Rockgrove Trial Guide

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Stone-talkers from the Ca-Uxith tribe have watched over Rockgrove’s xanmeer for centuries. Although the stone stays silent, the chaos roiling beneath it could erupt at any moment. Before this occurs, a stone-talker will see the signs and prepare the tribe’s defenses.

Rockgrove is a twelve-person trial in the game The Elder Scrolls Online. The trial consists of various areas each with its own challenges and enemies.  In this guide, I shall explain the mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing the trial’s bosses.

Table of Contents

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Rockgrove Location

Rockgrove is located in the southcentral region of Blackwood.  Travel southeast from the Stonewastes Wayshrine to reach Rockgrove.  You can also access Rockgrove specifically on your Blackwood map.

Inside Rockgrove

Rockgrove is a one-level trial with five bosses and one weekly quest.  The enemies in this trial include clannfears, death hoppers, dremora conjurers, and scamps.

Of Stone and Steam

A savage band of Sul-Xan Argonians raided the ancient city of Rockgrove. Led by Flame-Herald Bahsei, they plan to summon something named Xalvakka. I must purge the area of these brutes and stop their plan before this creature enters our realm.
I removed Xalvakka’s hideous head as proof of her death. I should bring it to Dust-On-Scales.
I removed Xalvakka’s bloody heart as proof of her destruction. I should bring it to Dust-On-Scales.

Completing Of Stone and Steam

You will need to defeat Oaxiltso, the Flame-Herald Bahsei, and Xalvakka.   Speak to Dust-On-Scales to complete this quest.  Completing this quest will reward you with gold, and a Rockgrove Mundane Coffer (for normal difficulty) or a Gleaming Rockgrove Coffer (for veteran difficulty).

NOTE:  This quest is repeatable weekly.

Rockgrove Boss Mechanics

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Basks-In-Snakes & His Giant Snake

This boss is actually a choice Mini-Boss, and you can choose to fight it or NOT. But of course, it drops loot and you should kill all the things right?

This boss is technically TWO targets, the Archer and the Snake. The trick to this is to be sure NOT to scatter around the room else enemies will run all over the place and it becomes hard to control. So hold your ground stay together within reason and the tank/s should turn the enemies away from the group at all times!


This Archer is the main boss of the fight and sets its snake on the group. These can be dealt with together if you want or stack them together but it depends on your capability of the group. Technically speaking it is actually a lot easier to split them up and kill the snake and THEN focus on the main boss after the snake is dead. But again, Up to you.

Arrow Spray – This will happen from time to time and will always be aimed at the tank. This will be a cone effect and hit pretty hard, so this must be blocked and ALWAYS turned AWAY from the group. If this hits the group it will cause BIG problems.

Snipe – The boss will channel a SNIPE ability. This will target a player and pretty much one-shot them IF not interrupted. You guessed it, INTERRUPT IT!!

Giant Snake:

Poison – During the fight, you will have multiple poison effects, these are quite easy to heal so just keep plenty of ground heals running and this should not be a problem.

SNAKES! – When this boss is 50% health or lower it will spawn several low-health snakes that must be controlled and killed. DON’T PANIC and run around. Simply maintain your formation and get rid of them. Running around will cause a lot of issues for healers. They really are not THAT bad they just look scary!


This boss is quite DRAMATIC but if you split the fight up into sections (like you should with any mechanics) it’s actually quite simple to digest. There is NO “execute dps check” so you can take your time on this so long as you focus on raw mechanics.

The boss at ALL times should be turned away from the group. Generally, people like to fight him at the DOOR however this actually creates a problem. Holding him at the door puts you FURTHER away from two of the cleanse pools in the room and those cleanse pools make all the difference between living and dying. SO I personally recommend that people place him in the MIDDLE!

