Hel Ra Citadel Trial Guide

When the warriors of the Ra Gada came to the shores of Hammerfell, some of the fiercest cohorts marched far inland in search of domains to claim. Hel Ra was one of the easternmost of these domains, but its gates were sealed long ago.

Hel Ra Citadel is a twelve-person trial in the game The Elder Scrolls Online. The trial consists of various areas each with its own challenges and enemies.  In this guide, I shall explain the mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing the trial’s bosses.

Hel Ra Citadel Location

Hel Ra Citadel is located in the northcentral region of Craglorn.  Travel slightly southwest from the Sandy Path Wayshrine to reach Hel Ra Citadel.  You can also access Hel Ra Citadel specifically on your Craglorn map.

Inside Hel Ra Citadel

Hel Ra Citadel is a two-level trial with four bosses and one weekly quest.  The enemies in this trial include Anka-Ra Destroyers, armored welwas, and Anka-Ra soldiers.

Assaulting the Citadel

People venturing into Hel Ra Citadel have mysteriously vanished, including a group of Undaunted led by Kailstig the Axe. I should enter the Citadel to find out what happened to them.

Completing Assaulting The Citadel

You will need to defeat Ra Kotu, Yokeda Kai, Yokeda Rok’dun, and finally The Celestial Warrior. Speak to Mindil the Untested to complete this quest.  Completing this quest will reward you with gold, and a Warrior’s Dulled Coffer (for normal difficulty) or a Warrior’s Honed Coffer (for veteran difficulty).

NOTE:  This quest is repeatable weekly.

Hel Ra Citadel Boss Mechanics

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Trash Fights

There are many trash pulls in this particular trial and they are for the most part relatively easy to manage. However, there are some that prove to be a big problem even for the best of groups out there. The trick is fully understanding the mechanics of them individually and of course, prioritizing targets in order! At the same time of course, positioning is key for the tanks and the healers in order to be able to stack the adds/mobs while the healers can focus on keeping people up. There are a lot of opportunities in this trial for you to accidentally KILL your own group members if you are not careful!

Flame Shapers – These are HIGH priority targets. Their standard damage is not so bad and they can be killed fairly easily BUT when they raise their hand/staff into the air they will cast constant flame attacks on multiple targets in your group in the form of direct damage, and this hurts like HELL! As SOON as you see them raise their staff, they MUST be interrupted. If you fail to interrupt these within 2-3 seconds they can cause potential wipes! Most players cannot take more than 2-3 hits from this attack.

Pay attention, don’t be lazy, and don’t assume the “tank” is going to do the interrupting. You all know how to “bash/interrupt” you were taught at level 1 in the tutorial. Put it into practice and do NOT let the flame shapers channel their attacks!

Destroyers – These are a bit of a pain in the rear, to be honest. Their general attacks are not too bad but these must be turned away from the group as much as possible. They have cleave effects that can hit multiple people and occasionally will fire off an attack with a cone effect. This is actually a knockdown! The knockdown itself does do a reasonable amount of damage but the danger comes from the follow-up attack and damage from any surrounding enemies. Basically, when you are knocked down you are helpless and open to attack and you cannot break free. So, be sure that if they fire off a cone attack you BLOCK it to prevent unnecessary deaths.

So in a nutshell, the tank should grab these as fast as possible and always turn them away from the group. If they do spin on the group (sometimes it is random who they hit) be sure to BLOCK, to take the edge off. OR simply get out of the aoe.

Gargoyles – These are pretty both easy and EVIL! Your group needs to understand the mechanics of these or else you will get in trouble fast. The tank should always taunt these and turn them away from the group.  DPS and healers should ALWAYS be BEHIND them. The gargoyle will throw out several attacks and flurries that will attack ONLY the person with agro (should be the tank). BUT the gargoyle has 2 major mechanics.

The gargoyle will cast a breath attack which will turn anyone in the aoe into stone (should be just the tank if you can help it). This requires you to break free to get out of it, so watch your stamina sustain.  After TWO breaths (look for the second one), the gargoyle will have a large circle aoe around him and he will repeatedly slam the ground for a few seconds. GET OUT or DIE!. DPS will NOT survive this.  So to recap, after every second breath…get away from it!

War Priests – These are extremely low priority. They have an aoe snare and they fire off heavy attacks which will knock people down. They do NOT hit hard but you want to avoid being knocked down. The tank should always hold these very still in with the priority targets and they will die to aoe. You do NOT need to focus on these unless they are the last target left. Low priority, easy to deal with, kill everything else and these will die with the aoe from killing the priority targets.

