Shipwright's Regret Dungeon Guide

This guide was created to teach players of the Elder Scrolls Online how to approach and complete the Shipright’s Regret Dungeon. The video guide is demonstrated with one tank, one healer, and 2 DPS,  so that NO role is left out, meaning ANY player can slot into this scenario/group composition. All of the mechanics are demonstrated and explained INCLUDING secrets and hard modes!

This dungeon you will have access to in the dungeon finder at level 45. However if you travel to it directly you can go in at any level. This dungeon is located in Rivenspire as shown below


ESO Shipwright's Regret Map Location Rivenspire

Boss Fights

Lost Maiden (Secret Boss)

The tank should maintain a taunt on the boss at all times while turning it away from the group. Never spin the boss around. Meanwhile the group should be placed behind the boss SPREAD OUT so they do not stack on each other. Generally i teach you to apply the “triangle formation”, that means dps left and right and healer in the middle slightly set back behind the boss. That way everyone has room and time to react to mechanics.

Shout! – Simple one the boss will shout in the tank’s face dealing ice damage in a HUGE cone effect. This does high damage and stuns so do NOT get caught in it as a DPS or Healer if you can help it, and regardless of role be sure to break free!

Ice Pillars – During the fight the boss will cast multiple closely clustered Ice Pillars. These have very low health but do slow you down, do damage over time and explode if not killed so be sure to either avoid them or kill them. Or both!

Shades – The boss will spawn THREE shades of herself in the room. Go around the room together and kill them one after the other. They all have the same mechanics as her and during this time she is immune to everything!

Be sure to stay away from her face as she does shout, and generally they all shout at once and the cones can overlap and kill you.

Once they are all dead resume original positions and kill the boss but watch for the shades as they are now all ghosts and are immune following her mechanics. Watch your feet!


Foreman Bradiggan

This boss encounter can be VERY unforgiving but also if well co-ordinated can feel very rewarding. It’s either a nice dance or a bar brawl, how you work together determines the outcome!

The boss needs to be taunted at ALL times and if possible facing a wall!

Heavy attack – This is NO joke. the boss hits with a heavy attack from time to time and it hits INCREDIBLY hard! The tank needs to be chunky and block it, OR dodge roll it. Bare in mind however if you dodge it too much you end up moving the boss around the room making it a bit of a messy fight. maintain discipline and don’t run around like a loon. Tanks are supposed to get hit 😉

Big BOOM! – VERY simple and obvious mechanic but 99% of players mess it up. Basically the boss will charge a spreading AOE under itself. When it goes BOOM, 4 aoes will fire out in random directions. This can be avoided in TWO ways.

Be ready for it, step back and look for a gap when it fires. OR simply dodge roll as it pops to COMPLETELY avoid it.

IF you try to block it or stand in it you will be stunned, and for getting hit with it, YOU turn into the BOOM aoe and send off 4x more aoes at the group. Each member that fails this mechanic will turn into a bomb, technically blowing up the group with multiple stacked versions.

Dodge it or avoid it at ALL COSTS!

Charge! – The boss will charge at the tank frequently. This is why the tank should have their back to the wall, the boss will cover a LOT of ground if not. Once the boss finishes his charge it will spawn 4x ghost adds. These CANNOT be taunted but they do need to be killed.

Each one will tether a beam to a individual group member, lessening their damage output, healing and damage mitigation. These must die as soon as possible and be considered primary targets.

Since they cannot be taunted they WILL chase players. Be sure to calm down and control yourself. Running away is the stupidest thing to do because they will simply chase you. TRY to stack up a bit so they stay together and focus on getting rid of them!

Each charge makes new ghosts, but if ONE is still alive, no new ghosts will appear until the wave is deleted!

Flame Shapers! – Primary mechanic that MUST be dealt with!

During the fight flame shapers will spawn. Generally 1 at a time apart from under 30% with the malcolm phase where you will get x3.

While these are not primary targets to kill and can be killed as and when you wish, they MUST be interrupted to prevent their flame channeling. it makes sense to kill them early of course to remove the mechanic but above all you MUST spot that channel and bash/interrupt it at all costs. failure to do so will put huge healing pressure on the group and most likely kill you.

Remember a tank with low health is DEAD to the boss heavy attack.

Malcolm! – At 60% and 30% the boss will spawn a huge Flesh Abomination (aka Malcolm) into the room while the boss leaves the room. Malcolm will put a large pulsing damaging aoe on each player in the room so you must apply a safe formation (demonstrated in the video) in order to NOT overlap them. Loose overlap is fine but if a circle of one player physically TOUCHES another player they will take double damage.

