The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Preview

In the last week of March 2020, select content creators and members of the press were invited by Zenimax Online studios to an online private preview server to play test/preview the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online chapter, Greymoor!

During the week we had as much time as we liked (until the end of the week) in our own time to explore the current WIP (work in progress) chapter. We were then permitted to demonstrate what we had the chance to see/play with 10 mins worth of footage for the community to ALSO see and be excited for!

Antiquities - Scrying and Excavating

We got to have a really good look at the Antiquities system in its WIP state.  Here you get to SCRY and unlock locations of special dig sites where hidden treasures can be found!
You have to link the highlighted sections together by using a limited amount of turns to make a path through the patterns.

Some special abilities allow you to flip the patterns and unlock multiple paths at once, some allow for single clicks and some for mass areas. This is all still work in progress so subject to change before going live of course.

scry, antiquities, eso
Elder Scrolls Online , Greymoor: Scrying

Once you have successfully discovered the dig site you then have to search a given area of the map. If you locate the site correctly you can start digging!

digging, excavating
Elder Scrolls Online, Greymoor: Excavating

Here you enter a second mini-game where you are limited to turns and cost of abilities in order to uncover the treasure with different tools. There are sometimes MORE than one hidden item so you must be careful not to just spam because you MAY miss treasures!

Again note: This is all WIP and subject to changes.

Vampire Skill Line Changes

The Vampire has been completely reworked! Now it is intended that rather than JUST having passives (which you can still utilize) you are now actually capable of putting together multiple vampire abilities to play as a RAW vampire if you chose to. In testing i found many ways in which you could BE a vampire and mix it with your class, OR just go all in and be an undead nightmare!

The Elder Scrolls Online, Greymoor: Vampire Skill Line

There are 5 skills rather than 2 with a mixture of morphs and abilities and along side that there is of course a transformation ultimate where you will be able for the first time, to turn into a Blood Scion!

The vampire skill line (although massively WIP right now) already feels like it is a ROLE and potential play style rather than “just passives”. This is an exciting time for those that love the vampire lore.

vampire lord, vamp transformation, vampire ultimate
The Elder Scrolls Online, Greymoor: Vampire Ultimate

Along side of the abilities there are also different bonuses in the passives including the reversed vampire stages system. Before you would need to feed to lessen the vampire stages, NOW you NEED to feed in order to be more powerful (plus and minuses to this) which makes you a much more ACTIVE vampire.

Also one more excellent change…The justice system, you will NOW be penalized by the justice system for doing “vamp stuff” in public, much like that of the Necromancer skills. Bad evil stuff in public, is NAUGHTY!


The Elder Scrolls Online@ Harrowstorm

Much like the traditional dolmen type locations we are now presented with Harrowstorms!

These are directly tired to the year long story and are open events that players can interact with. These must be destroyed like the Dark Anchors but are FAR more challenging with lots more happening. Here you will see MANY familiar, and many NEW enemies.

The whole system of course is WIP but they are already amazing to look at. This is a great addition to the new chapter in comparison to last year’s roaming dragons!

Skyrim and Blackreach

Of course we are going to see Skyrim! We are visiting some VERY well known places from the original, The Elder Scrolls Online V: Skyrim however with a bit of a twist..We are 1000 years in the PAST! With Over 30+ hours worth of single player content, there is SO much to see!

skyrim, solitude, greymoor, eso
The Elder Scrolls Online, Greymoor: Solitude

We are going to visit famous places like Solitude, exploring the overland of western Skyrim and then we will also be visiting the underground dwellings of Blackreach! 

The Elder Scrolls Online, Greymoor: Blackreach

We finally get to actually have OVERLAND, UNDER the ground? That’s right this is no NORMAL cavern or delve, this is actual full explorable content/space designed to keep you away from the sun and engrossed in what his hidden in the deep caverns below.

This is no Delve, this is no dungeon, this IS actual open world, under the surface, and is the first time Zenimax Online Studios have done this for The Elder Scrolls Online!

blackreach, underground eso,
The Elder Scrolls Online, Greymoor: Blackreach Secrets

The underground content takes up about 60% of the entire chapter in terms of overall real estate, however the sheer size of the chapter overall is actually larger than ANY chapter we have seen to date. Making this the LARGEST chapter ever!

New Trial: Kyne's Aegis

As well as all of the content above we are also going to Kyne’s Aegis in the new Greymoor chapter. A remote Island off of western Skyrim, where you will have to uncover the secrets of the land and put a stop to the evil on goings that have started to plague and infect the land.


greymoor trial, eso new trial
Elder Scrolls Online, Greymoor: New Trial Kyne's Aegis

This is a 12 man trial going forwards with some recent successful features and also backwards with some previous successful styles for design.
The community loved the individual hard modes, and at the same time the community seem to love heavy mechanics and FULL trials without the split up left or right stuff we saw in Sunspire.

This trial has the best of both! A Linear Design from start to finish, lots of adds and encounters and at the same time an individual hard mode for EACH boss!

Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Collectors Edition

The developers listened to their supporters and found that the majority of the players out there anticipated a physical collectors edition and Zenimax/Bethesda finally pulled through with a brand new statue and collectors version of Greymoor available NOW!

eso, statue, vampire
Greymoor physical collector's edition

As usual too there will be in game items that you can get for the physical and digital collectors editions of the Elder Scrolls Online chapter.  These in the form or Mounts, pets, and other in game shinnies. Check out the link for more information, and yes these are available NOW! Order Your Copy Today!