All the tank will ever need to do is hold these still! Note if you are a dps or healer and one of these is attacking you, don’t panic, simply block.

Ra Kotu

This Boss can be extremely simple, or a complete nightmare depending on your group and how much they do or do not panic. Key issues with this fight generally are to do with the group positioning and trying to get people to not run around like headless chickens.  The tank should turn the boss away from the group at all times and the group should stand around the BACK of the boss in a nicely spaced out semi-circle.

NOTE:  The boss’s hit box is MASSIVE you do not have to be up his backside to do melee damage. Make space for everyone and do NOT stack!

Adds – At the beginning of the fight you will have 3 adds to deal with, the off-tank should simply taunt these and hold them beside the boss turned away from the group. You can either decide to kill these first OR have them close enough to just let them die to aoe damage over time. The choice is yours, however, they do follow the trash kills rules from above. Watch out for the cone attacks from the destroyers because they will knock people down. Keep them turned away at all times.

Heavy Attack – This is very simple but devastating if missed. The tank will be heavy attacked and this MUST be blocked. If not blocked the tank will take HUGE damage and be thrown backward/knocked back.

Winds/Gusts – The boss throughout the fight will cast winds that will be represented by small aoes. They will be randomly assigned to members of the group. There are two ways to deal with these.  If you have LOW heals and mitigation in your group the people with the aoes can kite out of the group until they fade and then come back in again.

The other method is even easier if your heals and mitigation is high and that is simply heal through them and stand still.  The key point, do NOT stack. If people with aoes stack they will double up and do more damage, also if you move to someone who does NOT have an aoe of course the damage will be on them too. Relax and plant your feet.

Swords – The boss will hug his hands around his body and then BURST with aoe flying swords which will fire off in multiple directions. They don’t hit too hard and can be healed through however if you block you will mitigate a lot of the damage. The tank however should block this mechanic. However, if you are fast you can actually interrupt this mechanic!

SPIN!!! – This is very simple but generally tends to wipe people not paying attention. At 30% health and below the boss will occasionally have a fast-spreading aoe emitting from his body and when it hits max size he will SPIN rapidly with all of his swords spinning around his body. Anyone caught in this is pretty much dead. So when you see this, move backward out of it until it is over.

Pro Tip:  If you are on the very EDGE of this mechanic, not quite touching it, you can still reach with all MELEE ranged abilities. This boss as mentioned above has a MASSIVE hit box, so no need to panic.

Yokeda Rok’dun

This boss can be pretty simple but the tank and the group must work together as a unit. Some tanks can manage a LOT of incoming damage and others not so much. So communication is important to be able to manage the adds in the fight if the group dps is low. The tank can do this in one of two ways, either hold the adds with the boss, or hold the adds to one side while the group deals with the boss. Whichever works best for your group is your choice.

Welwars – During the fight, the tank will have to hold on to these at all times and be sure they do not run loose on the group. Throughout the fight there will be more and more of these to manage. Up to x4 Welwars is normally enough to manage for an experienced tank, but if it is too much or you get many more, you should kill these to prevent the tank being overwhelmed.

The Welwars will enrage during the fight and do higher damage. When this happens they will have very low health and should be killed if the tank is struggling (get people to execute it and then go back to the boss).

These do have mechanics for standing too close to their rear by the way. NO dps or healer should every stand directly behind a Welwar. If you do, they will kick you in the face with both feet which can be sometimes a one-shot. There is a small aoe to present this mechanic, but positioning is really important.

Flames – The boss will cast a flame shot into the air which will hit the ground and burst into 4 lines on the ground. You can stand in the gaps to avoid this or the healer can heal you through it. It does hit fairly hard but since the boss should be taunted by the tank and the Welwars are covered by the tank this should be the only real damage you receive as a group so healing though it is quite easy. However, if you struggle with survival simply watch your feet.

Reposition – Every 30 seconds or so the boss will reposition himself so that he can get a ranged advantage on his target. When he does this simply follow him to his new location and continue dpsing him down. He is pretty much a standing target apart from this phase.

Revive – If a Welwar dies the boss will run over to it to revive it. This mechanic and the last one means you should plan your ultimates if you are using the split-up tactic. If he runs off as you have just dropped an ultimate you will lose damage of course so timing is key.