That way all pools are an equal distance away from the group and you have a shorter distance to run. In the meantime of course using the door as a reference point helps a lot in order to have somewhere to point him at. Again, the boss should be turned AWAY from the group

If you have everyone behind him relatively close and have ONE healer with their back by the entrance or exit door, they will always be the “kiter” much like a similar strategy people apply in Asylum Sanctorim, and can bait out the boss as and when necessary. This also means with the boss only having to be baited to HALF the length of the room rather than the FULL length of the room, he runs less of a distance, the dps can still reach when he moves, and all of the healer’s skills/heals/buffs/whatever can actually REACH the group and they can contribute more to the fight rather than just being kite fodder at the back and most of their skills/sets not affecting people. Technically a dps could do this job also but they would have to be mostly built for range.

Anyway the short version is, hold the boss in the middle of the room aimed at one of the doors, and have ONE player playing BAIT at the opposite or behind the tank (decent range away). The point is to have ONE person to bait out the boss.

HEAVY ATTACK! – Doesn’t get much simpler than this. If the boss heavy attacks the tank, the tank should block. If not, you’re dead!

Meteors –  Watch out for these, the boss will drop meteors on the group occasionally, these are quite dramatic and obvious to see but don’t panic, simply block to reduce the damage you take.

STOMP! – Watch your feet this hurts! The boss will violently stop having a Facebook tantrum with its keyboard seeing who cares! While he does this any one that is too close will be squished so be sure to step back a bit. Splash damage will radiate from this, which doesn’t hurt TOO much so long as you have decent active heal over time on the ground to counter it, but multiple waves will cause a problem so block a couple of them or be sure your healers are on the ball. Again standing TOO close will give you the damage the TANK is supposed to receive and it will hurt a LOT more.

Annihilator Mini – During the fight the boss will scream into the sky and a large spreading aoe will appear on the group. When it reaches full size it will go BOOM and an add will fall from the sky. This in its own right is kind of a mini-boss with its own unique mechanics. This will happen 4 times throughout the fight! 95% 75% 50% and 25%.

I would recommend killing the add and then dealing with the boss afterward, as if you ignore it and burn to the next phase you will end up with multiples. So yes while burning stuff is FUN, you will make things more difficult. Generally speaking, that is quite hard to do considering the health differences between the two but it is possible if people are not fully paying attention,

The add has a HUGE cone aoe cleave attack which will be aimed randomly at whomever he likes USUALLY the tank but not always, and this will cause a nasty damage over time affect for anyone inside of it. So avoid this if you can. IF you are the target however he will follow you with it, so don’t spin it. Simply block or dodge the attack as it fires. Again you will still get the DOT but the impact can be avoided. With such aoes you should dodge backward not sideways else you will spin it.

The boss also chains 2 people in at random occasionally and has a NASTY heavy attack that needs to be blocked by the tank. This should be taunted and only ever hit that target but if for whatever reason the tank does NOT have aggro and this is being fired at a dps/healer, they need to dodge the hit completely or basically die (depending on build).

Whenever the mini spawns, you should put the full focus of damage on THIS target and then return to the main boss. Rinse and repeat this and you won’t have a problem.

Don’t panic, stay close, watch your feet!

CHARGE!!! – Occasionally the boss will wind up a charge and LAUNCH himself across the room at the FURTHEST (yes this is what your BAIT is for) Target!! SO your bait player is the one he will charge at. BUT everyone in the room must spot this mechanic. When he does it, get the HELL OUT OF THE WAY!! If you are anywhere near him when he runs, you will be in his path and you WILL die. The baiter only need to dodge roll as this charge terminates and then he will come back to the group. But anyone caught or NOT dodging his path WILL die.

It’s a very simple mechanic but MOST of the people who mess this up are actually at the beginning of the path, not the end.

This is also why I explain that you should fight the boss in the MIDDLE of the room. That way if people are going to get to the cleanse pools (next mechanic explained) they don’t OUT RANGE the kiter attracting the attention of the boss,  and the same target always gets chased by the charge.