Malcolm also punches the ground with a large aoe hit and places poison on the ground (like Thurvakun) which must be avoided.

Once he is dead, the boss will respawn and you should reposition to your original places to continue the fight.

BOMB! – The boss after the first Malcolm phase will cast a bomb on ONE player. This must be mitigated by ONE other player standing inside of it as well. If you make it in time both players will share the explosion. If not, the player with it on will die. If you put more than two players inside the bomb, they will also die. Be careful!

Hard Mode – Hard mode The boss has a LOT more health, HITS a lot harder and also after the second Malcolm stage (30%) when the boss comes into the room, the bomb mechanic is DOUBLED.

meaning TWO people will get bombs. The players without bombs on them must stand ONE in each active bomb to help the tagged player. So for example if the tank and healer both have a bomb, one dps must stand on the tank and one must stand on the healer. do NOT overlap and do NOT let more than two people stand in each aoe.

During execute, don’t panic, don’t change what you are doing. If you can survive one bomb phase at 30% or under, you have seen all mechanics. nothing else will change.

eso. shipright, shipwright

Shrouded Axeman (Secret Boss)

This boss can feel pretty mobile as he jumps around a lot but above all for the tank, maintain aggro by applying a taunt and keep it turned away from the group. The DPS and Healer (as demonstrated in the video) should apply the loose triangle formation tactic to give each other room while maintaining a safe space to apply damage and avoid dangerous mechanics.

BOOM DOGS! – During the fight the boss will spawn two skeletal adds beside him. As soon as they spawn after 3 seconds they will go BANG!

Generally they target two individuals and you can see the mark under their feet. DON’T run away, you will die. Just simply time your dodge roll correctly to avoid it, OR block it.

The explosion is aoe while directly targeted so other players will need to avoid it too although they won’t get hit as hard.

Vanish!  – The boss vanish during the fight and 4 lightning adds will appear, they cannot be killed but they will constantly channel damage. Run to each one and interrupt them as soon as possible to prevent taking too much damage.

Once they are interrupted they will disappear and place a growing aoe on the ground which will burst. Once they are all gone, the boss will return with a big aoe boom just like the adds and you can continue the fight as normal.

Adds – During the fight the boss will spawn some small skeletal adds, they really don’t hurt much or cause too much of a problem but be sure to kill them just to get them out of the way. Watch for their heavy attacks they can be annoying.


This boss is quite dramatic but simple. however, will be a challenge for many groups especially the tank since she hits SO hard. Pay close attention to mechanics and don’t get caught out bar swapping during a heavy attack.

The boss needs to be taunted at all times and try to keep it turned away from the group. Most of the attacks will one-shot a dps or healer no matter what.

Wasps – Nice and easy, two wasps spawn during the fight multiple times, they have a heavy attack that should be blocked and a charge that should be blocked. They can be chained and CC’d so if the tank pulls them into the boss you can make pretty short work of them. Not a MAJOR issue, but should be dealt with so you don’t have too much going on in the room at once.

Rain! – The boss will channel multiple poison-type rain hits from the sky which must be avoided as they deal high damage, but usually, during this stage, she fires secondary LARGE aoes at individuals (usually two at once) THESE will stun you and/or one-shot you. If you are a dps/healer avoid these at all costs or die. They are very easy to see, don’t panic, just step aside and get out of the way. They spread before they burst so you have plenty of time!

Winds – At low health (under 30%) the boss will occasionally cast purple winds around the room. These are not specifically targeted at the group they just fly around for a few seconds. Avoid these as they deal moderate damage and slow you down. not ideal to mess with during stacked mechanics.

Heavy attack – The boss will spin her staff at the tank much like Relequen in Cloudrest, and then hit with a HIGH-hitting heavy attack. If the tank doesn’t block this or have full health while blocking, they are dead!

Cone Attack – The boss does have a frontal cone attack usually followed by or connected to several small aoes that move across the floor. They don’t hit THAT hard but you want to avoid these if possible.

Lurcher – The lurcher is a large add which will spawn during the fight usually 70% health! The lurcher should be considered your primary target. There is no RACE to get him down but the sooner he is out of the room the better for the sake of simplicity. Be aware he follows the mechanics of the other lurchers in the dungeon so he can have a shaking fit and fire aoes and also has a HUGE spread shot in front of him. If you see it, taunt it and kill it.

