Halls of Fabrication Trial Guide

It is said that Sotha Sil’s Fabrication Chambers can analyze anything in the Mundus, organic or inorganic, and reproduce it in clockwork form.

The Halls of Fabrication is a twelve-person trial in the game The Elder Scrolls Online. The trial consists of various areas each with its own challenges and enemies.  In this guide, I shall explain the mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing the trial’s bosses.

Halls of Fabrication Location

The Halls of Fabrication is located in the mideastern region of Vvardenfell.  Travel east from the Nchuleftingth Wayshrine to reach the Halls of Fabrication.  You can also access the Halls of Fabrication specifically on your Summerset map.

Inside the Halls of Fabrication

The Halls of Fabrication is a four-level trial with five bosses and one weekly quest.  The enemies in this trial include nix-hound fabricants, dissectors, capacitors, and kagouti fabricants.

Forging the Future

Strange contraptions have emerged from a rift in the caverns beneath Tel Fyr and killed most of the Telvanni who were growing the tower. The renowned mage Divayth Fyr has asked me to accompany him in investigating this threat.

Completing Forging the Future

You will need to explore and clear the Halls of Fabrication. Speak to Divayth Fyr to complete this quest.  Completing this quest will reward you with gold, and a Fabricant’s burnished Coffer (for normal difficulty) or a Fabricant’s Shining Coffer (for veteran difficulty).

NOTE:  This quest is repeatable weekly.

Halls of Fabrication Boss Mechanics

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Hunter-Killer Positrox & Hunter-Killer Negatrix

These bosses are a little tricky but co-ordination is key. Unlike most fights this one is HEAVY on the tanks! You will need both tanks to be on their A game and work together throughout. Yolo tanks or people that refuse to work as a team are going to struggle here. Both bosses must stay apart except for certain phases of the mechanics else they will enrage and do stupidly high damage to the group. So, each tank needs to take their OWN boss and control them AWAY from the other. A simple way to do this is to split them each on opposite sides of the room. So long as the beam is not connecting them, the distance between them is fine.

There are many different tactics people use on this fight but a simple and safe method is to have the two bosses on opposite sides of the room and have your group stacked together in the middle. This way everyone is inside heals, damage shields and buff range all of the time in case anything gets a little two stressful. Each boss has the same mechanics.

Tail Whip – The boss will whip it’s tail in the direction of whoever has aggro (should be the tank of course) . When this happens there will be multiple fast moving lightning balls across the floor behind the boss aiming at the group.

You can get in the gaps of these to avoid them but if you are going to get hit by them be sure to BLOCK them! They used to stun and do high damage, now they just hit hard but they do also apply minor vulnerability to you meaning all enemies in the room will hit you harder for 3-4 seconds.

NOTE:  Both bosses can do this at the same time and these can cross over, so be sure that you DO block these. If you fail and survive ONE of them the OTHER will kill you. Don’t panic, don’t run around, just block it, and move on with the rest of the mechanics.

JUMP/Heavy Attack – The bosses will hit the tank with a heavy attack which MUST be blocked else they will be knocked down. While this is pretty straight forward another heavy attack that happens is in the form of a jump and this happens randomly AND if the tank is too far away from it’s aggroed target. So be sure when moving around, you don’t make the gap too large between you and it.

The major issue with the jump/heavy if you miss the block, is that the boss will stand on the tank and munch on them while they are on the ground. If a member of the group does not interrupt the boss doing this, the tank will die. SO you MUST pay attention and help the tanks out if they get pinned to the ground. Remember, BOTH bosses have the same mechanics so it is possible that both could potentially get pinned at the same time. Keep your eyes open for that interruptible mechanic/telegraph.

Sphere Damage Shields (boss beams!) –The Dwemer Spheres around the room will spawn during the fight, and get faster and faster through out (eventually ending up with many at a time). These spawn around the room on the edge of the main circle of the platform. You CANNOT harm these while their damage shield is active.

This is a KEY mechanic and both tanks MUST co-ordinate clean and fast in order to succeed.  The ONLY way to break the damage shield, is to being BOTH bosses within range of each other to make the electrical beam form between them. Once the beam connects the two, so long as the Dwemer Sphere is IN the beam, the damage shield will be broken.  So the tanks must bring them in, break the shield and split up again FAST!

The longer the beam is linked the more likely your group will wipe. While they are connected they do massive damage and eventually full enrage and you will all die. Be sure to get in, and get out fast and clean. This will take practice and the tanks need to gel well together in order for this to be performed.