Cleanse POOLS! – There are 4 cleanse pools in the room, one in each corner. Fighting the boss in the middle of the room makes it so ALL of these pools are equal distance away so there are never fluctuating effects making people have to run too far when reaching them. Sometimes if you fight the boss at the door people have to run TOO far and never make it. So having them closer makes a lot more sense.  Each to their own but it works!

Basically during the fight, the boss will spit sludge at 2 random members of the group. These two will have their screen glowing and will be taking damage over time, they need to get to one of the pools before the damage gets too much and they die. If they die they drop large pools of poison on the ground which makes it pretty difficult for the group to counter when already dealing with multiple other mechanics. SO, if you are “cursed” if you like, go cleanse and come back.

If people keep taking the cleanses without NEEDING to (ie running into them by accident) this will become a problem as they take time to reset. TWO at a time, no more! And always be ready for the next two cleanses when he does it again. He will do this throughout the fight.

NOTE: Tanks really should take priority else the boss is going to wreck people. So if a tank needs to cleanse and there for some reason is only ONE pool left right now,  PRIORITY goes to the tank. A dps can be resurrected easily a boss running around with no taunt is a mess!

FROGS! – Yes we have more adds! THESE are simple. Whenever people cleanse Frogs will spawn by the pools. These need to be chained in and are your PRIORITY FOCUS! If you do NOT kill these you will be overwhelmed with poison spit pools and everyone inevitably will die. These take priority OVER the boss and OVER the mini-boss! The number one reason people fail in this fight is “too many frogs” Learn that nice and early and save yourself a headache of your raid lead blaming the sets you are wearing. FROGS MUST DIE! #SorryJay!

Chain in, kill, carry on. Just like the flame Atronachs are primary on Yolnahkriin, these are primary here!

Enrage – Yes we do have ONE enrage mechanic and it is NOT due to “low health” or any of the obvious stuff. If the MINI is too close to the boss, the boss will lose his temper and enrage hitting much harder, SO keep them apart if you can!


Hard mode is quite simple really. The boss has MORE health, hits a bit harder, but the BASIC mechanics including all of the above are pretty much the same excluding a couple of variations.

The cleanse pools can be turned into fire, making them unusable (2 at a time) by the Annihilator mini-bosses. be sure to dispatch these guys as fast as possible to prevent further problems. While they are affecting the cleanse pools you need to be aware of which ones are available and which are not if you NEED to cleanse. Keep your eyes open!

Furthermore, the hard mode alters one more mechanic. The CHARGE! mechanic.

The boss normally charges at the FURTHEST target. He still does this, BUT instead of WALKING back to the tank, he charges AGAIN!

Yup, double charge and negating cleanse pools!


Flame-Herald Bahsei

This is quite possibly one of the COOLEST looking bosses in the game! Who doesn’t like a giant Argonian skeletal transformation Necromancer right??!

Get ready for a mechanically heavy fight that, REALLY is not as bad as people make out. Again it is about digesting the mechanics individually and then putting it all together. That being said, this is probably one of the most UNFORGIVING fights IF you don’t play along! So teamwork IS key here. Basic to all who understand, a MESS to those who do NOT.

Before we go ANY further, I must stress that there is NO DPS CHECK on the boss at ALL. BUT One mechanic does require those alive to have a COMBINED dps output of 33k dps (that’s less than 3k dps per person for 12 of you). This should be easy for a WHOLE group to achieve, but, that’s not ALWAYS going to work, since other mechanics overlap. SO bear in mind the most IMPORTANT mechanic in here requires THAT over a 10-second period.
More on that later!

The main thing about this fight is control, spatial awareness, and formation. The boss should be held in the MIDDLE of the room at all times. I know people love to hold it to the SIDE but there is no need. Much like the first boss, geometrically this room is designed to take advantage of the LAYOUT for the sake of efficiency. Making everything in the room the same distance (if you have to run or target) makes it FAR easier to manage than making some people run just way too far! Some things are time sensitive so being closer to any target at all times makes it far cleaner.

