Dragonstar Arena Guide

Only the strongest and bravest warriors dare to face the challenges of the Dragonstar Arena.

Dragonstar Arena is a four-person arena in the game The Elder Scrolls Online. The arena consists of various areas each with its own challenges and enemies.  In this guide, I shall explain the mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing the arena’s bosses.

Dragonstar Arena Location

Dragonstar Arena is located in the northwestern region of Craglorn.  Travel northwest from the Dragonstar Wayshrine to reach Dragonstar Arena.  You can also access Dragonstar Arena specifically on your Craglorn map.

Inside Dragonstar Arena

Dragonstar Arena is a ten-level arena with ten bosses.  The enemies in this arena include Fighters Guild Gladiators, wamasus, House Dres Templars, and werewolves.

Arena 1:  Dragonstar Arena – Champion Marculd

This boss is pretty straightforward, the tank should keep agro on the boss at all times while blocking the heavy stuff. The group should always remain BEHIND the boss or they will be hit with a nasty area of effect abilities. This can be a fairly mobile fight so the tank has to pay close attention to potential repositioning of the boss throughout!

Heavy Attack – As simple as it sounds, this heavy attack will knock you down and do HIGH physical damage. The tank needs to be sure to BLOCK this attack. If a dps or healer is hit with this they should try to dodge roll on time to avoid it, or block it and hope they don’t take a one-shot. This should generally ALWAYS be on the tank. So be sure your taunt does not fall off!

Dawnbreaker – The boss will cast a frontal aoe Dawnbreaker attack, very similar to the player version of it. This will do HUGE damage and apply a knockdown. The tank should block this or simply stand out of it but the group(dps and healer) should NOT get hit with this. It can potentially one-shot anyone who is not a tank or is unprepared for it. Since this is of course frontal aoe, it stands to reason that the tank must ALWAYS keep the boss turned AWAY from the group!

ADDS – There will be adds spawning in the fight. The first wave spawns with the boss, the second spawns at 75% of the boss’s health, and the 3rd at 40%.  The adds are all different from each other.  You will have dual wield types, casters, healers, and two-handers. These are small adds and easy to kill if they are controlled so the tank should bring them into where the boss is and cc them in position while the group kill them with aoe (or focus them individually, depending on the group set up and dps output). The healers need to be interrupted to prevent healing and the two-handers MUST be blocked if they heavy attack anyone. They hit very hard and can one-shot an unsuspecting player!  They also need to be interrupted if they start charging up a circular aoe around them. The burst if it succeeds will do HIGH damage.

In the last pack, you must be extra careful, there is an add with a sword and shield with a flag on his back. THIS MUST be FOCUSED. He has nasty breath aoe attacks and very large hard hitting heavy attacks. The tank needs to grab this asap and the group should prioritize the target at all costs.

Circle of Protection – The boss will occasionally cast a Circle Of Protection on the floor. It is CRUCIAL that the tank notices this. The circle will buff the boss with resistances and rapidly heal the boss while standing in it, as well as ANY adds. You MUST as the tank, keep the boss OUT of this circle at all times otherwise it is going it be an extremely long fight!

SIMPLE NOTES:  Keep the boss still, and turned away from the group. Pull adds into where the boss is and focus adds until they are down.  Every time you see a circle of protection, reposition the boss.

Arena 2:  The Frozen Ring – Yavin Frost-Skin & Katti Ice-Turner

This boss is simple but there are some rather nasty additions to the fight which must be paid attention to. One is ranged and one is melee, so the tank must understand how to manipulate ranged vs agro. Ranged targets will only ever come TO the tank if the ranged target cannot reach them (it will chase until in range). Melee however will always follow very close.

SO the trick to this fight is to taunt BOTH bosses, BUT, put the Melee boss as close as possible to the Ranged one. Not the other way around (good tanks know this, new tanks will need practice). Keep them as close as possible to each other and at all costs, keep them faced AWAY from the group.  The dps/healer players should always stay on the enemy’s back, not the front! Focus the mage down FIRST she is your main priority!

