Loot Finder - Giveaway Game!

Want to get free stuff, literally for FREE!!?

Game codes for all servers for ESO crowns, ESO plus, Purple Chicken pets and many more varied in game giveaways will be available for players of the Elder Scrolls online, OR potential NEW players not currently playing! Perhaps you would like to TRY it out? What better way than to actually Win a copy of the game right?

Not to mention of course REAL life prizes that can be delivered to your DOOR! Including game pads, keyboards, mice, amazon vouchers, other game codes, Official Xynode Gaming LTD® merch, even some VERY expensive gaming and streaming loot! Keep your eyes peeled for BIG giveaways every week!

All you need to do is register, and click a single co-ordinate spot on the game screen to guess where you think the prize is. It really is as simple as that! Closest guess wins!
You’ve Seen BotB now it’s time for Loot Finder, and it is 100% free! Let’s go!

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NOTE: Be sure to use a recognized, everyday use email address (ending with .com, .co.uk, etc.) Obscure ones (like jebobber@joebooba.jebob) will not work!
All games will finish at Midnight UK time of the designated finish day!

Any issues be sure to message Support@Xynodegaming.com