Turn the boss away from the room at ALL times. While the group stays LOOSE stacked (plenty of room) behind the boss. Then remember that the BOSS needs to be focused, LAST! There is NO DPS check on Bahsei, so mechanics first, BOSS after. This is a boss encounter, not a boss fight! There are more things to manage before the boss is important.

So let’s explain some of that a bit more!

Heavy Attack – Bahsei has a HUGE heavy attack. This should ONLY ever be on the tank so long as they are maintaining a taunt. If you spot this you MUST block! Failure to do so WILL kill you, and failure to maintain block mitigation and resistance bonuses will kill you even if you DO block. So keep eyes on your buffs and be ready for this. This is NO joke. This kills tanks daily!

Archer – In the room, there will be multiple archers throughout the fight. These will channel and create explosions. Simply pull these in and kill them and in the meantime be VERY mindful of their snipe ability and be sure to interrupt it. NOT paying attention to this small mechanic will create a big problem. The boss is a target dummy with some heavy attacks, the mechanics around the encounter are the real threat.

Cleave – The boss has a cleave attack in a frontal cone, so this must be turned away from the group at ALL times. People who stand near the tank will get hit by this and potentially cause a lot of problems. DPS and healers should always be behind the boss.

Chains go BOOM! – During the fight, the boss will spawn chains out of the ground, two at a time! These are aimed at the two FURTHEST away players from the boss. So having TWO ranged players helps to keep this under control and OUT of the group. They don’t have to be 50 miles away, it is simply, the TWO furthest. If everyone is close and two are even SLIGHTLY outside of the mass, it will still work. So smart positioning which still allows them to benefit from group buffs/bonuses etc, is much better than panic placement in the middle of nowhere! The players baiting these mechanics should MOVE before they go BOOM! All you are doing is keeping them away from the group. Don’t stand in stupid!

Curses – During the fight the boss will curse two players at a time. These players have 8 seconds to get to a safe space, OR 8 seconds of OTHERS to recognize they are glowing bright blue and they are NOT to be stood next to! The timer will expire and THEN random directional aoes will explode from them. If other players get caught by these they will die! And if they LIVE then THEY will now be cursed and the cycle repeats.

So move to a safe space, or instruct your group to get away from them (whichever is easier for you) and let it run its course. If you are being chased by an aoe from a curse (yes they are like weak magnets and chase close targets) try to avoid it until it fades.

Curses are responsible for more deaths than the boss heavy attack, KNOW when you are cursed, and KNOW when someone else is. Else you are back to VMOL blowing each other up with player bombs. Not the nostalgia you were looking for I’m sure.

This is by FAR the most important mechanic in the fight before the execute phase.

Curse, get safe, let it go off, come back in. DON’T run at people!

Fire waves – During the fight fire will fly around the room in waves, much like ash titan fights but much larger, these can be avoided by simply moving OR you can out-heal them for the most part with moderate heal over time, however if you block them as they pass you this will help. Also, higher resistances can make a big difference. Essentially overall these need to somewhat be mitigated in one way or another. They are not normally responsible for deaths but they do contribute to fluctuating health during busy mechanical periods so be careful. healers need to be awake for CONSTANT damage going on!

MALCOLM! (Flesh Abominations) – During the fight on health percentages of the main boss, these guys will spawn one at a time. If you PUSH the boss with too much damage OR ignore these you will push the game to spawn more than ONE so remember these checkpoints! At 90. 85, 80, 75, 70, 65, and 60% these will spawn! They STOP spawning after 60% health.

These cause a big problem as they have constant LARGE pools of AOE on the ground which persist through the fight. The trick is for the off-tank to grab the add as soon as he spawns and take him to the side of the room! That way you can fight him in an empty space. They fire off high-damage slams so don’t get caught in them as a dps or healer if you can help it. They are however relatively simple but stacking mechanics can get tricky so all other mechanics still need to be followed. People panic too much when these are in the room. Don’t!

