Fungal Grotto I Dungeon Guide

These extensive caverns in the volcanic rock beneath Stonefalls were once used for unknown purposes by the ancient Chimer, but were abandoned by the Elves long ago.Now they are the haunt of Goblins and other denizens of the underworld.

Fungal Grotto I is a four-person dungeon in the game The Elder Scrolls Online. The dungeon consists of various rooms and corridors, each with its own challenges and enemies. Fungal Grotto I can be accessed at Level 10.  In this guide, I shall explain the mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing the dungeon’s bosses.

Fungal Grotto I Location

Fungal Grotto I is located in the western region of Stonefalls.  Travel west from the Iliath Temple Wayshrine to reach the Fungal Grotto I and II.  You can also access Fungal Grotto I specifically by using the Dungeon Finder.

Inside Fungal Grotto I

Fungal Grotto I is a one-level dungeon with five bosses and one quest.  The enemies in this dungeon include Murkwater warriors, dreugh, and swarming mudcrabs.

King of the Grotto

I met a group of Dark Elves in the Fungal Grotto. They want to reach a shrine within the caves. A tribe of hostile Goblins occupies most of the area, pushing out a colony of dreugh. The two fighting sides block access to the rest of the cave.

Completing King of the Grotto

You will need to defeat the War Chief Ozozai and lead the Golbins while driving the dreugh out of the cave.  Ultimately you will need to defeat the Dreugh King.  Speak to Vila Theran to complete this quest.  Completing this quest will reward you with gold, a skill point, and Vila’s Recompense, part of the Spider Cultist Cowl armor set.

Fungal Grotto I Boss Mechanics

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Tazkad the Packmaster

This boss has a little army with him, they are not too tough but you are going to need to get your tank to first of all grab the boss and then pull the additional enemies as close to him as possible.

The 2 archers can be interrupted if they attempt to fire off their acid spray-type ability and the 3 Durzogs can usually be dispatched quickly with aoe damage.

Don’t run away if you get agro, simply block and let the tank get the dogs off you and then focus on the boss afterward.

Blood Craze – A pretty basic physical damage attack which to a healthy tank will do minimal damage, this attack shouldn’t cause much of a problem at all but if you are a dps, so long as you have a shield available or a small heal from the healer this won’t be much of an issue. A very small amount of damage but be sure to note when you have it so you can get a heal if need be.

Agony – Very much like the Nightblade ability, this will be cast on the person with agro(usually the tank). This does a small amount of damage over time and initially stuns. So if you are caught you will have to break free, HOWEVER, this ability has a cast time and CAN be interrupted. Keep your eyes peeled for this effect.

Warchief Ozozai

This fight is a simple one but can get messy fast if your team doesn’t pay attention to aoe damage and how to place themselves when certain mechanics occur.

The boss starts with 2 guards who will assist him in the fight to start with both of which you will need to kill fast to avoid any complications.

They have shield charge abilities and also a Dragonknight standard which does large aoe damage.
Kill these FIRST! For the tank, try to center the boss and watch out for his heavy attacks.

They are slightly delayed so block EARLY to avoid getting ping-ponged around the room. DPS can block this and survive also if they gain agro. do NOT run away.

Shock Assault – As soon as the fight is started and the boss is ready to attack he will launch off the platform at the target of his choosing (unless taunted). Upon landing, he will hit with a large shock assault attack which hits the initial point and a small aoe radius around it. So when the boss jumps in, have your dps and healers spread out to avoid this impact.

Daedric Blast – Occasionally Ozozai will cast a red beam on a member of your group and this will start a spreading aoe effect under the player’s feet. Once this reaches its peak it will explode. You have two choices, move away from your group and let it explode(while holding block) OR have the group move away from you. Whichever is easiest. Be sure to be blocking or shielding, however. Anyone else caught in the explosion will of course take damage.

Staggering Roar – When he is in low health (enraged mechanic) he will occasionally shout! Doing moderate physical damage in AOE. This can be avoided if you are a ranged DPS or healer but if you are melee be sure to block or move away when this happens. This continues until he or you are dead.

Angata The Clannfear Handler

The clannfear handler herself is not so much the problem in this fight, the problem is the sheer amount of enemies in the room. You must get your tank to taunt or control as many as possible, especially the ranged mage types.

If they all focus a DPS or healer they will die in a split second. So tank always enters the room first. Pin as many targets on the boss as possible and turn her around away from the group.
Burn down any enemies next to the boss with AOE damage and if you have to, focus the ranged targets and pay attention to interrupts.

Summon Clannfear – Every 10 seconds or so she will summon a single Clannfear. They are not hard to kill but act as any other clannfear with nasty light attacks, a jump mechanic and a tail swipe. So please do not run away or it will hunt you down. Kill this as close to the boss as possible. The casting of the clannfear can be interrupted.

AOE Fire – Angata occasionally raises her staff and causes a small round AOE of fire on the ground, this is a very simple mechanic, just don’t stand in it. Move a couple of feet out of it as it lands and you will be fine. This can be interrupted.

The rest of her attacks are mostly light flame attacks and should be manageable so long as the tank has her taunted.


