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Get a ONE hour training session with the creator himself for anything you need help with!
You can learn how to be better with your class, build, dps training, tanking, healing, understanding of the game in general, chill and play some dungeons or just take a time out with the creator.
You could use your time for any of the above, or to have a chat and if you really want to…even play another game for an hour?!

One to One sessions can be purchased via the button below for just $35 per session!

If you are interested in a one to one session for yourself OR for others as a gift, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email regarding information. However if you have already purchased one then your time slot can also be discussed in email as well. Please note once purchased these are NON refundable, however they do not expire, so you are not obliged to take advantage of them within a limited time frame. All in your own time.

NOTE: I do NOT do achievement carries, crafting, or any in game item giving. I do not offer completions or take share plays (i can view them but i will NOT control your character). This is PURELY for ONE hour of my time on a one to one basis. I will not lead trials, form groups or control any manner of group based scenarios.

This is open to ANYONE on ANY server no matter what timezone and/or platform.