Drag it to the side, turn it away from the group, kill it, and then get back to the boss. Each one that spawns, place it next to the OLD aoe the previous one dropped, eventually you will have the outside of the room pretty much filled with aoe, and the middle will be CLEAR if done correctly. THESE take priority over the boss!

Behemoths! – Now that no more Malcolms are coming, you are introduced to a NEW add! From 50% health and under a NEW add will spawn from oblivion portals at the back of the room. These have a two-hander, nasty aoe attacks and need to take priority over the boss! The tank can put these near the boss if you like or keep them separate. Up to the group really but these must be focused. They have hard-hitting fast paced heavy attacks, drop the odd meteor, and FINALLY, when they DIE they explode. So careful when they die! Watch your feet!

While there is no dps check for these really, there is a timer in which they spawn. So if you don’t get rid of one in due time, you will get another and another, and they can overlap. So the more focus the better. These will spawn for the rest of the fight, so you will always be fighting these, but one at a time is far easier than 3 at a time. Pay attention and understand the boss is the LEAST important target in the room and will die EVENTUALLY!

METEORS! – THIS is the MOST important mechanic in the entire fight! After 25% health, the boss on roughly a 1-minute timer will call down a meteor RANDOMLY anywhere in the room. During all other mechanics that you have now managed to deal with, THIS has to be dealt with at the same time. And you have 10 seconds to react! 

The meteor will land on the ground, the group MUST kill it ASAP! If you don’t kill it, the room will explode and you will ALL die. FULL wipe!

This has just over 323k hp and a 10-second timer before it explodes. If you want to track when it comes in, simply look at your in-game buff timers, a dark circle on fire will appear at the far right-hand side of your buffs with a timer. If that expires, BOOM!

323k health over 10 seconds is just short of 33k dps required to kill this thing. That means everyone needs to bring at least 3k dps each. WHICH is not hard to do. The difficulty is spotting it and reacting to it.

If anyone ever gets “execute panic” and IGNORES this mechanic, they would be responsible for wiping the entire group. NOTHING in the room is more important than killing this meteor. There is NO dps check for Bahsei, but THIS must die if you want to WIN!

SO, in a nutshell, Hit the boss, kill the Malcolms, careful placement for chains and curses. THEN while maintaining pace with curses and chains, kill the behemoths, and finally at low health, maintain the above while chasing down any meteor that lands. Rinse and repeat this and you will kill the boss successfully. PACE is key, there is NO dps check for Bahsei so if you take a long time to kill it but maintain solid mechanics, you will STILL win. Get that clear and THEN go faster later once you are comfortable. “NUKE IT ONLY” mentality will cause far too many wipes and greedy people will fail. Relax, clear focus, and pace!

Fire Spirits – Also at low health the room will have a new add introduced, these are NOT completely controllable by tanks as they generally don’t listen to tanks. Stay close to the group so they can come in chasing whomever they choose, basic ground-based damage will kill these fairly fast but don’t run away like a headless chicken as these will single out a Grahtwood sprinter pretty quickly. compose yourself and kill these as they come in. It’s like swatting flies really but you don’t want them to STAY alive for long, they can cause problems when they overlap.


Portal Ghosts! – Yes as well as more damage and higher health, we have a unique portal mechanic!!! There will be a big blue bubble/eye in the room and 3 assigned people need to go to in order to go downstairs. In this room there are MANY ghosts that must be killed, so as a trio, you need to wipe these out. BUT be warned you WILL need heals. Each one you kill will remove 50% of your maximum health. Kill, heal, kill, heal, etc.

Once they are all dead there will be 3 sections marked out for each player to stand on and an eye on the middle of the room. All get to a spot each and activate it at the SAME TIME to cast a beam, AT the eye in the middle.

While you are all beaming in the middle an alert will be activated UPSTAIRS. ONE player needs to activate this while your beams are active to pull you OUT of the portal.

