Fang Lair Dungeon Guide

This dungeon you will have access to at level 45 or if you travel to the opening yourself at lower levels.
This is located in the North East of the Bangkori map as shown below left.

The bosses are marked on the map below right with their names and locations. I shall explain their mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing them.


Boss Fights

Lizabet Charnis

This boss is actually multiple waves of adds controlled by the boss herself. Anyone that has dealt with large trash packs/pulls/mobs should be able to manage this. Make sure you are all centered in the middle of the room. Get the tank to agro as much as possible while you stay in the heals and damage. Chains/cc pulling will be required for this fight. Do not panic and do not run around else it can be a mess. The trick to this is keeping up as much aoe damage as possible to deal with all the tiny adds while dealing with the big ones.

Ghosts – The boss will spawn wraiths per phase and they will spawn on the outside of the room (quite far out) they will fire nasty high damage ice light attacks and also a fast moving ground based ice cloud. THIS must be avoided as a dps and/or healer. They will immobilize and hit for HIGH damage. As soon as these are in the room be sure that your tank pulls them into the center as soon as possible so they can be killed quick!

Bone Colossus  – During each wave there will be a bone colossus. These hit pretty hard and should be controlled by the tank but focused down by the dps as soon as possible. These have a nasty spreading aoe that BURSTS when it hits maximum radius causing high damage and knock down. You can block the damage to this but still get knocked down, or you can simply dodge roll/run out of the aoe.

NOTE: the last wave there are x2 of these, you should really save your ultimates for this phase.

Cadaverous Bear

This fight is the PUG killer! This fight will make or break your group! You will need to co-ordinate and STICK to your plan. If one person tries to be a hero this is ALL over! The tank should grab all three enemies and hold them together. You want to hold these as FAR away from the 3x wolves/dogs as possible so they have a longer journey to make. The reason for this is timing. More time to react and prepare for their entrance to the fight.

Tiger Senche This is the biggest problem in the room. You should focus the Senche down as soon as possible and he will be pinned to the ground for a period of time. He can be taunted but will occasionally hit whoever he likes so do NOT run away, he doesn’t hit particularly hard but you need to keep it close to the other bosses and focus it down. Once it is sitting down you can focus on the other two and remaining mechanics. During the fight the Senche will eventually get back up and be full health again! (if you do not have crazy damage). Here is the most important mechanic for the Senche. He will FEAR one player, which is 100% UNBREAKABLE! Once the fear is over the Senche will jump onto the player at their now current position and start chewing on them. The Senche MUST be interrupted instantly or the player will die! A tank can survive for a short period of time but a dps or healer will die in less than two seconds flat. Once interrupted, focus him again and make him sit down as before. Rinse repeat.
If the Senche is alive kill it, if it fears interrupt it. That’s it. ALWAYS keep your eyes open for this mechanic.

Guar – This boss is not really a huge threat and can be avoided if you choose but to make things easier, kill it, AFTER the Senche. It spits poison aoes onto the ground that you must avoid. The tank should taunt this at all times and once it is 0% health , just like the Senche it will sit down for a time and then revive for another round. Simply put it down every time it gets up.

BEAR! This is very simple and a lot easier than he looks. The bear is your main target. Focus it down once the other two are sitting down and do as much damage as you can while staying out of of his face. He will occasionally get a damage shield which you pretty much just have to beat down and also will do a nasty cone aoe heavy attack. The tank can block this but the dps/healer must stay out of it. Basically a stack and burn at this point unless the other adds wake up or the dogs come in! Dogs/wolves are ESSENTIAL, coming next…

Exploding Wolves! – This mechanic is crucial! During the fight 3 dogs/wolves will slowly move towards the group and focus on any player of their choice, sometimes multiples. If these dogs reach a player they will EXPLODE!. STAY TOGETHER!!!