Bonfire – It is essential that you follow the base mechanics of the arena while on this fight. If you have gotten this far you have already re-lit the bonfire at least twice. If this boss fight goes on for too long the fire WILL go out and you will have to light it again, pay attention to this mechanic else everyone will freeze to death.

ADDS – There are many adds in this fight at around 50% of the combined boss’s health bar and again at around 26%, and the tank will have a hard time controlling them all. So people need to first of all not panic! Don’t run around like a headless chicken, dodge, and block as and when required, and stay focused.

The adds will need to be taken care of so have plenty of aoe down on the ground to help deal with them and focus individuals based on the importance and danger of the enemy you are facing.

Archers are your number 1 priority. The tank needs to chain these in and pin them asap and they must be killed, they have huge damage and can be a real problem if left alive too long. Trolls are easy to deal with simply hold them still as a tank and everyone else stays out of their face.  Melee enemies and casters are general trash so not too bad but the one with the flag on his back MUST be focused. If he heavy attacks players they will die unless they block. So be careful and keep your eyes open!

Katti Ice-Turner (Destruction Staff Skills)

Ice Root – She will cast a channeled ability, normally at the tank or whoever has aggro, which needs to be interrupted. If not interrupted she will cast a ground projected aoe and the player affected will take HIGH single-hit damage and be rooted in ice. You will have to dodge roll out of this or wait for it to expire. As dps/healers you do NOT want to be hit by this so keep your eyes on her at all times and be ready to interrupt her!

Ice Wall – Katti will occasionally cast an ice wall of elements on the ground, this can do high damage over time and also slow you down/immobilize you. This is presented with a large strip type aoe on the ground (much like a charge ability) and should be avoided.

Storm – At low health she will cast a large circular aoe around her dealing high ice damage over time, simply stay out of this until it is over or until she is dead.

Yavni Frost-Skin (Two-Hander Skills)

Heavy Attack/Uppercut – This boss is very simple, he hits HARD and has a lot of basic attacks. The main one to avoid is his heavy attack. he will try to uppercut whoever has aggro (should be the tank) This MUST be blocked else you will be thrown into the air and backward!

Cleave – As well as basic attacks he will cleave occasionally. This is a fast-paced frontal aoe attack. This doesn’t cause TOO much of a problem damage wise but dps and healers should avoid it if possible.  Simply stay out of the boss’s face!

Arena 3:  The Marsh – Nak’tah & Shilia

This arena is a pain but as described and demonstrated in the video there are of course ways to coordinate with your group to make this very simple and almost foolproof when it comes to the poison. The boss however can get a little tricky especially since one of them is ranged and likes to run around and teleport. So the tank and the group must NOT panic and must focus on controlling themselves and the enemy. You can tank them where they spawn but that is VERY risky for when the poison comes up and most will die to it so below if you don’t favor the stacking on the spawn point I will explain a safer positioning.

The tank should try to taunt both bosses and run toward the east spawn area. This will put the ranged boss on the corner. Once the boss is there, walk back IN again and hold it there while stacking the melee on top of it. This corner is SAFE from all large poison bursts in the room (so no poison one-shots!).  The group should focus down the Mage/caster boss FIRST. The melee is very easy to position, the mage is tricky.

Stranglers – The 4 corners of the room have stranglers and during the fight, they will pull people across the room to their position. If you are pulled during a poison burst and you go THROUGH the poison in transit, you will die. SO, it is a lot easier if a dps goes around and kills these stranglers as and when they appear. They don’t have a lot of health so shouldn’t be too difficult to dispatch. Leaving them alive however can be a mess, so be careful, and remember the lines between the corners to avoid the poison. There are safe spots as explained in the video!

ADDS! – At around 53% there will be adds spawning in the room. These can get tricky so be sure you have plenty of AOE down on the ground. They don’t have a lot of health but they can overwhelm you if you are not careful.

The wizards need to be chained in and interrupted while they are alive else they will put massive aoes on the floor and your group will have a hard time surviving.  Nerids need to be focused asap! They are your priority targets!

Wamasu – The wamasu will spawn at between 40-45% health of the boss’s combined hp. You MUST focus this down. The tank should bring it into the group and turn it away. All dps/healers should stay behind it at all times. It has a frontal aoe and nasty shock damage attacks so kill this as soon as possible regardless of the other enemies in the room. If this stays alive for too long you will have problems.

