ESO Nightblade Class Guide

Nightblade Skills

Death Stroke


Stike with terrible lethality and leave your foes debilitated, or worse, with abilities that deal massive damage and weaken them for the final blow. 

Assassination Skills

Skill 1:   Assassin’s Blade

Skill 2:  Teleport Strike

Skill 3:   Blur

Skill 4:   Mark Target

Skill 5:   Grim Focus

Ultimate:   Death Stroke

Consuming Darkness


Embrace the shadows to find the perfect moment to strike or slip away without notice.  Terrify your enemies with fearsome spirits and relentless shades.

Soul Shred


Weaken your foes and grant them a slow death with lethal abilities that drain the enemy of their life while also healing you and your allies.


Nightblade Builds

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