You have two options here (this is the reason we stay so far back, gives you more time to co-ordinate).
Method one is, decide which way you are all going to move in a circle TOGETHER, in a tight circle around the boss and tank(clockwise or counter clockwise) without spreading out!  while keeping your dots down. Keep the damage up while moving around together and they will blow up either via damage of on top of the tank in the middle.

The other option is to have your entire group stay as far back as possible focusing the boss while the TANK has their back to the incoming dogs. When they get close be sure that the tank basically walks into them and they will explode and die.

Either tactic you decide however the tank MUST be blocking, else the dogs will one shot them. They do MASSIVE damage and a dps/healer will NOT survive like a tank. Boom = dead!


This is pretty straight forward but all of the fireworks and shiny lights make this look like hell. He is a basic lich boss with a couple of extra mechanics worked in. The tank should keep it taunted at all times while the group make a nice circle around the boss ready to take on the next incoming mechanics.

Lich Crystals – If you have ever faced a Lich before this mechanic will be VERY familiar to you. Large aoe circles will appear on the ground which will spread from their inside indicators and when they reach peak they will emit a crystal and they will explode. This mechanic could NOT be any simpler…DON@T run around the room. Just find a gap, and stand in it. Don’t let it touch you, that is all. If it does, it will hit VERY hard and stun you.

Splashes – The boss will fire multiple splash effects on the ground, unlike the Lich crystals which have a spreading aoe, these actually land on the ground and do damage on impact. When you see these coming, simply move a little to stand in safe places, do NOT run around like a headless chicken. A couple of steps out of the aoes will save you, running in circles will not. Control yourself!

Totems During the fight the boss will awaken a totem in the room which will deal different types of damage to the group and also spawn different adds in the room to deal with. When you see a totem light up you must move together as a group, surround the totem in a nice circle and focus it down.
Skeletons will spawn and need to be killed. When they are killed they will explode! Now the trick to this is to kill them ON the totem because their explosion will do additional damage to the totem. Once they are down, get back to the boss and back to your formation. 
NOTE during this phase you could take multiple aoe affects which are attached to YOU as a player (each person gets one) depending on the type of totem that spawns. DO NOT overlap these aoe circles with your friends, give each other space. All other mechanics from the boss still apply at this stage (yes including Lich crystals.

Root Depending on the totem at the time, you may occasionally get rooted with vines (Lurcher totem) if this happens, you must dodge roll to break free from it before it explodes and hits you for HIGH damage. 

Snakes – One of the totems will also release small snakes and one large one. Aoe along can kill these but it helps if the tank controls them.

NUKE IT?! Nuke or not nuke?. IF you have incredibly high dps in your group you can get the boss down to low health VERY fast, it is possible to skip some of the mechanics so to speak, BUT this was anticipated by the developers, SO to prevent this, if you IGNORE totems and go straight for the “burn” at 25% Caluurion will go IMMUNE to all damage and be completely invulnerable UNTIL you get rid of at least ONE totem. So, be aware that you cannot completely avoid ALL of the mechanics just because you are a skeleton dummy smasher, mechanics ARE important on this fight. 😉

Ulfnor & Sabina Cedus

This boss is quite a mobile fight in some respects depending on your group’s damage and capability to focus during mechanics. There are some nasty almost one shot mechanics along side a DEFINITE one shot mechanic and these must be paid close attention to. Even though the boss is relatively low in terms of health, his mechanics can wipe even the strongest groups.The tank needs to hold a taunt at all times, which of course goes without saying. Hold the boss as still as possible and do NOT dance with the boss. 

Fear The boss will make the ghost with him cause fear in a random direction aimed at a player, break free as SOON as possible to be able to avoid any follow up mechanics. Magicka dps players need to pay attention to their stamina sustain because sprinting around like a loon in this fight will cause you to die if you cannot break free of maneuver when required. 

Heavy Attack The boss will wind up a HUGE heavy attack which will one shot a tank if they don’t block it. This must be on the tank and they MUST block or they will die. If it is on a dps for whatever bad reason this happened, they will need to dodge roll it or die (you won’t block this as a squishy).