NEXT time this happens YOU are still cursed from the last time so 3 MORE people need to go in.

SO yes you need 2 teams of 3 to swap back and forth, just like the portals in Cloudrest.

Rinse and repeat every time this happens. Kill ghosts, take platforms, beam the eye, wait to be released. Easy right? Well, BRING heals. BIG aoe killers will die fast if they don’t do things ONE at a time! Watch your health!


Ash Titan

This dude is a WIPE fest! As mini-boss guardian as he may be, he has some rather nasty mechanics, which will wipe people out if they insist on running around like chickens with their heads cut off! Stop it! Focus and co-ordinate. Of course standard form as with most fights, TANK turns the boss away from the group and Group? Stay BEHIND the boss. That does not mean hard stack but it does mean, don’t stand in his face!

Heavy Attack – This is pretty simple, BIG wind up to a heavy attack on the tank. BLOCK IT!

Wave of fire! – The boss will cast waves of fire around the room, usually but not always in the direction of the tank. These need to be blocked to mitigate the majority of the damage while all the rain is coming down (more about that next.)

It’s RAINING!!! – This mechanic in the death log actually looks exactly the same as another,  so we are going to double-barrel explain these TWO mechanics at the same time. Basically, there are TWO different types of AOE coming from the boss PER target. A static one and an attached one! the group should be spread out behind the boss but CLOSE.

Static AOE – THIS version will be placed fire where random players stand. GET OUT of these, they will kill you almost in a one-shot!

Personal AOE – This one is actually physically attached to the players. Simply move backward out of the group and let it pop behind them while holding block and maintaining shields if possible. You can kind of treat this like Asylum Sanctorium if you like fanning out and coming back in again but they must not go OFF in the group. generally speaking, if you do this, people will overlap and die. Prevent this by getting out of the way. BUT!!! Be aware, the further away from the boss you are the MORE damage you take! So watch your range!

Headless chickens get dead!


This boss is probably easier to manage than Bahsei but there is a lot of room for error with there being some VERY mobile mechanics from one stage to another. The tank should hold the boss in the middle of the room as much as possible while the group stay behind her and be ready for a barrage of different mechanics! BUT the most important thing is to pay attention to her health percentages! If you miss how much health she has at any point, you could be left behind to BURN! Read below to find out more!

 RUN!!! – It’s incredibly rare that i would tell you the best option in a mechanic is to RUN, but THIS one is different! No matter WHAT is going on, at TWO different health percentages the boss causes a group wiping mechanic if you do not pay attention. There are THREE rooms in this fight.
And before you get to the LAST one you need to ESCAPE two of them.

So, at 70% health, she will run away upstairs and the room will rapidly FILL with lava! You need to run like hell up a set of spiral stairs with flame throwers all the way up to get to the next room before you all die.

At 40% the SAME mechanic will happen and you will have to chase her AGAIN! Anyone left behind will die.

If people die, their bodies will be at the top of the stairs and they CAN be resurrected but she will be launching meteors at the doorway when you come in so ressing is very difficult. Run together don’t die!

Also note, you will need CONSTANT heals running up the stairs. The flame throwers you will inevitably run into CANNOT be mitigated with a damage shield. They go straight through it!

ADDS – There are MULTIPLE adds in this fight and ideally you should pull them in and focus them. They don’t have a lot of health but they WILL overwhelm you if you ignore them. It’s much easier to fight the boss with a cleaner room than it is a full one. As mentioned above, the mechanics are health percentage-based anyway so the amount of dps you have right now is irrelevant, focus the adds as a priority and the boss will gradually go down anyway.

Occasionally you will get some rather large adds (Goliaths with higher health) that cause ground effects forcing you into uncomfortable positions (outside the fight or inside the fight) killing the add can remove these mechanics, but don’t panic. They do have hard heavy attacks so should be taunted at all costs, but focus this OVER the boss if you are still on floor 1 or 2. Sometimes these can overlap with the above mechanic, if this is the case, however, the ABOVE mechanic (RUN!!) takes priority. Don’t hang around!