Nak’Tah (Storm Calling Skills)

Streak – This boss is slippery, SOMETIMES, this boss likes to be in the face of people, and will streak away OR streak into melee range. So once positioned, running away is a pain, but when NOT positioned, it can sometimes land where you want it. However, if this happens, the group MUST stand behind it. A BIG attack is coming and only the tank should try to stand in it…

Overload! – As you may have guessed this boss is a sorcerer, and it has sorcerer abilities. IF the boss gets close it will decide sometimes to cast Overload! It will emit a HUGE widespread cone channeling high lightning damage while the effect is active. The tank can stand and block this, all dps/healers should stay OUT of this or pretty much die.

Lightning Form – Just like the sorcerer class, this boss can go into lightning form. Resistance is up and also standing TOO close will make you take shock damage each second. You can still reach with melee while standing outside of this aoe as it is quite small, but you do not want to stand inside of it for long periods of time.

Liquid Lightning – The boss will cast a mid-sized circular aoe on the ground which does lightning damage over time, do NOT stand in this.

Shilia (Dual Wield Skills)

Cripple – This boss will cast/channel for a couple of seconds and requires an interrupt. failure to interrupt will cripple a player stunning them to the ground (they will have to break free) and applying bleed damage over time to them. Interrupt this mechanic and it won’t be a problem!

Spin To Win! – The boss will occasionally cast steel tornado (spin hitting all targets in aoe). While it looks dangerous, he really doesn’t hit that hard. You can block it, or heal through it.

SIMPLE NOTES:  Stay together, hold both bosses together, interrupt when required, focus adds especially the wamasu, and if required send someone out to kill the stranglers. The tank holds stuff turned away, dps hits stuff in the back. Hug the corner so you don’t get poison aoe’d to death (safe spot).

Arena 4:  The Slave Pit – Earthen Heart Knight

This boss can either be a piece of cake or a hot mess. It purely depends on your group’s ability to understand the mechanics and coordinate. The tank should of course taunt and hold the boss as still as possible at all times while turning the boss away from the group, BUT this is a fairly mobile fight if you want to be safe and efficient. So the tank will have to reposition the boss occasionally depending on what is happening in the room. Relax and focus, and don’t drop the boss!

House Dres Enslaver  – These are KEY! They will put a white beam on a player of their choice. The beam will do HIGH damage over time so healing will be required. After the beam has finished it will pop and an Enslaver Shadow will appear at the feet of the player affected.

The trick to this is control. IF you are a player that has a beam on them, run to the edge of the map (wall corner whatever) and wait out the beam. Once it is finished, dodge roll and get back to the group. THIS deliberately PLACES the shadows around the edges keeping them OFF the group.

Each House Dres Enslaver should be killed. This is where the tank comes in. If the tank simply stacks the boss on them. They can be killed with AOE. failing that, if it is not convenient, kill the add, then go back to the boss. This will be fairly fast-paced though so you must pay attention.

NOTE:  The Enslaver drops a Shadow after the beam finishes (placement is key) but if you KILL it before the beam is over, it will drop it where you are, and that COULD be in the group. CAREFUL!

Enslaver Shadow  – These are what spawn from the beams. They spin a sword around violently on repeat in a circular aoe. If you are caught in this you can die in as little as two ticks of damage. So when you drop these off at the sides you MUST get out of their way fast, do NOT stand in the aoe, and if these get dropped in the group, stay away!

Do not bother trying to kill these, they have high health and you will get overwhelmed by the time you have killed them. So simply, drop them off at the edges and ignore them. Watch your feet.

ADDS  – These spawn at around 70% and 30%, they are minor annoyances. A mage and a kwama type each time. They generally die pretty fast to aoe damage but be sure to kill them as soon as you see them so they don’t cause too many complications.

Fossilize  – The boss of course is a Dragonknight and has Dragonknight abilities from the earthen heart skill line. One of which is fossilize. The boss will pick one random target and incase them in stone. This can be dodge rolled, but if caught, simply break free.