Flaming sword – This attack is very similar animation wise as the previous heavy attack and is usually done AFTER it but the sword this time will be on FIRE! When this happens, upon impact the boss will emit 3 very fast moving, medium sized flaming aoes in 3 different directions. When you see this animation as a dps or healer you need to step back a bit, prepare for the attack and try to avoid it by standing in an gap you can see. NOTE these can bounce off walls and come back so watch your feet and the tank must watch positioning of the boss. 

Space Invaders!! – This is the way i described a mechanic in Bloodroot Forge also. Basically the boss will stand still and start channeling an ability. This ability will rapidly fire many many small fire aoes in the direction of the players. Just like space invaders avoiding incoming damage, as they come flying at you, wiggle left and right to stay out of danger. One or two will hit you hard, 3+ will kill you! So when you see him channeling, spread out! Shout “space invaders” and get your wiggle on!

Chains of death! During the fight multiple times the boss will send the spirit to the other side of the room and the ghost will chain one players feet and slowly drag them across the room. You MUST notice this mechanic as soon as it happens and the group needs to KILL the ghost before the boss reaches them. If they don’t kill it in time, the boss will slowly walk over to them and eventually stab the sword straight through them for a guaranteed one sot. You CANNOT survive this.

At the end of the fight when the boss is Low health he will do a FINAL one of these following a MASSIVE uppercut. This is ALWAYS aimed at the tank and if you do not kill the boss before he reaches the tank, the tank will die to a one shot and then the boss will remain loose until you kill him. ALWAYS focus at this point, heals will not help the tank, finish the boss!

NOTE: if the boss is in the middle of the room the tank will be uppercut miles across the room, giving your group plenty of time to kill the boss ( he walks slowly). IF however the tank didn’t pay attention to positioning and tanks the boss in a corner, the tank will not have far to go from the uppercut and will actually die with in a couple of seconds because the boos is too close. SO, tank this guy in the MIDDLE when he is low health!

Thurvokun & Orryn The Black

This quite possibly to date the HARDEST hard mode available. Everything you have learnt so far is going to be relevant And some. If you do not have a grasp on basic mechanics (ie. cc, blocks, interrupts) then you need to familiarize yourself with them now because EVERYTHING will be used.This takes a lot of practice and massive co-ordination and no it is NOT a dps race. The faster you go the harder it gets because you can accidentally get overwhelmed and inevitably die. The longer it takes in some cases the better. Pace yourself!

Also note, the DRAGON is NOT your primary focus! So get that “we must kill the dragon fast” stuff out of your head right away. The MECHANICS are the boss, not that bloody great bone thing in the middle of the room. He can die whenever you like, there is NO rush.

The tank must NEVER drop taunt, and must try to keep the dragon in the middle of the room as much as possible at all times regardless of mechanics at the time…

FORMATION! This is KEY, the tank role is explained below but your group need to have their OWN locations to stick to in and out of mechanics. Assign each dps and healer to ONE crystal EACH, and leave the gate assigned to just “gate”. So each person’s crystal has a player name and the gate is it’s own name. This will allow you to accurately call location of mechanics. THIS is key. Throughout the first stages of the fight it is KEY that your dps and healers ALWAYS hug their positions unless they have to move and if they DO have to move, whichever mechanic they have just dealt with…get BACK into your positions FAST! This is a MASSIVE room, so pace your stamina, you do NOT want to run dry.

Spreading poison! During the boss will drop a small poison aoe under the tank (or whoever has agro) and it will grow and grow and grow until it is max size then it will vanish. Do NOT stand in this, it will kill you RAPIDLY. Not the trick to this is PLACEMENT. The aoe is PLACED so you can move out of it and leave it to it’s business. When it is almost over the boss will place another one and repeat this process throughout the fight.