Wraiths!! – Surrounding the room will be multiple Wraiths! THESE ARE CRUCIAL! They have very low health and are easy to kill, BUT if you don’t kill them, and they REACH the boss, she will become gradually stronger with each one, and then eventually become massively empowered, with an unbreakable damage shield and start throwing out one shot mechanics at random players! To avoid this, KILL THE WRAITHS!

Purge Soul – If you see this synergy you are cursed! Step away from the group and drop this on the floor and come back in again. Failure to do this OR dropping it in the group will lots of additional damage to your group! So careful with this!

Fire – During the fight, just like Bahsei there will be waves of fire sweeping across the room, be sure that your healers are maintaining plenty of heal over time abilities to counter the constant dipping of health of the group!

Which one is real? – After 70% health when she runs to the second floor, all other mechanics will still be present but she will introduce a new one. She will SPLIT into 3 bosses! You as a group need to figure out which one is real. The way to do this is to notice when CLOSE which ones go transparent. When they do, you have discovered that is a fake one. Once you fight the correct one, beat down the damage shield and the fight will continue as normal.

Bear in mind during this phase the floor will also be on fire and the group will take constant damage over time. Keep those heals up!

Meteors and Fire Bombs (Deadstar)! – Once you get to the TOP floor, you will have ALL of the mechanics you have seen already on rotation, no more running but now everything is happening at once. Alongside that, the boss will cast meteors and fire bombs around the room that you need to avoid. You can block some of them and avoid others but basically the less you get hit the better. These are not REALLY hard-hitting but damage can escalate fast, especially if one of the Goliath adds comes in, while the boss is split into 3, while meteors are coming down etc. You get the idea, less hassle can be caused by simply staying OUT of stupid.

BUT! Be careful. On the top floor there is a HUGE hole in the middle of the room. DON’T FALL DOWN!!


Hard mode for the most part is pretty much the same excluding higher health and more damage incoming but there is ONE major difference overall. DPS CHECK!!!!!

That’s right!!! The boss has the lava mechanic from the word GO, each room being a timer problem. Once you breach the first fire phase you will eventually get swallowed in lava! SO the TOP FLOOR is the final fight and the lava is still coming!

Room number 1 (first phase) is not so important, pace it, do what you have to, and push to the 70% phase where she runs. BUT once she runs the clock is ticking. You have 210seconds before you are overwhelmed, SO the SECOND phase you have approximately maintain between 8 dps players (not including tanks/healers/other setups of course) 46-47k EACH or at least spread across to hit that average CONSISTENTLY else you will get flooded with lava before she runs and you will die. Here you basically MUST get her from 70% health to 40%.

And on the FINAL room, she has 40% health left which is the biggest push in the fight. You need to between the standard 8 dps players (unless you are setup differently) average 56-57k dps per person on single target!

HOWEVER!!! Do NOT panic! You will be pleased to know that while you have approximately 210 seconds before the room is full of fire, 40% is the sweet spot for MOST execute power, and 20-25% is the main and escalating part for others!

Which means YES, if you managed phase two, phase 3 should be easy. If you understand how dps actually works, it’s not just the outcome of the whole fight, it is split up into sections, and if you are taking advantage of pure execute power at this stage, it’s a lot easier than you think. Jesus beams, bloodthirsty traits, reverse slice, killer’s blade etc, etc all the things that get stronger at 20/25+ health really shine here. Focus!

The only thing you have to worry about here is your focus for mechanics AND the fact that the boss DOES split., When she splits you have to get that damage shield down, and THAT can waste valuable time. In which case you need to fight harder.

Understand that execute power of target dummy dps player of say 100k dps overall, actually PEAKS at about 200k+ sometimes during execute, so you have a lot more room for forgiveness, and the devs already calculated that for this phase.