Overall if you have enough dps in your group in AOE, you can hold the boss AND the Welwar all together and it is a very straightforward fight. When the boss runs to reposition, the tank can simply follow him with the Welwars and re-stack in his new location.  Split them up or stack them up, it’s up to you. Whatever works for you and your group.

Yokeda Kai

This boss has been made a lot easier in recent patches but can still cause a massive problem if people do not pay attention to BASIC mechanics, especially things like “block” and “interrupt”. The tank should taunt the boss and the adds at all times if and when possible for agro and debuffs. The group however should position themselves spread out. Do NOT stack.  There are 4x targets. From left to right count them as 1, 2 3, and 4 and assign one dps for EACH one.

Split – The boss will split into 4.  3x of them are fake and are immune to damage, but one of them is the real one. Each dps assigned to their number should focus on the boss (whoever has the real boss should call out its number). In the meantime, everyone should keep a close eye on THEIR add, and be sure that whenever they fire the flame shaper channeling ability (staff in the air flames coming out) they INTERRUPT the target ASAP!

Once the target is interrupted it will vanish. If you do not interrupt fast enough you will cause the group to take MASSIVE damage in a short period of time and inevitably they will wipe!

EACH shade/add AND the boss can do this mechanic and sometimes you can have all x4 of them doing it at the same time. You MUST interrupt. This really shows whether people know the basic mechanics from the tutorial or not as an interrupt (one of the game’s simplest mechanics) is SO important here!

Pulsa – The boss and the adds can ALL cast a “pulsar” type aoe ability. This is seen by them having a fast-spreading aoe from beneath their feet. When it peaks it will explode and do massive damage. You MUST block this mechanic. If you have full health and block (with a shield too if you can help it for magicka dps) you will survive. If you are not max health while blocking you are likely to die. So this is where the healers need to stay on top of things.

DO NOT DODGE ROLL!!   IF you dodge roll, the effect will count as though it has still HIT you without a block active and you will take full damage and be ONE shot. Just because you are “out of the circle” does not mean you will live, this will still get you every time!

Meteors – During the fight, the boss will call down meteors on random players, this is why you must be spread out at all times. The meteor will cause the target to be stunned and then after will leave a fire circle on the ground.

DO NOT try to dodge roll this because you will fail, get stunned, and die. However what you need to do is simply, BLOCK and then hold block while walking out of this. This is extremely simple, but again, a basic mechanic (block) that can wipe people if they are complacent and/or refuse to apply the basic rules to this attack.

Block, walk out, carry on, don’t stack!

The Warrior

This boss is a tank test from hell. Quite possibly one of if not THE hardest-hitting boss for a tank in the game. An experienced tank shouldn’t have any issues, but an inexperienced one will need to know exactly what to look out for or else take potential one-shots to the face!  Generally for the most part the tank should hold the boss in the center of the room facing AWAY from the group. And the group should stay in a very tight stacked straight line.

The off tank (if you have one) should control any adds and bring them to the center near the boss (also turned away from the group) in order for the group to manage them easier rather than scattering them around the room.  There are some complicated things to consider as far as the hard mode is concerned for the tanks and the group BUT that will be explained below. Essentially excluding the beginning part (hard mode) the boss should be as above.

Shield Throw – This mechanic is pretty simple and the reason the group should stand always in a straight line! The boss will pick a random person (note this could be the tank). When that person is chosen the boss will face them and throw a shield at them (presented by a long strip aoe) and then the shield will come back again like a boomerang.  When this happens everyone should move OUT of the aoe, and then back in again when it is gone.  Formation is key, ALWAYS get back into a perfectly straight line/stack!

Tank Tip:  If the boss throws the shield away from the tank, take this opportunity to heavy attack the boss for resources back ready to take on the repeating mechanics afterward.

Stoned! (hard mode only!) – During the fight the boss will turn a random member of the group into stone. If the player activates a synergy they will EXPLODE, break out of stone and kill ALL group members in the aoe.

The way to manage this is one of two tactics.

1) wait for the boss to throw his shield (hence why you stay stacked in a straight line) and his shield will be guaranteed thrown in that direction. While everyone else gets OUT of the aoe, the person in stone will be broken free. So whoever is in stone, stack on them.

2) Method 2 is that you all move away from the person in stone so that they can break free, and then line up and stack again. This tactic is actually very good at execute, but requires a lot of coordination.

TIP:  IF you are not extremely experienced in this particular mechanic, and cannot time it correctly with his attacks, there is a very very VERY strong chance you will try to take synergies and then get turned to stone. Meaning the synergy you actually active is the explosion…killing your group.