This boss is VERY straightforward, have your tank keep him as still as possible while your dps applies damage. Generally, as with most bosses, it makes sense to get your dps and healers to stand behind the boss if possible (or to the side) so that they are not in his face.

Mudcrab Swarm – This boss has some very basic mechanics in that he pretty much only ever really heavy attacks BUT if your group is lacking damage or specifically aoe damage his swarm mechanic can be pretty tough. 

Every 10 seconds or so (sometimes less) he will spawn around 8-10 Mudcrabs. These are very small, similar to the swarms you encountered before the boss fight but of course, you have those AND the boss to deal with.

The simple solution to this is to have your tank put down some form of crowd control (ie talons if on a Dragonknight, grip if you are a warden, etc.) and then burn them down with AOE damage while focusing the boss.

NOTE: DO NOT run away if Mudcrabs are hitting you, just stay in the heals and keep doing what you are doing, running means you will make a mess of the fight and all control goes out of the window!

Kra’gh the Dreug King

The final boss in Fungal Grotto I has some simple yet devastating mechanics, one above all which to a dps or healer is a guaranteed ONE SHOT on hard mode. Your group needs to coordinate and your tank needs to be as still as possible.

Lunging strike – This is pretty much a heavy attack but it will knock the tank for miles if not blocked and if it hits a dps who does not block it WILL kill them.

Storm Flurry – This is a rapid striking lightning attack aimed at the tank (or whoever has agro) A very strong tank could take the full flurry but I would highly recommend blocking it, and if you are a dps definitely make sure you block it.

Horde of Mudcrabs – Pretty much what it says on the tin. Just like Clatterclaw he will dig into the ground and spawn Mudcrabs to attack you. This is not so stressful as it is only about 3-4 crabs but they must die fast. Aoe damage on the floor under the boss while the tank pins them in place should be more than enough.

Lightning Field – This is the most obvious and deadly mechanic in the fight and even the most experienced players get cocky with it and die. Kra’gh will channel a spreading LARGE AOE effect on the ground and then once it reaches its peak it will explode! unless you are a tank, ANYONE caught in this, is dead.

Do NOT stand in stupid! Be sure to get out as fast as possible, let it explode, then get back in again. The tank has two choices…Block it and get knocked down, or do the same as the rest of the group. Get out and get back in again.

Above all, this is quite a mobile fight due to some of the mechanics so be sure to get back into position and hold that boss still as much as you can, don’t let him run wild.

Fungal Grotto I Dungeon Loot

Below is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Fungal Grotto I.

On normal the loot is blue and the boss does NOT drop a monster helmet, but on veteran difficulty all of the loot is purple and Rilis DOES drop a special monster helmet.

Note: in dungeons some individual bosses can drop a unique item but generally, the weapons and jewelry (non-named items) come from the last boss. HOWEVER the entire loot table can also drop from trash and chests, so loot everything!  Got the gear in the wrong traits?  Don’t worry!  You can alter the traits by either transmuting or reconstruct the piece with a trait of your choice.  For more information see the Introduction to Transmuting and Reconstructing article.

If you are looking for a matching shoulder monster piece, visit the Undaunted Pledge Master Maj al-Ragath at the nearest Undaunted enclave.  She sells a 50/50 chance at the shoulder piece as part of the Fungal Grotto Coffer or it could be in her mystery coffer.  You can learn more about the Undaunted in the Undaunted Guide.

Builds That Use Fungal Grotto I Gear

Fungal Grotto I Achievements

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement 022
Catch of the Day

Defeat High Kinlord Rilis in Veteran Banished Cells I, after invoking the Scroll of Glorious Battle.

ESO In-Game Icon Acheivement 020
Fungal Grotto I Assassin

Defeat Tazkad the Packmaster, War Chief Ozozai, Broodbirther, Clatterclaw, and Kra’gh the Dreugh King in Veteran Fungal Grotto I, all within 15 minutes. Timer starts when any player enters the tunnel after the first group of Goblins.

ESO In-Game Icon Quest Head Monster 002
Fungal Grotto I Conqueror

Defeat Tazkad the Packmaster, War Chief Ozozai, Broodbirther, Clatterclaw, and Kra’gh the Dreugh King in Veteran Fungal Grotto I.

ESO In-Game Icon Ability Warrior 032
Fungal Grotto I Survivor

Defeat Tazkad the Packmaster, War Chief Ozozai, Broodbirther, Clatterclaw and Kra’gh the Dreugh King in Veteran Fungal Grotto I, without suffering a group member death.

ESO In-Game Icon Quest Head Monster 002
Fungal Grotto I Vanquisher

Defeat the Goblin War Chief and the Dreugh King in Fungal Grotto I.

ESO Icon Achievement 024
Veteran Dreugh Slayer

Defeat 50 Dreugh in Veteran Fungal Grotto I.

ESO Icon Achievement 024
Veteran Goblin Slayer

Defeat 450 Goblins in Veteran Fungal Grotto I.

Fungal Grotto I Leads

There are currently no antiquity leads in Fungal Grotto I.

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…