Free Argonian Soldiers in the Telvanni Peninsula at Camonnaruhn

ESO Apocrypha and Telvanni Peninsula Delves Camonnaruhn Matron Chruchak
Help free Argonian soldiers in the delve of Camannaruhn and complete the quest the Traitor's Trade and battle Matron Chruchak!

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“That Tong den in the west hills is nestled in the bones of an abandoned mining stead.  Word around the refuge is that it was once owned by a House Telvanni up-and-comer.  What a coincidence.”  –Daxil, Necrom

Camonnaruhn Location

In the Telvani Peninsula, travel southwest from the Ald Isa Wayshrine to find Camonnaruhn.

The Traitor’s Trade

A vile criminal named Luaffyn Romavel captured several Argonian soldiers in hopes of extracting a ransom from the Ebonheart Pact.  With my help, Ashur of the Morag Tong intends to execute Romavel and set the captive free.

Ashur said Luaffyn Romavel is in Camonnaruh.  The sooner I enter the smuggler’s den, the sooner I can free those Argonian soldiers.

ESO Achievement High Isle Breakwater Cave Explorer

Exploring and defeating the boss will reward you with the Camonnaruhn Explorer achievement.

Inside Camonnaruhn

Camonnaruhn is inhabited by Comonna Tong enemies.   This delve has one level, one boss, and one skyshard as notated on the map. 

Matron Chruchak

Matron Chruchak is an insect enemy.  She has a tail stinger, pinchers, and she lays eggs. During the battle, she curls into a ball and summons hatchlings.  You cannot damage her while she is in this state.  The hatchlings must be destroyed and she will return to her normal state.

Completing The Traitor’s Trade

You will need to defeat Luaffyn Romavel.  Speak to Ashur to complete the quest and you will be rewarded with gold and Ashur’s Spare Axe, part of the Adamant Lurker armor set. 

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