Coordination is key here. Once you have gotten comfortable, this can be relatively simple, but people need to leave their egos at the door in this fight, you MUST work as a team.

Take Aim (TOP Priority Mechanic!) – The Dwemer Spheres ALL have the ability to “take aim” or “snipe” the group. IF this hits a player, they will take a one shot and die. It is IMPERATIVE that your group does NOT miss the opportunity to INTERRUPT this mechanic.

Some people like to have one person assigned to interrupts. This for new groups is a terrible idea. Because if that person dies, people will not be paying enough attention to a job they are not assigned to.  In new groups make sure that your entire group is aware that this is the most important mechanic in the entire fight and no interrupts = dead.  Have your whole group paying attention and make it their priority to stop this mechanic happening. If 5 people interrupt the same target, at least it was done!

Poison Injection – The Dwemer Spheres will cast poison injection type damage over time abilities at random players in the group. This is a devastating damage over time ability and will kill people very very fast. Players need this cleansed ASAP! Be sure that you have purify (from templars if you have them) and/or purge on multiple people.

Purge is expensive but you will need this through out the fight. No purge means you are pretty much going to be playing rez games all day long picking up people you couldn’t heal.  Be sure to cure/cleanse all of these abilities FAST. Killing the Dwemer Spheres does take off the pressure but they will be constantly spawning too, so stay on top of this!

Scarabs – The fight will have a group of scarabs spawning in and attacking random members of the group at 75% 50% and 25% of the total health of the combined bosses (use the boss health bar at the top of the screen to see the overall). You really should save your ultimates for these phases if you can help it and get rid of them fast! They can be very overwhelming and cause a lot of damage. They can be chained and rooted but taunt will not control them and you REALLY don’t want these on the tank. They are getting hit hard enough. Dispatch these enemies as fast as you can with aoe damage/ultimates if you have them.

The overall fight can take as LONG as you like, there is no rush but these guys must take priority when they spawn.

Ground Lightning – The bosses will occasionally fling lightning at a random player which will land as a big circle on the ground (usually aimed at the tank) this is very simple…do NOT stand in it. Even the toughest tanks will die in just a couple of ticks.

EXECUTE: At low health you need to be in full control of the bosses. You can either burn one to low health and then the other, or fight them evenly split in two groups and gradually go through the fight. But either way do NOT kill one boss too early.

Be sure that one ONLY dies when YOU decide. The safest way to do this is to get both bosses down to about 20% and then gradually get them both low enough so you kill one and then VERY soon kill the other. So get them both down to about 1million health and bounce between the two until one drops, and then finish the other with ultimates.

The reason you don’t want one to die before the other TOO soon is because once one dies, the other will enrage and so will the rest of the room.  The fight can take as LONG as you like. BUT, the lower both their health at the end the less time you have to deal with all the spheres in the room and the boss glowing red.

If you kill one too early, you are in trouble. Pace it, get them down evenly to a point if you can and then finish the job quickly.  That enrage mechanic only happens when you kill one or the other so you are in full control of it. No yoloing 😉

Pinnacle Factotum

This boss is fairly straight forward but there are several stacking mechanics. There is no full enrage or execute phase as such so you can take as LONG as you like. BUT you will have to follow some mechanics very specifically if you wish to survive.

The tank should hold the boss STILL and central if possible faced away from the group, IF the group is already fairly advanced or just comfortable. Failing that if they are new, place the boss facing the corner in the far back of the room (this is to help with a very particular mechanic ).

Staff Attack – The boss will flip his staff around like a ninja and then whack the tank with it with a little jump. When this happens the tank must block it and lightning will splash around at the group. This is the same as the tail whip from the first boss. Simple block the damage or get in the gaps if you are not the tank (dps and healers). This does apply damage over time and vulnerability so can be cleansed although it is short lived so ground heals should be more than enough.

Streak – Occasionally the boss will streak to a target (usually the furthest away but not always) so stay close to the group. When he does this he will place an aoe on the ground which you MUST stay out of. So long as aggro is maintained he will run back to the tank and continue as normal. Don’t chase him around the room and don’t panic. This is a simple mechanic.