Stranglers – As soon as the first boom phase is over and the adds start spawning, stranglers will start spawning on a timer, almost every minute. There are generally 2 placed randomly in the room. These must be killed immediately. They stun and pull and the last thing you want is for a tank to get stunned during a heavy attack or a dps to get stunned during the boom phases, so focus these asap!

Immunity Buff – After the first boom phase the boss will summon a ground aoe which has a purple color inside spreading. Once it reaches its full size (very quickly) it will become solid. If the boss is standing in it at this time it will be immune to ALL damage for the duration. This does run out over time but then another will spawn and so on, throughout the fight.

As demonstrated in the video, you can deliberately allow her to be immune so you can deal with health % mechanics while not pushing her over the edge. OR you can simply move backward out of the aoe and the buff will be removed. keep her feet out of it and it will never be a problem, or be clever about it and use it to your advantage. Some people can use this as an ultimate building opportunity.

Bear in mind the boss DOES hit harder during immunity if she is glowing purple.

RED RED RED!!!! (Aka BOOM phase) – Typically it is common knowledge that the boss goes into this phase at 70% and 30%. Technically this is not true. The FIRST phase happens at 80%, and THEN it is on LOOSE health percentages AND a timer. It TRIES to push about 80,60,40,30 BUT it also tries to fire roughly once per minute give or take a few seconds.

What you are looking for is the boss will slam her staff into the ground and red roots will shoot under the floor in 3 different directions. Each one will spawn a red creature that must be killed within 12-13 seconds else the cone aoe it is spreading will blow up. The trick is to kill a couple of them and make a safe space to stand-in.

Regular vet or regular normal difficulty you can survive the boom if you are buffed heavily but be careful. Hardmode however? BIG difference!

HARDMODE – The boss has a LOT more health, the Lurcher has WAY more health, and everything hits harder but the majority of the mechanics are the same. Except for ONE!

The RED RED RED BOOM phase is MUCH harder and although the game generally doesn’t have many “DPS checks” this one is HIGH!

Instead of 3 creatures spawning with big explosion mechanics, you get 4! YOU MUST kill TWO of them and they MUST be polar opposites of each other position-wise. That way there will be two safe spaces to stand-in. If you only kill one, you will have nowhere to stand and if you kill none, the same applies.

This mechanic on regular vet you can survive, on hardmode you will all die no matter what. NO way out!

You MUST when this mechanic happens, apply as much damage as possible. Technically they have just over 430k health each and two must die. Over 12-13 seconds or so you could argue that both players need 33k dps each, but it is not as simple as that. Applying that with current group buff variables alters what you can and cannot bring AND you are avoiding other mechanics while jumping from one target to the other. It’s not like a dummy hump stack and burn. This will take some tactical application of your skills to get the most burst in a short period of time.

Work together, if you kill two dogs, you will live, if you don’t you will die.

33k on paper looks low (technically 66k per dps if you split up, which I do not advise). But believe me, in mechanics it is a struggle.

This ONE phase (not the rest of the fight) ***IS*** a DPS check!

Good luck!

Storm-Cursed Sailor (Secret Boss)

This secret boss is very very simple but kills people all day long because they panic. So, don’t panic.

taunt the boss and hold it in the middle of the room, everyone else should get a position and stay there. no headless chickens!

Heavy Attack – The boss will Heavy attack the tank, this is simple, Block it. But it will knock you down no matter what. So be sure you are in the middle of the room not on the edge else you are going swimming!

Overcharger Lightning – The boss will pick one target and surround them with lightning. All they have to do is stand still and out heal it. Do NOT run around the room! You will kill people with it.

lightning Form – At mid to low health the boss will go into a lightning form and do aoe shock damage, simply keep the heal coming!

Lightning jump! – The boss will teleport (jump) from one place to another over and over for about 10 seconds. He will land in empty spaces and on players. ALL you have to do is BLOCK!

Don’t run around, DON’T chase him! Just block!

If you try to dodge or run, you will die. You cannot out mitigate it by running away or dancing. Simply block.

People wipe on this boss because of panic all day long. Don’t panic!

Captain Numirril

The Final boss, is a LOT easier than it looks on the surface BUT it is a VERY mobile fight so you must pay attention!

The tank should taunt the boss 100% of the time and always face it away from the group. That’s the basic part, now for the rest of it!

Heavy attack – This is a simple, the boss heavy attacks. block it. He doesn’t hit THAT hard so any tank should be able to stand up to it so long as their are not low health.

Cleave – The boss does have a frontal cleave which should be blocked, also turned away from the group. No dps or healer should have any reason to stand in this!