To make things easier, agree with your group that NO ONE shall take synergies for the entire fight.  This alone will help you pass this for your first few times until you master it.

Gargoyles (hard mode only!) – As you start the fight you will notice there are several gargoyles around the room. These are in stone and will wake up during the fight. If they awaken, you will have to fight them. However, if you break them while they are in stone, they will die in one shot.

So the trick to this, is to make the warrior throw his shield AT the gargoyles while they are in statue form.  The way you ensure this happens is to manipulate the direction he throws it.

The tank should have his/her back to the gargoyle with the boss facing him/her, while the group stays BACK far enough from the aoe cleaves) yet still also in front of the boss. Ranged position basically behind the tank about 10meters+

This way whenever he throws his shield it is guaranteed to go in only ONE direction. In order to be sure this happens, however, everyone must be stacked either on top of each other or in a perfectly straight LINE!

TWO at ONCE!: You can kill two gargoyles at once! The way you do this is the same as above, BUT you be sure that the straight line covers the direction of two gargoyles. So the tank stands at the front one, and the group stands at the back one. Again in a PERFECT straight line.

This will take some practice and coordination, and if ONE person stands even an inch out of line, and is focused by the shield throw, it can go at an off angle and completely MISS the back statue, missing your opportunity of one-shotting it. Pay attention, and work together!

Repeat this process while traveling around the room as a unit. Kill two, move to the next set of two, line up, kill two again. Over and over until they are all dead. Take care not to allow the warrior to land in the blue circle (damage circle). If you do not kill them all fast enough or even MISS one, eventually they will start to wake up and you will have to kill them.  They have the same mechanics as all gargoyles previous to this room so watch your feet.

ADDS:  Note during the gargoyle stage you will encounter adds, and these need to be positioned near the boss by the off tank (remember the straight line) if the group is too close, the destroyers will hit with knockdown aoes which could be a problem if timed badly alongside the bosses shield.

Final Note:  When the boss throws his shield, be sure to get OUT of it! No moving until he throws it, and when he does, be sure you get out.

Healing & Damage Circle – There are two large circles, one on either side of the middle of the room. Each is connected to a statue. The yellow/orange circle is a healing circle where health recovery is heightened by a large amount, this applies to players AND enemies, so be careful that the boss/adds do not sit inside this or for at least long periods of time.

The blue circle is a damage boost circle. The players all get a huge damage boost for standing inside of it, but so do the enemies and the boss!! Do NOT let anything stand in this and/or for too long! If the warrior is standing in this hitting the tank, the tank WILL die!

At 85% he will run to the healing circle and smash the statue, removing this affect from the fight, and then aim to jump at the furthest person away. When he runs to do this, everyone should be as close to the middle as possible ready to dodge roll the jump mechanic. He will jump to the furthest person away which is why everyone should move together in order to manipulate his position in your favor (explained below under “jump” mechanic). Doing this will put him back in position for the tank, and then everyone can get back to where they were.  He will also do this for the blue damaging circle at 70% health. Simply rinse and repeat the above tactic.

One Hundred, Thousand, Million, Billion Cuts! – The boss will cast a flurry-like attack at whoever has agro (should be the tank). This flurry hits multiple times hitting extremely hard per hit and MUST be blocked. Failure to block will result in certain death. During this channeled attack however, as well as blocking the tank MUST keep the boss faced away from the group. The attack is frontal AOE!

Anyone caught in this or anyone stupid enough to deliberately put themselves in front of this ability WILL result in a borderline one-shot! Watch your feet!

Heavy Attack – The boss will like many other bosses wind up a knock-down heavy attack. You must block this or take HUGE damage and be knocked down.

Cleave – During the fight, the boss will issue a CLEAVE attack which will hit very hard in frontal aoe. This should always be aimed at the tank, and the group should stay away from him when he does this. Getting caught by it as a dps or healer or even off-tank with no block will result in a one-shot. This generally happens after the shield throw.

JUMP! – This is a very simple mechanic. The furthest person away will make the boss jump on their head with a large crashing aoe.  DO NOT run away from the boss all the time, you should be stacked close in a straight line with your group at all times (until execute). Anyone that thinks they are safe running away and/or moving too far backward will get jumped on.  If no one is too far away this mechanic will NEVER happen. So if it does happen, then someone is doing something WRONG!