Charging Up – This is VERY simple but most people panic like hell. Do not panic!  The boss will channel energy at the group and 4 members will have a spreading aoe under their feet. Once it hits it’s full size each player in the room will take damage. This does NOT require you to run around the room, spread out, stack whatever. This is stopped by a simple INTERRUPT.  Interrupt the boss and it is all over, mechanic passed!

Centurion Steam – Shortly after the fight starts and every 60seconds onwards, centurions will spawn, usually around once a minute. These do not have a huge amount of health but do need to be killed.  You can stack this on the boss fight and kill it with the boss at the same time or pull it to one side and focus it. Entirely up to you as a group whichever works for you. However, their steam attack MUST be paid attention to.

They will stand still and cast large triangle steam aoe attacks front and back, and then side to side, and then front and back again. NO where is safe. Get ranged and get OUT of it. The damage ticks are incredibly high and each tick stacks a healing debuff getting more and more aggressive. If this hits a dps/healer they will die in 2-3 ticks of damage. If a tank gets hit, they will take so such a large negative healing debuff (and high damage) that it will be hard for them to survive while tanking the boss.

If you are a nuke group, you can kill it while on the boss before this mechanic even happens sometimes, if not, your off tank should take this enemy to one side so you as a group can deal with it away from the main fight.  Again however the choice is yours. Their steam attack happens once every 30seconds on spawned Centurions. Unless you kill it faster.

Upstairs – Divayth will call that the fabricants are powering up (this happens on a 90 second timer starting from the end of each successful phase), when this happens 4 players from the group need to get on one of the 4 surrounding platforms on the outer part of the room and click the synergy to go upstairs.

While upstairs there are 4x Dwemer Spheres which must be killed.  Stay together, you will need to take self heals/shields etc to stay alive up there. Go from one to the next to the next killing them together as a group.

One person will get a lightning beam on them which does HIGH damage, and for this to stop hurting AND for you to be able to hit the Spheres, you must stand behind them (between the add and the hole in the ground) so the beam cuts through the damage shield exposing their health bar.

Once all Spheres are dead, each player should go to the location they came up stairs at (or just one console each) and there will be a synergy console on each player’s location. Get someone to count down from 3-2-1 and then ALL press the buttons at the same time. If people are a little off it is not the end of the world but you must press them very close together. You will see steam coming out of the main area when someone has pressed theirs so if yours has not gone off yet, DO IT!

Once this is successful the holes in the ground will have a shielded affect on them which you can use to jump back down safely and rejoin the fight.

NOTE:  Do not come downstairs before it is over because you will splat on the ground.  This mechanic must be completed quickly because if you are up there too long the whole group downstairs will be peppered with meteors and everyone will die. You have 60 seconds for your group to successfully complete this mechanic or it is a wipe.

Shock Meteors – Throughout the fight meters will come down from the sky. These actually don’t hit that hard and you can live through them with good heals on the ground. Don’t panic. You can block them if you feel too squishy and should spread out a little when they land. Try not to stack too tight else damage will overlap. Most people panic too much on this mechanic. Heavy heals and don’t run around in circles and you can more or less ignore it. Just don’t do anything stupid!

Cleave – The boss will cast a large triangular aoe at the group knocking them backwards. You can step out of this before it goes off, or block it.

Shades – From 75% onwards the boss will introduce his SHADE mechanic.  He will split into x4 ghost versions of himself and surround the tank.

EACH one of these shades will randomly become solid and attack the tank with a large sweeping aoe hit. Then once it has finished it will vanish and the NEXT one will do it, and so on until there is only ONE left. Then the fight will continue as normal.

The tricky part…The tank must spot which one is the solid one, AS it changes and then block FACING that particular target. If you are not facing the target and blocking the attack, the attack will go straight through the tank and the aoe hit will cover half of the room, potentially one shotting the group members caught inside.

The group should stay WAY back at this stage and try to keep damage on the ground for when the boss is appearing.  The tank needs to block the attacks one after the other after the other in the correct direction (not just hold block) until it is over.

Now while this is a VERY tricky mechanic for even experienced tanks, i have a little bit of a trick for you.  IF you chose to do so instead of fighting the boss in the middle of the room all of the time, you can choose to fight him in the far corner. This means that when the Shade mechanic happens, TWO of the enemies/ghosts are guaranteed to be aiming literally INTO the corner. This means even if something goes wrong, 50% of this mechanic cannot ever physically interact with the group even if the tank misses the block and gets knocked down.  This will take some practice.