Charge and channel! – The boss will turn around and charge to an empty space in the room spinning when he lands. Don’t get hit by this it will one shot a dps/healer.

When he lands he will channel casting water aoes all around the room. MOVE YOUR FEET!!!

if you get caught you are dead. if not, this is a very simple circle/dance mechanic and you can use this moment to get extra damage on the boss since he is literally doing nothing but channeling.

Malcolm Phase 1 – The Boss leave the room at 85% health and a Malcolm (flesh abomination) will spawn near the steps to the lighthouse (same place every time).

he has a heavy attack and a frontal cleave which can be blocked by the tank but must be avoided by everyone else. Taunted or not this dude is DUMB! He will pick a player and charge at them BUT he doesn’t chase, he just runs in a straight line. Simple get out of his way and keep hitting him. When not charging he will go to the tank, when charging just move.

Malcolm has swinging attacks and will channel with his hand in the ground making more poison spots. be careful of your feet.

Once Malcolm is dead the boss will come back in the room.

Minions! – At 85% health just before Malcolm comes into the room the major and remaining mechanics will start (this being one of them). Look around the room!

There are 4x fences. Each one with a concrete stub in the middle. EACH side during the fight TWO adds will spawn. Theys will channel and throw poison puddles all over the room. If you interrupt them they will stop.

If you go around the room killing them one after the other you will be there all day and never get any damage on the boss. So while they are important, apply the tactic below!

TACTICS! – Be sure as the TANK, you are always taunting the boss and/or Malcolm. And instead of standing still. PICK a concrete stub where the adds are. TAKE the boss/malcolm/both over there. Then the dps can deal with those two adds at the SAME time as the boss. Once the adds are dead, move to the next closest , and so on, over and over. Rinse and repeat all day and you won’t have an issue.

Also the healer can help interrupt strays while the others are being killed.

Interrupt is KEY!

Waves! – At 85% along with malcolm and the adds, you will constantly have 2 waves spawning randomly crossing the room. Don’t stand in them. If you get hit you will be knocked back. if you block you will mitigate it but either way you will get a stacking water dot on you. Simply move your feet and avoid it OR dodge roll (dodging does avoid it completely).

Winds – During the fight the boss will channel and cast poison type splashes on the ground. These are negative aoes so don’t get hit with them but they DO get rid of the poison

Malcolm Phase 2 – At 40% Malcolm will spawn and the boss will disappear, but then shortly join back into the fight.

NOW you have all of the above mechanics AND Malcolm at the same time as the boss.

Remember, take the boss and Malcolm to the adds, and rotate as and when the adds are dead. In the mean time the group should focus Malcolm to get rid of him. Once he is dead, it’s just the same as the last phase. You, the boss, and the minions. Easy peasy!

TIP: Malcolm is incredibly slow. The tank COULD just maintain a taunt at all times and deliberately kite (so Malcolm never touches them, making it easier damage mitigation wise) while the dps kill it in the back. the choice is yours.

Portal – EVERYTHING, Adds, Boss, Malcolm, ALL have a huge amount of extra health. So technically the fight is pretty much the same, just LONGER!

However there is one more major issue.
There are TWO Malcolms at 40% and under. Focus them down one at a time, protect the tank, and NEVER drop taunt on a single thing. If you apply the tactics in the video and explained above, you will be fine. But it can be a long fight.

NOTE: While the Spriggan boss prior to this one does have a dps check in the hardmode mechanics, this boss has ZERO dps check. just focus mechanics and the rest will come together.

Deaths are really hard to recover from though so watch your feet.


Dungeon Loot

Here is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in the Shipwright’s Regret on normal.   The loot is blue and the boss does NOT drop a monster helmet, but on veteran difficulty all of the loot is purple and Captain Numirril DOES drop a special monster helmet.

Note: in dungeons some individual bosses can drop a unique item but generally, the weapons and jewelry (non-named items) come from the last boss. HOWEVER the entire loot table can also drop from trash and chests, so loot everything!  Got the gear in the wrong traits?  Don’t worry!  You can alter the traits by either transmuting or reconstruct the piece with a trait of your choice.  For more information see the Introduction to Transmuting and Reconstructing article.

If you are looking for the matching shoulder monster piece, visit Urgarlag Chief-bane at the nearest Undaunted enclave.  She sells a 50/50 chance at the shoulder piece as part of the Ascending Tide coffer or it could be in her mystery coffer.  You can learn more about the Undaunted in the Undaunted Guide.



Builds That Use This Gear

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…                   


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