Off Balance - Magicka Templar PVE Build

This PVE Templar magicka DPS build was made for players of all skill levels. Of course the more advanced player will get more out of it but this will perform well in anyone’s hands so long as you follow it correctly and understand HOW it works. This does involve a little knowledge of the skills applied and their passives attached to them in order to act on instinct if needed to when something goes wrong. This is capable of solo, 4player and 12 player content throughout the game YES including the really hard stuff!

The reason this is called “off – balance” is simple and that is that this is centered around pumping out as much damage as possible, solo AND group based WHILE offering a major support factor to the fight without upsetting your dps. Here we are using a lot of lightning damage to further push concussion for those off balance procs AND add as much AOE damage as possible while still pumping out high single target damage, along side good sustain AND survivability.
We also offer sustain and healing bonuses AND actual heals to the group and we don’t have to ever alter our rotation for it to be effective! Everything you need in one tidy package!

  • Debuffer! You can keep minor vulnerability up all of the time if your rotations are clean (+8% damage for the group) due to that being part of the concussion status effect.

  • Survivability! You heal from your damage (sweeps and beams) so you actually stay alive by doing damage and have a shield for emergencies!

  • You can keep a healthy up time on off balance to improve yours and your group’s increased 10% damage (if cps allocated correctly and so long as the boss isn’t immune) and also 70% to heavy attacks DURING off balance.

  • Your sustain and ability to apply HIGH aoe with the lightning staff as and when needed…heavy attack into a bunch of adds and everything dies fast while at the same time you REGAIN magicka for a fully heavy attack, AND remember while a target is off balance your heavy attacks gain DOUBLE resources!…very handy.

  • The heavy attack part of the rotation (if required) not only does high single target an aoe damage but also keeps up your sustain by default.

  • Overwhelming applies a really good amount of free dps just for using your class abilities and at the same time offers even MORE concussion status effects = off balance

  • Many builds out there focus mainly on weapon abilities and negate the point of the class. This utilizes the class abilities almost equally if not a little more than weapon skills making it more of a reason to BE a Templar rather than just putting force pulse on everything, get those sweeps in! šŸ™‚Ā 

This is a VERY “balanced” build, using “off balance” to make it so!


Destruction Staff (lightning)

1) Purifying Light/ Ritual of Retribution
2) Barbed Trap
3) Radiant Glory/Radiant Oppression
4) Puncturing sweeps
5) Inner Light
Ultimate – Ice Comet

Destruction Staff (lightning)
1) Harness Magicka
2) Unstable Wall Of Elements
3) Solar Barrage
4) Channeled Focus/Inner Light
5) Blazing Spear
Ultimate – Elemental Rage

Champion points

  • 56 Elfborn
  • 64 Elemental Expert
  • 75 Thaumaturge
  • 3 Staff Expert
  • 66 Master At Arms
  • 6 Spell Erosion
  • 75 Tenacity
  • 75 Arcanist
  • 44 Warlord
  • 72 Tumbling
  • 4 Shadow Ward
  • 19 Quick recovery
  • 64 Hardy
  • 64 Elemental defender
  • 51 Thick skinned
  • 72 Ironclad

Lower Champion Points

If you are lower than maximum champion points do NOT worry! This will work no matter what and of course the more cps you get the more effective it will be, however some hints on what to do at lower cps. I get questions about 300cps, 401 cps, 12 cps? we could be here all day but here are somethings i personally would recommend to prioritize in your damage areas..

Firstly be sure to get 30 points into elemental expert, this will allow you access to the 9% critical chance passive and give you a good base for elemental damage across the board. Then start pushing for 75 points into Thaumaturge. After that push for Elemental expert and elfborn while evening out your cps until you hit maximum.

As far as the resists are concerned (red trees) get 15 points into quick recovery asap for the res bonus passive and then from there BALANCE your resists between hardy, elemental defender and thick skinned until you have a good even base and just drip them in boosting it as you go until you are maxed.

For the green trees be sure to evenly spread tenacity and arcanist as evenly as possibly and boost them both to 75, then after work on dodge roll costs (tumbling) and warlord).


Front bar – Light attack, Purifying Light/Ritual of Retribution, light attack, puncturing sweeps,Ā light attack, puncturing sweeps, light attack, Puncturing Sweeps, Light Attack, Barbed Trap, weapon swap

Back bar – Blazing Spear, light attack, Solar Barrage, Light Attack, Unstable Wall Of Elements, weapon swap…
Start again!

Resource gaining rotation if low magicka:

IF the target is off balance while on your front bar, replace a puncturing sweeps with a heavy attack.

Execute rotation – This is very simple, keep up your dots (that is important) and instead of 3x puncturing sweeps, use light attack + Radiant Glory x3 THEN get those dots back on asap and repeat. Remember however if you are running low, remember to heavy attack when the target is off balance or if you are struggling.

Poisons, Potions & Food

Potions really help a LOT. Spell power pots are most useful for this setup because it keeps up your magicka recovery and major sorcery meaning you constantly have 20% increase to spell damage. This can be kept up 100% of the time with medicinal use, so i HIGHLY recommend getting that skill in alchemy maxed asap.

Food is very simple, the highest level food you can consume with 2 stats only, MAX health and MAX magicka. There are 3 variations of recipes but all are the same in the stats they give so your choice which one you use.

NOTE: Although not strictly part of the build you CAN chose to use recovery food however understand that while your recovery will go down your flat damage output per skill will be lower. It’s about balance overall if you are struggling, however if you can keep an eye on off balance up times and take advantage of heavy attack opportunities you will be just fine.

Spell pots – Lady smock + Water Hyacinth + Cornflower + Lorkhan’s Tears

Food – Minstral Banana-Bunny Hash – Small game(1) + Bananas(2) + Seasoning(3)
Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  Melon-Baked Parmesan Pork – White Meat(1) + Melon(2) + Cheese(3)
Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  Solitude Salmon-Millet Soup – Fish(1) + Tomato(2) + Millet(3)

Gear Setup

Below is a chart showing the overall gear set-up, noting the optimal set requirements in terms of weight, enchants & traits!

We are using the Shadow Mundus stones along side 64 points into Magicka

We are a High Elf but other races are also usable.
Dark elf, Khajiit or Breton are good substitutes.


best gear, thrassian, templar, eso

NOTE: Siroria is an advanced set, it may look good on the skeleton but it takes a LOT of practice to utilize this inside mechanics and will also affect your overall sustain vs the gear layout above.
It is an option as mentioned in the video, but ultimately the sheet above should be what you are aiming for if you want to use the build as designed in the video.

Also note if you did know already, Maelstrom can be farmed now on NORMAL difficulty!

Gear Locations