Eruption  – The boss will cast a small circular aoe on the ground which will do flame damage over time for a short time. Unlike the player variation of it, this does NOT last 18 seconds. It is fairly fast. Simply stay out of it.

Igneous Shield  – The boss will occasionally put on a damage shield, simply keep damaging the boss to break it, or wait until it has run out. Nothing stressful here really.

BASH – The boss will attack with a massive spinning bash at the tank (or whoever has agro, should be the tank ) Simply block this attack. If you fail you will be knocked down and take high damage. Also getting knocked back here is very risky based on all of the aoe in the room you could be thrown into. So be sure to NOT miss the block!

SIMPLE NOTES:  Tank stacks the boss on the Enslavers. Enslaver-beamed players should move to the edges and drop off shadows (do not bother killing shadows). Priority is Enslaver kill first, boss kill second.

Arena 5:   The Celestial Ring – Anal’a Tu’wha

This boss is simple but does involve a little repositioning if you want to be “safe”. The tank should hold the boss where he spawns, turn it away from the group, and the group should stay behind the boss at all times and watch for aoes.

Shadowcasters – There are TWO of these in the fight. And this is why the tank will need to reposition the boss. The first one is upon the start of the fight. So keep the boss still and focus this down while doing aoe to the boss at the same time. The shadow caster must be killed asap as explained and demonstrated in the video. If you don’t kill it in time and people get cursed…you must ALL individually find one glowing plate and stand on it to cleanse before you explode and die.

The second shadow cast appears on the west door of the arena at around 40% health of the boss and must also be focused. So simply kill the first one, and then move the boss to the other door for the rest of the fight.

ADDS! – The adds will spawn at health percentages of the boss’s health. The first wave is at 100% (shadowcaster and a gargoyle) remember as a tank you MUST turn the gargoyles away from the group and block their heavy attacks. Also, the gargoyle will slam the ground, when this happens, get out of the aoe until it is over, and then come back in again. Pretty easy to see.

The second wave is at around 78%, there will be an assassin, a two-hander, a scorpion, and a gargoyle. Simply stack these on the boss and kill them with aoe. Just be careful again to not get heavy attacked or stand in front of the gargoyle as a dps/healer, and watch for the two-hander heavy attacking the group.

The third add wave is actually a close-by pyromancer. While a lone add, this can hit incredibly hard. The tank needs to chain this in asap! If it gets a chance to channel,, you must interrupt it. If you fail, he will cast a straight line of flames across the floor and depending on resists and such can actually hit a dps with a one-shot. So careful!

BANNER! – The boss will drop a Dragonknight standard on the ground. inside this you will take MASSIVE flame damage over time, at all costs, do NOT stand in this!

Heavy Attack – This is very straightforward. The boss will uppercut the tank (or whoever has aggro). Be sure to block this or you will get knocked back and take HIGH damage.

Aura/Volatile Armor – The boss has a buff that surrounds him in a negative aura/aoe. Be sure to not touch this for prolonged periods of time. It does HIGH damage over time and will kill a dps/healer quickly. So while doing damage watch your distance. Melee can still reach from outside of it.

Breath – The boss is obviously a Dragonknight and has all that comes with it, he can breathe fire! This is a cone area of effect attack and all players caught in it will take damage over time flame damage. Be sure to keep the heals coming in case this happens, but generally, if you are not in the boss’s face you should be fine.

SIMPLE NOTES:  Tank the boss on the spot and kill the Shadowcaster and adds at the beginning. Once the shadow caster is down take the boss to the west door (or before 40% health) and kill the other shadow caster. KILL the boss while dealing with adds and stay out of the aoe. very simple fight for the most part.

Arena 6:  The Grove – Pishna Longshot

This boss is a lot simpler than it looks but you MUST pay attention to her animations. The tank should hold the boss where she spawns and the group should be in a formation that gives plenty of space. Everyone needs their OWN place to stand in far away from everyone else ( a solid triangle formation for the healer and dps). If you are stacked you CANNOT tell who she is going to attack, spread out! It doesn’t matter if you are melee or ranged, what DOES matter is that you do not stack. This is clearly demonstrated in the video. The formation is key.

