Murder Of Fire - Stamina Dragonknight PVE Build

This stamina Dragon knight build was made for the sole purpose of making the most out of the class in terms of damage and survivability for all round PVE for players of ALL skill levels and for ALL content. I am a very experienced DK player and i can confirm that this has been stress tested to hell and back and it is capable of it ALL. Even maelstrom, dragon star, asylum and all the other shininess in the game.

NOTE: this is NOT built for pvp, but if you are a bit ballsy and facy slapping impenetrable on it, it DOES work although…..a BIT dirty in my opinion.

There is a lot of support out there to help the better get better, especially end game stuff, but you must remember not everyone is at that level and some don’t even plan to take part in end game content because they want the freedom to play casually and achieve small group or solo content goals. Remember you don’t have to flawless VMOL in order to enjoy the game (although this did vmol on live stream without dying JS).
This build has no real end game farming or loot/achievement requirements needed. Most of the gear can be obtained at low level and even before level 50 (after which you get the monster sets) you can still perform really well all round. Apart from the monster set itself everything is actually TRADEABLE meaning you can buy it from the market/guild stores.

The most important thing to remember above all is to heavy attack when you need to, it does do damage but it also contributes to your sustain a LOT (you get stam back for heavies). Keep flames of oblivion running all the time and make sure to reapply molten armaments/Eruption (as explained in the video) once every 2 rotations, doing so will permit you JUST enough magicka vs the recovery for perfect casts. Also the way to apply damage to low targets…put dot’s on it, and then move on. Your skills last up to 10 seconds, don’t waste stamina continuously hitting them if they are going to die to what is already active on them. This also will contribute to your sustain. UNDERSTAND your skills, UNDERSTAND their potential damage and sometimes, play the tactics game…put dots on and leave him to die while you go after another target. If you don’t finish him off Valkin Skoria will:)

GOD MODE – Be sure to use that ultimate!! The Standard of might is your most powerful ultimate in the Dragonknight’s arsenal as far as damage and resource return is, HOWEVER if you know for sure this is going to be a rough fight, take advantage of “Corrosive armour”…this isn’t just a resource gain and a damage bonus, but it is also a way to survive, almost 10 seconds of only receiving 3% damage? CRAZY! Also while this is active remember you do more damage because corrosive armour is ignores resistances.

One more final tip area.. if you are taking damage in the face of the enemy, fill gaps in your rotations with bloodthirst. It does decent damage and the last hit HEALS YOU, very strong. This is the morph of flurry and i use it on many other builds to. Replace deadly cloak if you wish for those types of situations, or simply remove flames of oblivion and put on bloodthirst so you can have BOTH skills available. It is good damage and you heal also, can be handy… And finally…In maelstrom i would recommend swapping molten armaments to Igneous shields, this offers a small damage shield but while active grants you major mending, this increases your heals by 25%..remember…igneous shields FIRST, vigor SECOND!. Even a dodge roll between is fine to avoid damage but shield first heal second. 25% increase for 3 seconds is a BIG help. 

  • High sustain

  • High survivability (massive health bonus for a stamina dps)

  • High effortless damage

  • EVERYTHING you do procs your sets

  • NO trials loot required

  • Buyable tradeable gear for very fast building of the setup

  • above all….SOOO MUCH FUN!!



Dual wield

1) Venom Claw
2) Barbed Trap
3) Consuming Trap
4) Stone Giant
5) Rending Slashes/Blood Craze/Whirling Blades
Ultimate – Flawless Dawnbreaker



1) Echoing Vigor/Molten Whip/Ring of Preservation
2) Poison Injection
3) Flames Of Oblivion
4) Stone Giant/Noxious Breath
5) Arrow Barrage
Ultimate – Standard Of Might OR Corrosive Armour


Champion points

  • 66 Thaumaturge
  • 02 Piercing
  • 66 Master at Arms
  • 11 Physical Weapons Expert
  • 61 Precise Strikes
  • 64 Mighty
  • 75 Tenacity
  • 75 Mooncalf
  • 44 Warlord
  • 72 Tumbling
  • 4 Shadow Ward
  • 19 Quick recovery
  • 64 Hardy
  • 64 Elemental defender
  • 51 Thick skinned
  • 72 Ironclad

Lower Champion Points

If you are lower than maximum champion points do NOT worry! This will work no matter what and of course the more cps you get the more effective it will be, however some hints on what to do at lower cps. I get questions about 300cps, 401 cps, 12 cps? we could be here all day but here are somethings i personally would recommend to prioritize in your damage areas..

Firstly be sure to get 30 points into Mighty, this will allow you access to the 9% critical chance passive and give you a good base for physical/poison/disease damage across the board. Then get 40 points into Thaumaturge to start getting that dot bonus for your skills bonus before then pushing for master at arms and physical weapons expert. . After that push for piercing while evening out your cps until you hit maximum.

As far as the resists are concerned (red trees) get 15 points into quick recovery asap for the res bonus passive and then from there BALANCE your resists between hardy, elemental defender and thick skinned until you have a good even base and just drip them in boosting it as you go until you are maxed.

For the green trees be sure to spread tenacity and mooncalf as evenly as possibly and boost them both to 75, then after work on dodge roll costs (tumbling) and break free costs (warlord).


Front bar: Light Attack, Venom Claw, Light Attack, Rending Slashes, Light attack, Consuming Trap, , Light attack, Stone Giant x3, Light Attack, Barbed Trap, Weapon Swap.

Note: if you are high on sustain Then follow the above, however if you are struggling then you can replace any light attack with a heavy attack.

Back bar: Light Attack Arrow Barrage, Light attack, Poison Injection, Light attack, Stone Giant, Light Attack,  Flames Of Oblivion,Weapon swap.

Poisons, Potions & Food

Potions really are up to you but they DO offer a crit chance bonus AND a 20% increase to your weapon damage and recovery while give a burst of stamina back at the same time.

Food is very simple, the highest level food you can consume with 2 stats only, MAX health and MAX stamina. There are 3 variations of recipes but all are the same in the stats they give so your choice which one you use.

Poison – Alkahest + Nirnroot + Nightshade + Fleshfly Larvae

Weapon Power potions – Dragonthorn + Blessed Thistle + wormwood + Lorkhan’s​ Tears

Recovery Food
Artaeum Takeaway Broth – fish(20) + Torchbug Thorax(5) + Powdered Mother Of Pearl (5)
Dubious Camoran Throne – White meat(1) + Beetle Scuttle(1) + Insect Parts(1) + Guts(1)

Flat food
Sticky Pork And Radish Noodles – White Meat(1) + Radish(2) + Flour(3)
Garlic Cod with Potato Crust – Fish(1) + Potato(2) + Garlic(3)
Braised Rabbit with Spring Vegetables – Small Game(1) + Greens(2) + Seasoning(3)

Gear Setup

Below is a chart showing the overall gear set-up, noting the optimal set requirements in terms of weight, enchants & traits!

We are using the Lover mundus stone. All 64 points are into stamina!

We are an ORC but other races are also usable. Redguard, woodelf or Imperial are good substitutes, also some people like the khajiit, or dark elf.


Advanced Setup Options

You can switch to Zaan or Velidreth as noted in the video for the monster helmet and/or alter the Red Mountain set to Relequen or Alkosh if you are more advanced and experienced/capable of utilizing the sets properly.

Gear Locations

Shadow of the Red Mountain – Stonefalls
Unfathomable  Darkness – Clockwork City
Valkyn Skoria City of Ash II

Roar of AlkoshMaw Of Lorkhaj
Arms of Releguen
– Cloudrest