Look at the ground. There are loads of bones piled in the middle of the room. Use this as your guide. Pick a corner of it. When the aoe is placed on YOUR feet, move (even dodge roll through the dragon to relocate) to the OPPOSITE side of the bones on the floor (imagine it is a square and you are just going from one corner to the other). When the next one is placed in your new location, the old one will have disappeared…SO go back to your original position… repeat repeat repeat. This will give you plenty of time and so much control of where the poison actually lands.

Do NOT run around the room like a headless chicken panicking about where it should land because you will place it in HORRIBLE places and overwhelm the other members of the group.

Orryn’s Ranged attack! – ORRYN is the boss NOT the dragon, i cannot say that clearly enough! it is essential that you, as a group keep eyes on that guy at ALL times! He will teleport around the room with a light blue aura following him so you can spot him a little easier when he moves from position to position even when he is up high ready to come down again. So use this knowledge to keep track of him. Above all, the reason you all have specific positions is to cover as MUCH ground as possible for this ONE MECHANIC! This is the most essential mechanic for the first phase of the fight. When he teleports onto the GROUND, he will be at one of the corners of the room, so this is when you call out a player’s name (or gate) to allow the group to know where he has landed. Once this has been established he MUST be interrupted as soon as possible! He has a nasty fast paced pulsing single target spammy attack which hits all players. About 3 hits will kill any dps or healer.

It helps if a healer can fit crushing shock for this for interrupts(or even the tank if required) in order to help with long ranged interrupts, but is not essential. What is essential is that at ALL costs, that boss is interrupted every single time he does this.

If you are on route to interrupt let your group know, so that they can dodge roll any incoming attacks from him while he is loose. You can dodge the hits but it is very risky and high on resource drain so the faster the interrupt the better.

Remember positioning is KEY, if you had to move to get him, get back to where you were after wards. No heroes! C-ordination is the most important thing here. You are a group, no yoloers 🙂

This mechanic happens every few seconds during the fight UNTIL all the crystals are down (coming up) so pay attention. No matter what mechanic you are in, this must be kept an eye on. 

Heavy attack The boss will fire a heavy attack at whoever has agro. This should ALWAYS be the tank. Now the tank can with stand the attack with a block BUT at the same time once it hits 2x Shalks will spawn under the location of the tank. So if you dodge roll this it helps to eliminate any negative effects coming up in the next explanation. The heavy will emit a small spreading aoe. If you dodge roll at it’s PEAK you will avoid it. BUT the Shalks WILL still spawn. 

Shalks This is every tanks worst nightmare…SO here is what you need to do. You will recieve a nasty poison dot for 10 seconds if they are close to the tank and facing them. This is not specific on being NEAR the Shalks but being near and IN FRONT of them..
So the trick to this is CC and kill.

Regardless of class so long as you have a root/stun ability to control them and keep moving away from them (without over manipulating the poison on the ground too much) you will be fine. ANY one that stands in front of a shalk will take damage so watch your feet! The most optimal trick for this regardless of group composition is to have someone in your group running “time stop”. Every time the boss is about to heavy attack if you put a time stop where the tank is, they will get stunned for a few seconds and will die to ground based aoe.

NOTE: GROUND aoe needs to be under the boss(basically ready for Shalks) at ALL times.
When the Shalks are alive you do NOT focus the boss. keep dots down for passive damage for sure, but FOCUS the Shalks and help the tank control the room.

Ice Tail whip The boss launch a massive 3x triangulated ice aoes in the direction of his choice during the fight. This is very easy to avoid, all you have to do stand in the gaps OR block it if you get caught. If you get caught without blocking you will be knocked back and take HIGH damage. 

Crystals and bone Colossus! – This is health % based but the chosen crystal is random (85% 75% 65% 55%). THIS is why you don’t have to burn the boss. Get familiar with the other mechanics and take your time. The faster you push the sooner crystal phases will happen and you can accidentally overlap them , which believe me you do NOT want to happen!
Orryn will travel to a crystal and you can not hit it. You must kill the crystal as fast as possible! AND at the same time, small adds come out(which can be dealt with just with some aoe damage generally) AND a massive bone colossus. This is NOT the tank’s priority. As healers and dps you need to know how to manage this.

