ROX Collectables!

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Welcome everyone to a brand new feature on my The Elder Scrolls Online Twitch live streams!
ROX is an awesome new Twitch extension which allows viewers to help support the streamer via donations but in return they acquire amazing, cool and LIMITED time available, collectables!

These could be relevant memes, emotes, or memorable moments from the live streams in the form of a badge/trophy. Once you have them they stay in your inventory for ever and you get to show them off to your friends!

Every ROX you obtain whether it is free or paid for, has a rarity from bronze, to silver, to gold! Free ROX are one offs, however the others, you can get as many as you like! Just the one? or buy in bulk and farm for those shiny golds? The choice is literally YOURS!

The rarer the better of course and the higher up the wall of fame you will go. In the near future there is set to be a trading feature, but stay tuned for more updates on the growth of this new and exciting extension!

And we wouldn’t really want to miss an opportunity to shout ‘gotta catch em all’ from pokemon now would we!? Lets GO!

Compatibility Note: If not working via the Twitch app on mobile, switch to chrome or desktop mode.

How it works


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As you collect more ROX you will go up the ranks on the leaderboard! These will be shown on the website, on twitch AND during live streams to make sure people know YOU are the one at the top! There will be multiple categories on the stream slideshow. These categories will include “top donator of the week/month” and also who has the most GOLD ROX in their inventory! Get those shines!


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Your collections page lets you see how many ROX you have managed to collect, which ones and how many of each along with their rarity! Look at that shiny gold!

Ultra rare ROX FOILS!

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That’s right! As well as everything being on it’s own limited availability timer, there are ALSO from time to time going to be ULTRA rare collectables! Not just Gold silver and bronze, but also FOIL versions of some of your favorite collectables!

These are EXTREMELY limited, so get them while you can!

rox suggestions

The suggestions tab allows you to create your own ROX for the community to vote on! If successful and the creator chooses that ROX, it will become available just like all the other collectables for a limited time! personal ROX what whaaaat???

That’s right, all those times you wanted the streamer to make personal emojis but it just cannot be done? not anymore! get your say and have your own created channel memories ‘Set In Stone’ with this awesome interactive feature! This is a truly unique extension and throughout it’s growth and expansion we are gona have a heck of a time! See you on live stream people and don’t forget…you can ‘Grab your ROX‘ on live stream and it is totally O.K!┬á ­čśë

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Come join the fun and collect them all!