Draining Shot! – This is the primary reason you MUST stay out of your group member’s faces. If you are in a triangular formation, (dps and healers) you can CLEARLY see which person she is aiming at. She will pick a target at random and wind up a long channeled shot. If you are the player targeted, you must do a well-timed dodge roll to avoid it. Failure to avoid it will do MASSIVE damage and completely drain your resources. If you stack, it is impossible to see who has this on them and people WILL die! The formation, focus, see the mechanic, and react!  Do NOT run away, if this series should have taught you anything by now it is that in THIS game, running does NOT save you.

Arrow Spray – This is a very simple long ranged cone aoe attack. If you see the telegraph for this simply step to one side to avoid it. Like many archers in the game, this ability can be avoided with little effort but if caught in it you will take HIGH damage over time.

ADDS – Adds will spawn at health percentages starting with the original spawn at 100%, the second wave is at around the 70% mark, and wave 3 is at 40%.

These adds are enemies you have seen already but you will be facing archers, werewolves, lurchers, and sprigains. Each one should be brought into the group and will for the most part die with aoe, but you should primary the lurcher since he is the roughest of the bunch. Be warned, however, do NOT dance around the room. If you do not position these well, they will be spread out and this is when things get messy. Spread-out kills are bad! The enemies drop a green circle on the floor, these circles replenish stamina per tick but also do MASSIVE damage. If they are all over the room they are hard to avoid. If they are all in one place they are easier to avoid. So control the adds and watch your feet, remember though, at all times keep your eyes on the boss and keep your formation!

SIMPLE NOTES:  Keep the boss in the middle, have a clean formation. Dodge roll if you have a shot aimed at you and kill the adds close to the boss controlled. DO NOT run around like a headless chicken.

Arena 7:  The Circle of Rituals – Dark Mage & Shadow Knight

These bosses are two things, very simple, and a NIGHTMARE! This is all about group coordination and understanding basic mechanics. The Tank should try to stack the knight on the mage at all times and keep a REALLY close eye on what they are doing. This fight requires a LOT of interrupts! Do NOT drop taunt!

Sacrifices – You have seen these already in this arena but now it is even MORE important to pay attention to them. North, west and east areas will have sacrifices appearing (two regular and one armored one). These MUST be primaried asap. If they are not killed before they get to the shrines, they will summon huge Daedra and you will have to fight them as well as the bosses. We are talking spider Daedra, Daedroths, and all manner of nastiness. Kill the sacrifices!

The first sacrifices will spawn at the beginning of the fight, so focus on them asap. The next waves will be at 70%, 50%, and again at between 15-18% health of the total boss health bar.

ADDS – You will get adds in the room at health percentages of the full boss health bar during the fight. Around the 70% health area, you will get a Daedroth. He must be dealt with asap because he has some NASTY knockbacks, stuns, and breath attacks. He should be brought into the fight with the bosses, turned away from the group, and killed asap.

Also at 25%you will get a Clanfear and 2 Dremora in the room (one caster one sword and board) their attacks are nasty so if they heavy attack/cast/jump at you, you must block. The tank should pull these into the boss fight. At this stage, they should be fairly easy to dispatch with aoe BUT if you are struggling, focus them down and get them out of the way fast.

Dark Mage (Dark Magic Skills)

Negate Bubble – The boss has a negate bubble and it is NOT friendly! Stay OUT of this at all costs. It will stun people, negate magic users from using their abilities, do damage over time, and basically wipe the group if you stay in it.  Be sure to save your ultimates until AFTER this has gone else your ultimates will be negated/removed.

Crystal Shard – The boss will channel a hard-cast Crystal shard! This hits incredibly hard, knocks down, and can borderline one-shot a dps/healer. This is focused on a random target and MUST be interrupted!

Daedric Mines – The boss will surround herself with Daedric Mines. If you stand in them they will explode, and stun you. Try not to stand in them. BUT, if a tank has mist form, it can run around the boss in one swift circle and make them all pop (removing the problem).

