The Elder Scrolls Online: The Gates Of Oblivion!

That’s right people! At The Game Awards shown live on 10th December 2020 Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks released their Teaser trailer for the next section of content for the Elder Scrolls Online!

Not only do we see the plains of Oblivion but a rather famous being reveals themselves within what looks like a dream. Mehrunes Dagon is coming to ESO!

Are we getting a Daedra trial? Skill line? new class? WHO KNOWS but the hype is most certainly real.
The trailer raised hairs on the arms of ESO players around the world showing just how impactful this game really is in the MMORPG genre of today.

It is noted at the end of the video and on the Elder Scrolls Online website that The Gates Of Oblivion will be formally announced WITH details of the upcoming content on the date of 21st January 2021!

This is an exciting time and literally thousands of us cannot wait! Enjoy the trailer!