SO, As soon as you have seen Orryn go to a crystal, your group lead should call WHICH crystal he is at (this is whichever player name belongs on that side OR “gate”). Be clear. When this happens all players(excluding the tank need to get over there as fast as possible, hug up stack and burn while avoiding aoes and get the crystal down.

IF the bone colossus tries to heavy attack one of the players, they MUST dodge roll it or take 96kish damage to the face, do NOT block this, you will NOT live. So pace your stamina and be ready to dodge. Now, the heavy attack is delayed so wait until his hand is WAY up high and then dodge it before it lands…As soon as you see the sparks for the heavy attack count 3 2 1 dodge out loud. If you are early you will die, if you are late you will die. This WILL take practice.

Above all the bone colossus MUST be killed (stay close to the crystal so he doesn’t run off agroing someone far away) but if the crystal is not killed fast enough then ANOTHER bone colossus will spawn from the same spot.

These crystals are where you want to be using your Ultimates. So if you don’t think you can build up an ultimate between crystals, simply ease up on the damage on the dragon and BUILD ultimate on purpose, no matter how long it takes, there is NO rush.

As SOON as the crystal is down you MUST all get back to your original positions. During this phase Orryn needs to be kept an eye on because he can go to a random position in the room and require interrupting. Staying in one place too long together can result in it being incredibly difficult to deal with this mechanic so you MUST be aware this can happen during this phase.

So, call the crystal player name(or gate) get IT and the colossus down fast and then get back in position.

This will take practice and co-ordination!

Ghosts Phase One and Lich Crystals! – At 45% you and your group need to get OFF their locations AWAY from the walls and pay attention to the group leader’s calls. Orryn will teleport to a random location (call player name or “gate” to determine his current location. When you have spotted him you will see him summon a HUGE wall of ghosts and they will be coming straight for you. You cannot Block, purge, corrosive armour, heal or anything, these WILL kill you on touch.
However this is where a new mechanic takes place. The gold ghost guy who has been helping you all along throughout the dungeon will appear. He will run to a location in the room of HIS choice and put up a gold wall of protection. You and your group need to hide behind this in order to protect you from the ghosts.

The way to co-ordinate this is once you have noted which way the boss is coming from, step back to the furthest part of the room that you can together (while the tank is controlling the dragon and the time stops are keeping the Shalks at bay and the damage stays on the ground! (yes a lot going on here)…Get your group to LOOK in the direction of the boss…
Once your camera is positioned as such, look for the gold guy and call “left”, “right”, or “middle” to let your group know his location so you can move together as a unit and protect yourselves.

Every time the ghosts have all gone, get close to the middle of the room AWAY from the walls and get ready for the next spawn. Again calling the player or gate location of Orryn, spin your camera in his direction can call where the protection wall is. Rinse repeat until the boss is at around 5% and under in which case he will stop this mechanic and go to the center of the room for the FINAL BATTLE!

NOTE1: During this fight 2x Lich crystals will spawn over and over and you will have to avoid them. This is a VERY mobile fight, don’t waste resources dodge rolling. Simply position your feet out of them or if you get unlucky, BLOCK!

NOTE2: IF you are the tank remember that anyone caught in front of the Shalks will be  hit really hard by a nasty poison dot. As a group or the tank, you can still stand WAY WAY back behind the gold wall. You don’t have to have your face against, it, so long as you are in line with it, you are safe. So if you need to take the boss back a bit, then do so.

ORRYN! – Once the dragon is pretty much dead Orryn Takes over the dragon’s body and the health of the boss goes back up to 50%! NOW things get STUPID! Keep your dots down at all times, keep CCing and FOCUSING the Shalks, keep placing the poison safely, keep avoiding the ice tail whip, keep avoiding the lich crystals, and above all do NOT panic.
You and your group need to co-ordinate more than ever now! Stay AWAY from the walls or you are DEAD! and remember to note who’s side is who’s! You will need these call outs!