Magic Bomb – The boss will channel an ability with her staff in the air and when finished will cast a massive magicka damage-based bomb that will land on the ground and explode in large area of effect. This MUST be interrupted!

Burst/Explosion – The boss will levitate and channel up an ability which if successful will burst in aoe damage. This MUST be interrupted!

Shadow Knight (Dawn’s Wrath Skills)

Heavy Attack – This is a very simple visual, a heavy attack will be wound up at the tank (or whoever has agro) simply block this to prevent huge damage and knock back.

NOVA! – This must be avoided at all costs! Not only does the dark mage have a negate bubble but this guy has a Nova! If he places this, get OUT of it as soon as possible, it does MASSIVE damage.

Vampire’s Bane/Reflected Light – The boss will cast a single target damage over time on players which will do high damage. This needs to be healed through or purified/cleansed.

Purifying Light – The boss will cast purifying light on a player stacking up damage over time to pop in a burst of damage after 6 seconds, just like the Templar ability players have. Once it has popped it will leave a heal on the ground for the boss to heal with. Keep him away from whatever target has this effect on them if possible so he doesn’t heal.

Dark Flare – The boss will channel and cast a single target shot at a player of his choice. Interrupt this to avoid it from happening.

SIMPLE NOTES:  Always primary the sacrifices as soon as they are spawned. Focus the Mage and make sure you interrupt EVERYTHING! After the mage is dead, focus down the Knight while avoiding the nova and killing adds. The fight is a lot easier once the mage is dead!

Arena 8:  The Steamworks – Mavus Talnarith

This boss is a lot simpler than it looks and it is all about pace. However over-nuking or lack of care and attention can result in a very fast WIPE. The tank needs to taunt and hold the boss still at all times and the group needs to spread out and find their OWN space.

Ice Comet/Meteor – The boss will pick a random target and fire a Meteor at them. DO NOT dodge roll, this is why you stay apart, to see who has it on them. When it is in transit you will see a circle of dots at your feet. When you see this, BLOCK! Once it lands, THEN move away from the aoe left over on the floor.

Volcanic Rune – The boss will cast runs on the ground. Do not stand in these. If you do, they will pop, and you will be flung in the air and take HUGE flame damage.

Fire Trail – The boss will channel and cast a fire trail across the ground. This will wipe out a dps/healer in one shot if they stand in it, so watch your feet. However this ability CAN be interpreted, so bash/interrupt him asap to avoid this mechanic!

ADDS – The boss does have some basic adds. These should be focused to get them off the field, they have nasty flame and heavy attacks and you do not want to keep them alive while dealing with upcoming mechanics.  Two mages will spawn with him at 100%, a two-hander will spawn at 80%. Be sure to deal with these, they are a BIG problem if they go loose.

CENTURIONS! – This is why you do NOT want to nuke the boss. Two waves of centurions spawn in this fight. One at 80% and one at 40%. If you try to nuke you could be overrun by too much going on at once.

The red ones will spin at random players, the yellow ones will try to cleave and the blue ones will fire shots in the air which put a curse on two players at random. THIS is where it gets tricky. That mechanic from the blue one MUST be interrupted!

If you fail to interrupt the blue Centurion, one player will get an ice aoe around them and another a fire aoe around them. These two players must stack on top of each other perfectly as fast as possible and STAY together until the aoes pop.

Stacked like this they will negate each other’s aoe and it will disappear. If you FAIL to do this both players will blow up and die.  So, interrupt the blue Centurion and this never needs to be a problem!

SIMPLE NOTES:  Fight the boss till 80% and then kill the Centurions (interrupt the blue one).  Repeat again at 40%. The rest of the time, stay in formation, spread out, and BLOCK Ice Comets. After 40% if all adds are dead, it is just “kill him!”.

Arena 9:  Crypts of the Lost – Vampire Lord Thisa

This boss is actually quite simple but does have an unusual mechanic, one you should have seen already before this fight. The tank should grab the boss from her spawn point and hold her near the gate. Turn her away from the group and the rest of the group should always stay behind her while watching their feet!

Bat Swarm – The boss will cast a bat swarm (same as the player ultimate for vampire skill line) It has a HUGE area of effect, and only lasts about 5 seconds, but if you are hit you will damage yourself and heal HER. So avoid this at all costs. The more people in the aoe, the more health she gets back.

