Fury - Stamina Dragonknight PVP Build

This particular build wasn’t set for release, more of a personal set-up BUT during the Midyear mayhem event in the live streams, this was so popular and i had so many requests that I HAD to release a video. The build is a full berserker!!!

The fury is incredible for PVP as you would expect of course with it being a PVP set but this is where it excels..
The more critical damage you take the more weapon damage you start to add to yourself. You buff by 30 weapon damage  stacking 25 times lasting 6 seconds. Of course 6 seconds doesn’t sound a lot but like many other sets in the game, that 6 second timer resets every time you are hit (critical hit) within that time limit, meaning so long as you keep getting hit (or taking dot damage that crits) your weapon damage will go up and up and stay there. The only time you loose this is when you stop taking damage. This effectively gives you an increased 750 weapon damage when you are right in there!

That is a lot of additional weapon damage and that is not including the weapon/spell damage glyph for a further almost 350! Also your Masters Bow adds an additional 301 weapon damage to the target with Poison Injection on it…That’s a lot of additional damage, you must get stuck in!

A lot of people use shuffle in PVP for the dodge chance but we do not, instead we JUST buff our resistances with volatile armour and crit resistance gear and cp’s. Based on the above if this is not obvious, it is because we must get hit in order to return that huge damage!

Damage wise, there is something very important to running down your targets. Poison Injection of course is a massive poison DOT which must always be on the target not just for the damage itself but for the execute power…the lower the target’s health the stronger it gets!
HOWEVER above all, and this is VERY important…Lethal Arrow MUST be on the target. If you don’t hit them with it, you will not hit them with minor defile (reduces their healing received by 30%.

If you don’t have major defile on them you are probably wasting your time. So many people in pvp have ridiculous healing and you will run out of juice way before they do and you will loose. You must de-buff them and then go nuts on the damage!

Lethal Arrow, Poison Injection, switch bars, crit rush (guaranteed critical damage but a great gap closer) then heavy attack and hopefully by then execute. The methods to this depend on the target of course, some require  some dizzying swing spamming, but above all you must make sure that your Lethal Arrow connects. It makes a huge difference between winning and loosing that kill!

Heavy attack does as much damage as dizzying swing if not more in some situations, of course be sure to have molten armaments active for 40% increase to those hits. Then doing a heavy attack of course grants 2x bonuses…Bonus number 1 is of course it returns stamina, bonus number 2 is that in the 2hander passives, IF you connect with a heavy attack , you next ability is increased by 10% damage…so Heavy first Execute (Reverse Slice) second. You will get the most damage from this and of course both the Heavy Attack from the two hander + Reverse Slice does aoe splash damage, meaning you are right in there hitting EVERYONE!

Now to Heem-jas…A very unusual set and rarely used by most. This set contributes nicely to our base stats for sure but its main perk is that if any enemy (yes trash/npcs too) dies within 28meters, YOU gain major berserk for 3 seconds increasing your damage by 25%!!
This is crazy damage and to take down multiple targets is very strong, the more death around you, the more you cause. So, you can add some tactical play to this especially when near enemy npcs. If you kill a guard while someone is slapping you about, the second the body hits the ground you get a massive boost and the person pressuring you with their damage just received a nasty surprise! 🙂

Finally, staying alive…keep Vigor up if you need to, along side Rally. Rally is a heal every 2 seconds but the longer it is active, the bigger the heal you receive from it for recasting it. Try to time that to your advantage.

Finally the ultimates…if you have enough ultimate (200) Corrosive Armour will grant you “god mode” basically you only take 3% of your max health in damage per hit no matter what hits you, and you ignore all resistances on the targets you hit for 10.8 seconds. However if you are in fast paced brawls, nothing is better than a Batman moment!! Take flight is amazing, high damage, huge gap closer, and mass aoe knock downs. Do not leave home without it, and take FULL advantage of the heem-jas proc if you can before casting it! 25% increased damage from batman is insane! Not to mention our bloodspawn set is now a full set due to Summerset making 2hander weapons count as two pieces, so our ultimate gain is now HUGE! 