Conduit Shards – At 60% health and lower shards will begin to spawn. These lightning shards drain resources and the more in the room the worse it will get. They spawn in random locations and must be killed immediately! No lazy excuses, get these down! They only have 100k health now so no where near as bad as they used to be but still a major mechanic that must be followed. This will happen continuously for the rest of the fight.

Charging Centurion – At 40% a new Centurion will start spawning along with the original one. These will chase their target and spin violently causing HUGE damage.  You have two choices here depending on your group. Kill it fast and get rid of it.
OR get the off tank to taunt it and kite it around the outside of the room in a very wide circle away from the group until it has finished spinning and it will die.

Do NOT panic. This is a simple mechanic and doesn’t have to be complicated. Kite it, or kill it, either option is fine.

EXECUTE:  This  is the easy part. Basically he has NO enrage. NO execute mechanics, nothing. Everything you have seen to this point is all you will ever see.  40% health and onwards is all the mechanics in the fight. SO, if you can fight at 40% you can fight at 1%, nothing changes.

Shards, meteors, upstairs, centurions, ALL the mechanics are still there and nothing changes. So keep doing what you are doing and don’t change ANYTHING. If you can get it from 40% to 39% you can get it from 1% to 0%. It’s all the same.

I do not recommend people get greedy however and “go for the nuke”. If you HAVE to go upstairs for many more phases, so be it. It doesn’t matter if you have 10k dps or 100k dps, if you can survive the upstairs mechanic, this fight can take as long as it needs to.

Play SAFE!


THE SPIDER! This boss is very simple however people do panic too much and make silly mistakes. Can you dps burst this very fast? yes. Do you HAVE to ? NO.  The is a switch on the wall and it will stun the boss removing it’s damage shield. This will sit it down and this is the ONLY time you can damage it. Once it stands up again, it will start walking with a damage shield around it and if you touch it, it will kill you. RUN!

This is not a fight where the tank gets the aggro, this is a fight where he will just walk and walk until everyone is dead.  Each button you press will knock the spider down BUT it will also make him faster when he gets back up.

Adds – Every phase when the boss stands up and starts walking again, it will spawn two adds. These must be taken away from the boss and killed. Do NOT drop taunts on these guys as they will end up chain pulling the dps/healer players to them and hit VERY hard. Be sure these are facing away from the group else their cleave attacks will kill people in one shot. Also note when the two hander has a damage shield on it, ALL projectile damage types will be reflected back to the player, so careful which abilities you use!

You can take these adds to one side and kill them before the spider gets to you if you like, OR after the button is pressed the next time, you can put them under the boss while he is stunned and kill them all together. Note however if they are near the boss while he has a damage shield, they will get a massive damage shield too and you will be there fighting them a LONG time and potentially overlap mechanics (more adds).

IF you would like to you CAN actually ignore the button and keep moving and fighting until the adds are dead, build up ultimates, and only press the button when YOU are ready for the fight.

Meteors – IF for whatever reason you end up TOO far away from the boss, you will be struck with long ranged attacks that will kill the group rapidly. Don’t get TOO far away from him and DON’T get behind him, stay in front at all times.

Spinning Blades – During the fight blades will be moving around and cause HIGH damage both initially and as a damage over time bleed. Do not get caught by these if you can help it. You can block their damage but it will still apply the bleed, but the easiest way is to actually just step out of their way. Remember as demonstrated in the video, the center of any pad shape on the floor is safe, AND you can dodge roll through them to avoid being hit. Apart from that, healers need to be on their A game keeping up those ground based heal over time abilities.

The Refabrication Committee – Reactor, Reclaimer, and Reducer

This boss tends to be the Pug Killer, of Progression Halter! Once broken down into sections the fight is very straightforward and actually quite simple. But on the surface can feel a bit crazy.

There are 3 bosses, the one in the middle will never move, the other two should be split up by two tanks and held so that they are apart in a kind of triangle formation. They must not be close together because if they are they will link with electrical beams and hit VERY hard. Distance is key here. First, i will go over their individual mechanics and then the tactic you should consider applying in order to make life easy for you.

Reclaimer  – This is the middle boss. He will never move so is not a problem however he does have two very specific mechanics.
     Damage Shield
– He has a damage shield around him at all times, do not stand in this as it will kill you very fast.
     Bombers –  The boss will spawn slow-moving adds, these will walk towards him and if they reach his damage shield they will power up, and charge super fast at a random player and explode. This is a priority mechanic and people MUST kill these. Stop whatever it is you are doing and get these down before they get to the boss. If you are caught by one of these they CAN one-shot you, however damage shields, blocking, and even a well-timed mist form, WILL protect you. So be careful.