Adds – During the fight, there will be waves of adds that wake from stone. There will be 2x destroyers and 2x flame shapers. These need to be controlled.  The off tank should put the destroyers on the boss facing away, and then the flame shapers should be manipulated position-wise so they can also enter the middle.

The way to do this as a tank, is to range taunt one and run BACKWARDS from the middle making them run to you, once they reach the middle, do the same with the OTHER flame shaper from the other direction. Crisscrossing your position in this manner will bring the ranged targets IN so they can take damage with the boss.

Basically, any ranged target will NOT follow the tank UNLESS they cannot reach him/her with their attacks, so you taunt, get OUT of their range, and they will run TO you in a straight line until they CAN reach. This tactic can be applied throughout the game!  In the meantime, the group MUST keep an eye on the flame shapers, because much like the rest of the trial. All flame shapers MUST be interrupted as soon as they start channeling, or else people will die.

Starfall!  (EXECUTE Phase) – At 35% the boss will raise his sword into the air and blow the room up, knocking down walls, destroying treasure chests, knocking back the group, and killing ALL remaining adds in the room (so if any adds are alive at 35% they will all die ).

Now the fight changes. The mechanics are relatively similar to before BUT he introduces a couple of nasty moves.  Instead of stacking in a straight line, you should spread out, quite close but with enough room to not stack on people’s heads, around the boss in a semi-circle. 

From now on, in the fight, every so often he will raise his sword in the air, and direct magic damage will be issued to ALL members of the group on repeat for about 5-6 hits PER PERSON. The hits all emit a ground-based or located, aoe. And this is why you must be spread out.  If these overlap, you will kill each other because you will receive double damage.

The way to mitigate this is that all players should BLOCK and shield if possible until the phase is over. Be aware of course outside of this mechanic you need to focus your dps because while he is channeling this, he WILL heal.

Energy Wave! – Instead of the shield throw the boss will now cast an energy wave along the floor. This has the same visual for the aoe area as the shield, BUT instead of being thrown out and then coming back again, this is a single cast. Anyone caught in this will die, and if they do NOT die, they will be knocked down! Avoid this!

Cleave – After every WAVE attack, the boss will turn to the tank and cleave them with a hard-hitting aoe frontal attack. Whenever you have avoided the wave attack, watch your positioning until the cleave is over because anyone caught in this will die. The tank can block it, others cannot. Resume formation and continue hitting the boss.  Rinse and repeat the above starlight, wave, and cleave phases until the boss is dead.

HARD MODE ONLY (positioning and coordinating):  At this phase (35% and under) position is key, you can pretty much call your positions from your perspective as a dps, healer (not tank) “Left, Right, Middle”…spread players across these locations while facing the middle platform. Remember to stay quite close in this semi-circle formation. If you stack people will die at Starfall, and if you spread TOO much, the boss will jump at the furthest person and make things difficult. Focus…

If someone is turned to stone…they should call their current location (left right or middle) IF YOU are not the one in stone, and you are at this location, you should MOVE away, so they can break free. Once they have done so, resume positions and rinse repeat.

There are other ways to do this but for training purposes, this is incredibly CLEAN. Other stacking methods require a lot more coordination and practice.


Hel Ra Citadel Loot

Below is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Hel Ra Citadel.

Normal weapons can drop from the last boss of the arena on normal difficulty.  Perfected versions of the weapons only drop in Veteran difficulty modes.  However, this particular trial does not offer perfected versions.

Got the gear in the wrong traits?  Don’t worry!  You can alter the traits by either transmuting or reconstructing the piece with a trait of your choice.  For more information see the Introduction to Transmuting and Reconstructing article.

Builds That Use Hel Ra Citadel Gear

Hel Ra Citadel Achievements

ESO In-Game Icon Ability Warrior 032
Hel Ra Citadel Completed

Defeat the Celestrial Warrior freeing him from Serpent’s Control.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 11 Dungeons 001
Hel Ra Citadel Conqueror

Defeat the Celestial Warrior in Veteran Hel Ra Citadel.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement 022
Hel Ra Citadel Difficult Mode

Defeat the Celestial Warrior after enraging him through the destruction of his statue army.

ESO In-Game Icon Ability AvA 003
Hel Ra Citadel:  The War Horn

Sound the war horn at Hel Ra Citadel and defeat the ancient warriors who answer.

ESO In-Game Icon Acheivement 020
Time Trial:  Hel Ra Citadel

Completed the Hel Ra Citadel within a time limit of 33 minutes.

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…