Heavy Attack – The boss will heavy attack the tank (or whoever has aggro) to avoid this simply BLOCK it. If you do not, you will be knocked down.

ADDS – There are skeletons and wraith adds in this fight that must be dealt with. The tank should be sure to taunt and position them at all times and the group needs to kill them as a priority. The wrath specifically must go down fast. It has nasty ice attacks that CAN be interrupted but if not will cause one-shots to the dps players and possibly the healer.  These spawn at the beginning while the boss spawns with 100% health, then again at 40% so keep your eyes open.

BANNER! – The vampire IS a Dragonknight and DOES drop a Dragonknight standard. If this happens, get out asap or die! It does huge damage over time and you do not want to be stuck in it.

Jumping Spin Attack – The boss will occasionally erupt into flames and do a massive jumping spinning attack with her shield at the tank. This can be blocked but is AOE too so others around should also block or be knocked down.

Mist Form – The boss will appear as though she has turned into mist/smoke. During this phase, she will do aoe damage to the group and take a MASSIVE reduction to damage. Don’t waste all your good stuff while she is in mist form.  Nuke her when she comes out of it instead!

Volatile Armor – Very much like round 5, this boss has a buff that surrounds her with negative damage effects, try not to stand IN the aoe if you can help it. It isn’t particularly large in size, but the damage output is high.

Rubyn Jonnicent and Zackael Jonnicent – These two are very hard hitters. The tank needs to grab them ASAP! One is a stam sorc with a two-hander so will come in close and must be blocked if he heavy attacks. The other is a mag sorc and does long-range crystal shards which must be interrupted or players will take one-shots. They cannot be hit for more than “1” damage per attack while their ghosts exist (separate linked entity).

When these guys are in the room, BOTH dps should jump into one of the pits (the stuff you are meant to avoid with the hands coming out). When this happens the healer and the tank will be left upstairs. The tank needs to position the new adds ready for when the dps come back to the fight, while the healer keeps him/her up.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the two dps encounter the ghosts/spirits of the enemies plus a couple of other harder adds. You must kill these, not die and then come through the portal once they are down. The portal will put you back upstairs.  NOW that the spirits are dead, the adds can be hit for full damage and MUST be focused!

SIMPLE NOTES:  Tank keeps the boss faced away from the groups and brings adds close with her. The group spreads out and stays out of aoe. When the Jonnicents come in, two dps go downstairs to kill ghosts and come back up to finish the job.

Arena 10:  The Champion’s Arena – Hiath the Battlemaster

This boss has been talking to you the whole time you have been in VDSA and finally, you get to kill him! BUT there are some complicated yet simple at the same time…mechanics. This can go extremely smoothly, or horribly wrong. Yes, there are many cheese videos out there on how to cheat the mechanics (which let’s face it usually end in tears with multiple wipes trying to get it right…but I am here to EXPLAIN how the actual “mechanics” are designed and work!

SO, everyone go to the end of the map where he spawns. There is an open plane-type area and the tank should hold him in the MIDDLE of it. while the rest of the group make a nice semi-circle behind him. Everyone needs their own space.

FLAMES! – At beginning of the fight the boss will hit everyone with a flame ball attack. This will emit a flame circle under each player. What you need to do here is ALL go to 4 different safe corners (split up and stand around the edges) and survive. After a few seconds, the flame circle will pop, and drop on the floor, revealing a flame Atronach in EACH fire circle. The effect is no longer on you so get BACK in the middle in order to continue the fight.

NOTE:  This seems to be on a timer (60-75 seconds apart) but above all just notice when it has happened and go PLACE your own aoe out of the way of the group. There are 3 major islands in this arena so use all the islands if you need to (if you get overwhelmed.

Flame Atronachs – As noted above, each flaming aoe will spawn an Atronach. The tank should chain these into the fight with the main boss and the group should focus them down. They only have 500k hp each so a couple of ultimates should be more than enough of just aoe damage if you are in a high damage group. Relax, don’t run away, they are really not as scary as they look!