Reducer – This boss should be kept away from the other bosses, as should they all, and be held by one of the tanks facing away from the group.
     Heavy Attack –  This is a massive hit. The tank must block it or dodge it, but be mindful of your position and don’t run around too much.
     Fire – The boss will swing his sword and launch 3 fast-moving fire aoes. These cause huge damage and burn anyone hit by them so watch your feet!

Reactor – This one is very similar to the Reducer and should be tanked by the second tank away from all other bosses.
     Heavy Attack – This is a massive hit. The tank must block it or dodge it, but be mindful of your position and don’t run around too much.
     Claws – The boss will slam his sword into the ground, when this happens, multiple aoes will appear on the ground and robotic claws will come out of them grabbing anyone that steps in them. Stay out of the claws!

Aggro Swap! (tanks) – The Reactor and Reducer have a VERY specific mechanic. Bubbles will appear from the tank’s perspective from these bosses. When this happens the two tanks need to SWAP these bosses, FAST!… This mechanic will happen throughout the entire fight so look for it, practice it, and nail it.

If you are affected by 10x stacks of the bubble-like ability, you will die. If they swap successfully the fight will continue as normal.

How to Kill It! – Now that you have all of the basic mechanics understood from the above the rest is very simple.

Split your group into two, one tank, one healer, and 4 dps PER boss (left and right) and ignore the middle(you will fight that together anyway).  At the beginning of the fight hold them all close together and do damage to them collectively until they try to connect with beams.  As soon as you see this, both tanks should go to opposite sides of the room with their chosen boss. (near the door apart is fine.

Fight your bosses and follow the mechanics very clearly. Tanks swap when they need to (just tanks not the group), avoid the fire, and the claws, and always ALWAYS kill the bombers.  This above is basically rinse and repeat for the whole fight.

Then at 71ish percent of EACH boss, STOP damage. And get the other to the same amount. When both the reducer and reactor are at about 72% or less you can get the middle one to the same amount.  The reason for this is because if they hit 69% they will go invulnerable. You want all THREE bosses to hit that invulnerable phase at about the same time.

Once they are all close to 70-71% (try not to push your luck too early) bring them all together into the middle and drop the house on them. They will all go invulnerable when they hit 69% BUT being close together they will all attach their beams (making them stronger) BUT because they are invulnerable the beam has a negative effect on them. It will STUN them. So now you can do as much aoe damage to them altogether as possible before they stand back up again.

Once they stand up, split them up and go back to your original positions.  If you can do this ONCE, you already understand the fight and the rest is NO different.

You repeat this at 3 phases.
69% (so aim for about 70-71% to start taking control
39% (so aim for about 40-41%)
25% (so aim at about 27% ish).

The LAST phase, once it is over, split up as usual but you will never be going back to the middle again.  Kill the middle boss first to make sure the bomber mechanic never happens again. Then kill the remaining two separately one after the other while following the original mechanics you are already aware of (fire, claws, swaps, etc).

People try to make this fight far too complicated, once you can do one phase, you can do it all. Do not get execute panic, there is no enrage just keep doing what you are doing, split them up, and finish them off.

To recap:

71% bring them in, stun them, damage them, split them up,
41% repeat above
27% repeat above…
Under 25% never come back to the middle and finish them one by one, easy right? 😉

Good luck!

Assembly General

This Boss quite honestly is a bit of a drag. It is a LONG winded fight, with no real DPS requirements at all, not really even at the end so long as your survival is high and it is just a case of staying calm and focusing on the base mechanics like clockwork (no the mechanism pun was not intended!).

The tank should stand in front of the boss while the off-tank positioning is a bit of a choice depending on the group.  Some people like to have a tank/dps on the spinning blade arm side, to distract it so it doesn’t hit the group. Others like to simply use ONE tank and take all the damage upfront while the other stays with the group on the flame arm (under it) controlling adds. The choice is yours.

However, the group should sit up on the ledge close to the boss UNDER the flame arm during the main fight and it is pretty straightforward from there, so long as healers are on point.

