. Then while aggroed, try to grab as many enemies into the center of the fight as possible while keeping interrupts on the ranged and healer-type enemies to prevent heals and too much incoming floor damage. For the dps keep up as much damage in AOE as possible to thin out the numbers and then eventually burn down the boss. Do NOT run around in circles, block and interrupt as and when you need to. Running will kill you.

Grip – Just like the dragonknight chain ability, Rabbu can also chain players in as well. He will chain and then volley with a light attack so if he pulls you in block, get out of the way, and then carry on hitting him in the side/back.

Charge – This ability is extremely easy to see and avoid but people mess it up a lot. A large strip of dangerous aoe will appear on the floor marking the path he is about to charge through. If you get caught in this you have two options, Block, or move slightly out of it. If you do not do either of the two and are not the tank, he will knock you down and kill you. Be careful!

The Whisperer

The final boss in Spindleclutch is a bit of a challenge, she is a MASSIVE spider in Mephala’s image so to speak, and is quite terrifying to look at. The room is full of enemies to start with. Be sure to pull all of the enemies into the doorway making sure they are stacked up for aoe damage and the healers and ranged are interrupted. DO NOT run into the center of the room as you will pull the boss before you are ready.

The tank will need to position the boss where ever he/she sees fit(the middle is fine) after the enemies are all dead and stay as still as possible, turning her away from the group.
The dps and healer should ALWAYS stand in a triangle formation ready to pay attention to the incoming mechanics. DO NOT stack up, you MUST all have your own space else this gets very tricky.

Impale – Pretty standard melee attack which will only hit whoever has agro, usually the tank, this can be blocked and/or mitigated if you have lots of resists and health.

Web Pull – A chain-like mechanic where she pulls players into the center where she is standing with a very short duration stun, this needs to be kept an eye on because when this happens she usually follows up with a “Daedric Explosion”(coming next)

Daedric Explosion – This happens periodically AND after the Web Pull. This is a MASSIVE spreading aoe and once it reaches full size it explodes, you MUST spread out and avoid this else you are dead. Some tanks can stand up to it if blocking but this will knock them down. Get OUT and get back in again when it has finished.

Arachnophobia – This is the reason you stand in a triangle formation as dps and healers, you ALL need your own space. If she LOOKS in your direction she is firing this projectile at YOU. When this happens, dodge roll. If you timed it right you will avoid it and can carry on as normal. If not, the screen will go white, you will see hallucinations of spiders, you will be stunned for 3 seconds and be hit with a nasty web blast which will normally “one-shot” a dps or healer. Dodge roll it and get back in again, do NOT waste stamina during the fight, be sure you always have enough to dodge roll because she picks her victims randomly.

To keep this fight clean, stay in formation, dodge roll the projectile, and always void the big aoe. do NOT run around the room! Good Luck!

Spindleclutch I Dungeon Loot

Below is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Spindleclutch I.

On normal the loot is blue and the boss does NOT drop a monster helmet, but on veteran difficulty all of the loot is purple and the final boss DOES drop a special monster helmet.

Note: in dungeons some individual bosses can drop a unique item but generally, the weapons and jewelry (non-named items) come from the last boss. HOWEVER the entire loot table can also drop from trash and chests, so loot everything!  Got the gear in the wrong traits?  Don’t worry!  You can alter the traits by either transmuting or reconstruct the piece with a trait of your choice.  For more information see the Introduction to Transmuting and Reconstructing article.

If you are looking for a matching shoulder monster piece, visit the Undaunted Pledge Master Maj al-Ragath at the nearest Undaunted enclave.  She sells a 50/50 chance at the shoulder piece as part of the Spindleclutch Coffer or it could be in her mystery coffer.  You can learn more about the Undaunted in the Undaunted Guide.

ESO In-Game Icon Houseing Backpack 001

Builds That Use Spindleclutch I Gear

ESO In-Game Icon Gear Firesong Circle Heavy Chest A
ESO In-Game Icon Weapon Sword

Spindleclutch I Achievements

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement 022
Quiet At Last

Defeat the Whisperer in Veteran Spindleclutch I, after invoking the Scroll of Glorious Battle.

ESO In-Game Icon Acheivement 020
Spindleclutch I Assassin

Defeat the Swarm Mother and the Whisperer in Veteran Spindleclutch I within twenty minutes of starting the dungeon. Timer starts when players engage the first group of spiders.

ESO Achievment 026 Icon
Spindleclutch I Conqueror

Defeat Spindlekin, the Swarm Mother, Cerise the Widow-Maker, Big Rabbu, and the Whisperer in Veteran Spindleclutch I.

ESO In-Game Icon Ability Warrior 032
Spindleclutch I Survivor

Defeat the Swarm Mother and the Whisperer in Veteran Spindleclutch I, without suffering a group member death.

ESO Icon Achievement 025
Spindleclutch I Vanquisher

Defeat the Swarm Mother and the Whisperer in Spindleclutch I.

ESO Icon Achievement 024
Veteran Corrupted Slayer

Defeat 350 Corrupted in Veteran Spindleclutch I.

ESO Icon Achievement 024
Veteran Spider Slayer

Defeat 600 Spiders in Veteran Spindleclutch I.

Spindleclutch I Leads

The following antiquity leads can be acquired in the Spindleclutch I.

ESO In-Game Icon Quest Murkmire Argonian Charm Necklace

The Goblet Gorget is part of the Bloodlord’s Embrace mythic item.

The dig zone for this lead is found in Glenumbra.

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…