Heavy Attack – The boss will vanish for a second and come out of stealth with a heavy attack. This must be blocked

Deadly Cloak – Very similar to deadly cloak, the boss buffs himself with a whirling aoe attached to him. This deals moderate damage to anyone caught inside. Watch your feet, don’t stand in it for too long or be sure to have heavy heals during it.

Soul Shred – Just like the Nightblade Ultimate, the boss will stun in area of effect when he jumps into the air. You will need to break free from this before he follows up with other attacks.

‘LOOK A Distraction!’ – The boss sometimes jumps over the tank like a ninja fairy! He has re-positioned.   Don’t panic, just keep a taunt up and get back into formation.

Steel Tornado – As well as his basic attacks he will sometimes throw out the odd steel tornado, hitting everyone within range with physical damage. Don’t panic, you can block it, or heal through it.

Cripple – The boss will channel a cripple effect which will stun the chosen target. If this hits you simply break free, but before that, you CAN interrupt it to completely avoid it.

Deep Breath/Suck In Mechanic – At 50% and 25% the boss will channel for about 3 seconds and do what is usually described as a massive “suck in” mechanic. He will pull players in close and then straight after EXPLODE in fire. This does HUGE damage so must be blocked/mitigated. After the hit, the healer needs to get people back to high health fast before he tries to finish people off with a steel tornado.

NOVA! – At around 40% the boss will throw down a NOVA. Get out of this asap! big damage over time and damage reduction will not help you. Reposition the boss out of the Nova and carry on as normal.

Haith’s Entourage

At health percentages, you will meet some familiar faces! Note during these spawns occasionally random Small fire mages can spawn at a distance, watch your feet, the fire across the floor hurts!

Champion Marcauld & Mavus Talnarith – At 75% these two bosses you have fought before will enter the fight. Stack them together and kill them as fast as you can. The tank should stack them all together and be sure not to drop taunts. The mage will require interrupts and the sword and board will need to be turned AWAY from the group (watch for Dawnbreakers!)

The key point to these adds was demonstrated very clearly in the video…If Marcauld puts a circle of protection on the ground, the tank must move ALL enemies OUT of it. Else as you clearly saw, he doesn’t just heal himself, he heals the BOSS! Marcauld (sword n board) should be your priority target, but both need to die.

Yavni Frost-Skin & Dark Mage – At 50% heath these two will enter the fight. Remember the Dark Mage has a negate bubble, mines, and all manner of nasty interruptible abilities. She is the danger and she MUST be focused down first. Same routine as before, tank stacks everything and turns it all away while the group focuses down the adds and keeps on interrupting, but the mage MUST die.

Earthen Heart Knight & Pishna Longshot – At 25% health these two bosses will span. Again the tank should stack them on the boss and turn them away from the group. Pishna should be your priority target but remember to avoid her aimed attacks! They drain resources!

SIMPLE NOTE:  Stack the boss and adds. Kill adds, Drop fire on the sides, come back in, and continue. Rinse repeat. Keep the boss out of the circle of protection and interrupt when necessary! 😉


Dragonstar Arena Loot

Below is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Dragonstar Arena.

Normal weapons can drop from the last boss of the arena on normal difficulty.  Perfected versions of the weapons only drop in Veteran difficulty modes.

Got the gear in the wrong traits?  Don’t worry!  You can alter the traits by either transmuting or reconstruct the piece with a trait of your choice.  For more information see the Introduction to Transmuting and Reconstructing article.

Builds That Use Dragonstar Arena Gear

Dragonstar Arena Achievements

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Boss 4
Dragonstar Arena Champion

Conquer all challengers and earn the title of Dragonstar Arena Champion!

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Veteran No Deaths Speed
Dragonstar Arena Conqueror

Conquer all challengers on the increased difficulty version of Dragonstar Arena.

Dragonstar Arena Leads

The following antiquity leads can be acquired in the Dragonstar Arena.

ESO In-Game Icon Antiquities Update 30 Mythic Ring Fragment 04

The Sturdy Silver Prongs is part of the Death Dealer’s Fete mythic item.

The dig zone for this lead is found in Blackwood.

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…