Stomp – The boss will stomp one foot knocking the tank back. The boss cannot move towards the tank so if the tank does not get back in range fast enough if knocked back, the boss will get mad and DOUBLE stomp with both feet. If he double-stomps with both feet 3 times in the fight, the last one will kill everyone in the group. Do NOT drop taunt or distance yourself too much from the boss as the main tank or this will happen and you won’t be able to come back from it.

Spinner Blade – The right arm of the boss is a spinning blade, this does high fast-paced damage and can be aggroed by another player standing close to it(if you choose to) or you can take the damage onto the main tank. The reason people tend to kite this is if they are all in front of the boss on the floor(it will attack the group) however since we are on the side under the flame arm, it cannot reach so is not a problem.

Flame Arm – We have decided to hide UNDER the arm to hit the boss, this does high flame damage over time and needs some heavy heals if you are in front of it however we are under it so we don’t take TOO much damage. Be sure your healers are on point and your positioning is very specific. IF you are doing the “on the floor” tactic…much like someone kiting the spinner arm, you will need someone to kite this arm but simply stay up on the right side but out of reach of the damage of it (on the corner). However, we are not doing that so it should not be an issue for you (knowledge is power though right?).

At 3% before each recharge phase, the arm will fall off. STOP damage at this point and deal with the adds in the room else you will overlap mechanics.

Adds – There are multiple adds that spawn in twos. These need to be controlled by the off-tank and killed by the group. Now during the killing of the adds we tend to hide around the corner to avoid all of the other incoming nastiness. Stack together, keep the heals coming, and keep up survival abilities and ultimates. Don’t run around and you will be just fine (more to follow).

These adds spawn during set percentages of the fight. They appear at 90%, 87%, 70%, 67%, 50%, 47% and then they will also appear at 30%, 27% but at THAT time they will spawn every 2 mins so be sure to be comfortable to push to the next phase. If at low health you feel like you don’t have enough ultimates ready, you are not quite ready to push to execute, perhaps you have some resses to deal with, you CAN hold back and kill another spawn of adds on purpose, as MANY times as you like until you as a group are ready to push to the next phase.

Missiles – The boss will fire missiles at the group, even more so when you are a long way away (killing adds on the corner). These can be mitigated with spell resistance, damage shields, and heals of course, but if you are going too low you CAN block some of the damage. For newer groups, I would recommend that you block these as the stacking damage from multiple aoes landing can be quite bad.

Shock AOE – There are while upstairs quite a lot of aoes going off, one of which is in the form of shock damage, simply do NOT stand in these if you don’t want to die.

Claws – These you have seen before in the last fight. On the floor there will be aoes with claws in them. Don’t stand in them as they will drag you down and do high damage.

Recharging – At 85%, 65%, 45% the boss will walk off into the middle of the room and recharge. He will gain back his flame thrower and also reflect ALL damage you do. ANYONE that hits the boss will make the boss hit the group with HIGH damage so STOP hitting him!  During this time you need to stand together in the middle of the floor avoiding the edges because of the poison damage that will constantly leak through the grills.

There will be 4x terminals that you have to destroy. One in each corridor section of the room. Each one still alive at the end will enhance the BIG hit he fires at the group when he stands up again. While there ARE x4 of these you only really need to kill TWO.

So kill the terminal close to you, then run past the boss to another and kill that. Once they are down simply out heal the incoming spinners/meteor/missile damage.  Big damage shields, healing ultimates, protective spells, whatever you have to hand to just stay alive. Do NOT block the spinners, they will destroy your stamina pool in a matter of seconds. Heavy heals stay together and you will be fine.

Once he stands up, he will pick a location to stand in, you should all (apart from the tank) go upstairs again on his FLAME arm side.  Rinse and repeat this per phase, if you can do this ONCE, you can do it again. The next phases are NO different. The whole fight is copy and paste.

Facimiles – IF anyone dies, an add will appear and take on the form of the class of the player who died. Each death will make one of these appear. Deal with it FAST!

EXECUTE:  At 25% the boss will walk into the middle of the room. And this is where positioning is key!!! There is a shaped platform in the middle of the room where he stands with 4x tracks on them. 2 dps should stand on the end of each track (stacked in pairs) (8x people in the middle basically in twos) while the healers and tanks get a corner each leaving enough gap between all players (this is demonstrated in the video at the beginning of the fight.).

What this does is controls the barrage of meteors coming in. They will repeatedly fire at the group of individuals hitting 4x players over and over. This can be out healed and I would recommend HIGH damage mitigation skills for this phase.  Once the boss gets to under 10% the meteors will get faster and hit a further 4x more players. So now the 4 on the outside AND each stack of players on the inside are all taking a meteor each.