  • High damage

  • Risk for reward berserker type playstyle

  • Sustain with your own ability to pace your skills, use them correctly and HEAVY ATTACK!

  • high critical resistance

  • The more damage you take the harder you hit BACK!

  • BLOODTHIRSTY! If things die, you get stronger!

  • No cheesy ! I did a light attack and won” proc sets, this is all down to you:)


2 hander

1) Crit Rush
2) Dizzying Swing
3) Venom Claw
4) Rally
5) Reverse Slice
Ultimate – Take Flight – aka BATMAN!


1) Resolving Vigor
2) Poison Injection
3) Hardened/volatile armour
4) Molten Armaments/Igneous shields
5) Lethal Arrow
Ultimate – Corrosive Armour

Champion points

  • 23 Thaumaturge
  • 50 Piercing
  • 66 Master at Arms
  • 25 Physical Weapons Expert
  • 23 Precise Strikes
  • 64 Mighty
  • 19 blessed
  • 75 Tenacity
  • 75 Mooncalf
  • 44 Warlord
  • 56 Tumbling
  • 20 Befoul
  • 11 quick recovery
  • 37 hardy
  • 37 elemental defender
  • 48 thick skinned
  • 72 ironclad
  • 40 Resistant
  • 25 Expert Defender

Lower Champion Points

If you are lower than maximum champion points do NOT worry! This will work no matter what and of course the more cps you get the more effective it will be, however some hints on what to do at lower cps. I get questions about 300cps, 401 cps, 12 cps? we could be here all day but here are somethings i personally would recommend to prioritize in your damage areas..

Firstly be sure to get 30 points into Mighty, this will allow you access to the 9% critical chance passive and give you a good base for physical/poison/disease damage across the board. Then get 40 points into Thaumaturge to start getting that dot bonus for your skills bonus before then pushing for master at arms and physical weapons expert. . After that push for piercing while evening out your cps until you hit maximum.

As far as the resists are concerned (red trees) get 11 points into quick recovery asap for the res bonus passive and then from there push your critical Ironclad and Resistant bonuses up while balancing your resists between hardy, elemental defender and thick skinned until you have a good even base. Remember in PVP you get hit with a LOT of direct damage, so Ironclad is essential!

For the green trees be sure to spread your cc and survivability first! So Warlord, Tumbling and Shadow Ward are very important. In the mean time balance your cps for Tenacity and Mooncalf until you are comfortable. Recovery is of course key but so is your ability to break and get out of trouble, so get those costs down fast.

Poisons, Potions & Food

Potions really are up to you but they DO offer immunity to cc and recovery bonus while give a burst of stamina/health back at the same time.

Food is very simple, the highest level food you can consume with 2 stats only, MAX health and MAX stamina. There are 3 variations of recipes but all are the same in the stats they give so your choice which one you use.

Immovable Potions – Mountain Flower + Columbine + wormwood + Lorkhan’s​ Tears

Drain Heath Poisons – Nightshade + Nirnroot + Fleshfly Larvae + Alkehest

Food – Sticky Pork And Radish Noodles – White Meat(1) + Radish(2) + Flour(3)
          Garlic Cod with Potato Crust – Fish(1) + Potato(2) + Garlic(3)
          Braised Rabbit with Spring Vegetables – Small Game(1) + Greens(2) + Seasoning(3)
          Dubious Camoran Throne – White Meat(1) + Insect Parts(1) + Guts(1) + Beetle Scuttle(3

Gear Setup

Below is a chart showing the overall gear set-up, noting the optimal set requirements in terms of weight, enchants & traits!

We are using the Lover mundus stone but you can use warrior or serpent if you prefer.

We are an Orc but other races are also usable. Redguard or Imperial are good substitutes, also some people like the khajiit.


Gear Locations