SO is it scary? YES, will you panic? Probably, but THIS is the room where YOU have the MOST damage due to health percentage being so low. It’s not consistent FULL fight dps that is required here, it is EXECUTE dps! Bring a powerful execute, and FOCUS.



Rockgrove Loot

Below is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Rockgrove.

Normal weapons can drop from the last boss of the arena on normal difficulty.  Perfected versions of the weapons only drop in Veteran difficulty modes.

Got the gear in the wrong traits?  Don’t worry!  You can alter the traits by either transmuting or reconstruct the piece with a trait of your choice.  For more information see the Introduction to Transmuting and Reconstructing article.

Builds That Use Rockgrove Gear

ESO In-Game Icon Gear Firesong Circle Heavy Chest A
ESO In-Game Icon Weapon Sword

Rockgrove Achievements

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Hardmode B1
Behemoth Beleguerer

Defeat Oaxiltso after raising the challenge banner in Veteran Rockgrove.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Kill Monsters A1
Havocrel Harvester

Defeat 100 Havocrel in Veteran Rockgrove.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Flavor 4
Keep Your Distance

Avoid infecting any party member with Death Touch by a separate party member, then defeat Flame-Herald Bahsei in Veteran Rockgrove.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Flavor 2
Light Stepper

Complete Rockgrove without a single party member triggering a deadly plant or a trap.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Normal
Rockgrove Completed

Defeat Oaxiltso, Flame-Herald Bahsei, and Xalvakka in Rockgrove.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Veteran
Rockgrove Conqueror

Defeat Oaxiltso, Flame-Herald Bahsei, and Xalvakka in Veteran Rockgrove.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement 037-1
Rockgrove Sprinter

Defeat all encounters in addition to Oaxiltso, Flame-Herald Bahsei, and Xalvakka within 30 minutes of entering Veteran Rockgrove. Your timer starts when you engage the first group of enemies. Defeating Bask-In-Snakes and the injured Sul-Xan Militants is not required for completion.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial All Hardmode
Rockgrove Vanquisher

Defeat Oaxiltso, Flame-Herald Bahsei, and Xalvakka after raising the challenge banner in Veteran Rockgrove, in one run.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Hardmode B2
Slay the Messenger

Defeat Flame-Herald Bahsei after raising the challenge banner in Veteran Rockgrove.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Flavor 5
Soul Bombardier

Use Purge Soul to feed 15 Corrupted Azureplasms until they explode during the fight with Xalvakka in Veteran Rockgrove.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Perfect
Soul Savior

Defeat Oaxiltso, Flame-Herald Bahsei, and Xalvakka along with all their hostile followers after raising the challenge banner for each of them, without suffering a group member death, within 30 minutes of entering Veteran Rockgrove. Defeating Bask-In-Snakes and the injured Sul-Xan Militants is not required for completion.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Kill Monsters A
Sul-Xan Slayer

Defeat 300 Sul-Xan in Veteran Rockgrove.

ESO In-Game Icon Quest Book 001
Sul-Xan Style Master

Learn every chapter in the Sul-Xan style book, acquired by defeating the final boss in Rockgrove.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Flavor 1
Turtle Soup

Sacrifice the haj mota to the Grand Geyser in Rockgrove.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Flavor 3
What is this Filth?

For every time that Noxious Sludge is cleansed, use all 4 cleansing pools to simultaneously remove it from 4 different infected party members, then defeat Oaxiltso in Veteran Rockgrove.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement 039-1
Will of Stone

Defeat all encounters in addition to Oaxiltso, Flame-Herald Bahsei, and Xalvakka in Veteran Rockgrove without suffering a group member death. Defeating Bask-In-Snakes and the injured Sul-Xan Militants is not required for completion.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U30 Trial Meta
Xalvakka’s Bane

Complete the listed achievements for Rockgrove.

Rockgrove Leads

There are currently no leads located in Rockgrove.

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…