If you do not stack this way there is not enough room for everyone and too much overlapping will happen too early.  Basically, during the execute phase, dps players should be doing nothing but their rotations and standing still. While the healers and tanks should keep up as much buff/debuff heals and protective bonuses as possible. Well-placed timed novas, barriers, permafrosts, veil of blades, etc on rotations (even from the dps) will make this a LOT easier.

Now the true hard facts. This boss doesn’t require a “dps check” in order to complete the execute phase. It requires SURVIVAL. I personally have watched a new group calmly, and steadily complete this execute phase with 27k dps BUFFED per person. What they had however was a LOT of protection, they were firing off novas, large damage shields and big heals in aoe consistently. Their survival was so high, it didn’t matter how long they took. So, focus, relax, and plug your survival gaps if you have them. If you can live. You can kill it. it doesn’t matter if you have 20k dps or 100k dps, so long as you are not dead.

Practice will make all the difference because the more you do it the more comfortable you will be with it. Hardmode is in the video but the only real difference from that to regular vet is the health and a couple more adds. It’s not really all that different.

Final note: don’t stand in the poison 😉


Halls of Fabrication Loot

Below is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in the Halls of Fabrication.

Normal weapons can drop from the last boss of the arena on normal difficulty.  Perfected versions of the weapons only drop in Veteran difficulty modes.  However, this trial does not offer perfected versions.

Got the gear in the wrong traits?  Don’t worry!  You can alter the traits by either transmuting or reconstruct the piece with a trait of your choice.  For more information see the Introduction to Transmuting and Reconstructing article.

Builds That Use Halls of Fabrication Gear

ESO In-Game Icon Gear Firesong Circle Heavy Chest A
ESO In-Game Icon Weapon Sword

Halls of Fabrication Achievements

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 045

In Veteran Halls of Fabrication, defeat the Archcustodian using six or fewer Shock Pylons without ever missing an opportunity to disable it with one.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 047
Environmentally Conscious

Defeat the Assembly General in Veteran Halls of Fabrication without any group member dying to traps and hazards.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 035
Halls of Fabrication Completed

Defeat the Assembly General and assist Divayth Fyr in stopping the flood of animunculi coming from the Halls of Fabrication.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 036
Halls of Fabrication Conqueror

Defeat the Assembly General in Veteran Halls of Fabrication.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 038
Halls of Fabrication Vanquisher

Defeat the Assembly General after empowering it by resetting the circuit breaker in Veteran Halls of Fabrication.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 043
Kill Process

Defeat one Hunter-Killer Fabricant while the other still has at least half of its health remaining, before defeating the remaining Fabricant in Veteran Halls of Fabrication.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 041
Like Clockwork

Complete Veteran Halls of Fabrication after resetting the circuit breaker and empowering the Assembly General, all within 40 minutes of entering Abanabi Cave and without suffering a group member death.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 046
Planned Obsolescence

Defeat the Refabrication Committee in Veteran Halls of Fabrication without ever allowing the Reclaimer to overcharge a Ruined Factotum.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 044
Power House

Defeat the Pinnacle Factotum without ever using energy from the generator to break a Refabricated Sphere’s shield, in Veteran Halls of Fabrication.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 042
Refabricant Slayer

Defeat 100 Calefactors, Capacitors, or Dissectors in the Veteran Halls of Fabrication.

ESO In-Game Icon Quest Book 001
Refabricated Style Master

Learn every chapter in the Refabricated style book, found in the Halls of Fabrication Trial.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 027
Scholar of Seht’s Mysteries

Discover all the notes scattered throughout the Halls of Fabrication.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 040
Stress Tested

Complete Veteran Halls of Fabrication after resetting the circuit breaker and empowering the Assembly General, all without suffering a group member death.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 048
Terminal Terminator

Defeat the Assembly General in Veteran Halls of Fabrication without letting any Terminals complete their activation sequence.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 037
Time Trial:  Halls of Fabrication

Complete Veteran Halls of Fabrication within a time limit of 40 minutes. Your trial begins when you enter Abanabi Cave beneath Tel Fyr.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfel 039
Well-Oiled Machine

Complete Veteran Halls of Fabrication without suffering a group member death.

Halls of Fabrication Leads

There are currently no leads located in the Halls of Fabrication.

Final Note

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