Ghosts Phase Two!!! – THIS is where people wipe over and over trying to be too clever and/or panicking!
The ghosts, Just like before, will come from one of your assigned sides or the gate (so call the player assigned side or the gate as before) but there is NO gold guy to help you and NO wall to protect you!
instead there are RANDOM gaps in the ghosts. You will need to have someone call out where they are coming from first of all , AND have someone shout where the gap is for people to run to so they know where it is safe. If any ghost TOUCHES you, you are 100% dead guaranteed!

The trick to this is utilizing space. huge around the middle as much as possible to give you TIME to locate the ghosts, And the gap. Once this has been established, go straight for the gap asap! The sooner you get through the gap, the sooner you can spin around and focus back on the boss/Shalks/mechanics.

If you leave it to the very last second and let the ghosts come to you, you are at massive risk of them re-spawning where you currently are and you will die. Make use of your space and time!

Skeleton adds! Constantly until the end of the fight skeletons will spawn from where the crystals once were. These must die, BUT they don’t have a lot of health. They do heavy attack which can be blocked. The do root which needs to be dodge rolled to break free (this is a pain on resources so kill them rather than let them do this!).

The trick to this is remember, you should have dots down all all times to deal with the boss passively AND the Shalks…The skeletons will die to in aoe so long as you don’t sprint around the room. AND the time stops you are using will allow you to freeze these at the same time as the Shalks…take your time, don’t panic!

Death Breath! – Every Third ghost phase (technically sometimes 2 and a half) the boss will fear the group and make them run random directions which is NOT breakable. During this time the dragon will leave the room and climb up high on the wall channeling a huge direct attack.
When this happens 4x gold circles will appear randomly in the room in RANDOM locations. Every group member has a spreading aoe under their feet. IF you do not each reach a gold circle and pick it up (one each) before the aoe is full (incoming death breath) the attack will hit you and you will die to a one shot. If you pick up the gold circle you will live. You do NOT need to block. You need to manage mechanics, WHILE grabbing the gold circles and be fast about it. Do not hesitate.

Also a small tip. Every third phase of ghosts, when the fear is coming, SPREAD OUT! the reason for this is if you are hugging the middle there is a strong possibility (and this happens a lot) that you will be feared into the poison and die!.

Bone Colossus! EVERY 10% as well as the sh*tstorm of stuff you have to already deal with, you will get a bone colossus! That’s right, the faster you burn the boss the more you get! 40% 30% 20% 10% you will get one. You MUST kill this fast and focus it. Remember if it heavy attacks you, dodge roll it or die.

This mechanic is important but because it is % based and not timed, you can take as long as you want per 10%. In fact if you are COMFORTABLE with the mechanics just staying alive, dodging ghosts etc etc, every 10% you can build up ultimate ready for the colossus so it can die faster.

Final Note:

Above all this fight is CRAZY, many many mechanics going on at once that you will have to grow to understand bit by bit before this becomes doable and/or easier. It is one of the most challenging pieces of 4man content in the game. Get together with some friends, stick to the same group and practice and learn together. Also one MAJOR important factor…you don’t need 50k+ dps for this, in fact having less is sometimes better because you don’t force mechanics to happen before you are ready for it!

Practice, co-ordinate, keep on the interrupts, keep positions and clear call outs, and you WILL get this done.

Good luck to you all!

Dungeon Loot

Here is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Fang Lair. On normal the loot is blue and the boss does NOT drop a monster helmet, but on veteran difficulty all of the loot is purple and Thurvokun DOES drop a special monster helmet. Note Each individual boss can drop a unique item but generally the weapons and jewellery (non named items) come form the last boss) HOWEVER weapons and jewellery and regular loot can also drop from trash and chests, so loot everything!

Builds That Use This Gear

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…                   


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