Warden Builds

ESO Warden Builds

Any class, any race, any role.  The choice is yours! 
The Elder Scrolls Online does NOT restrict you to a specific role per class.
Every single class can play every single role.
Check out this page for detailed information on ALL SEVEN classes.

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Tempest - Magicka Frost Warden Build

TEMPEST is the ULTIMATE storm from the north! This build is designed to take FULL advantage of the Infinite Archive content and it's buffs and bonuses that await you! HUGE ice damage, crazy status damage, FULL control, big explosions and Ultimate on TAP!

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Polar Express - One Bar Magicka Warden Build

SANTA IS COMING TO TOWN! You guessed it, it's a Warden with Ice just in time for Christmas! This is the EASIEST one bar Magicka Warden on the internet! CRAZY sustainability, HUGE survival and GREAT damage output all day long with just ONE bar! What more do you want right?

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Quiver - Stamina Warden PVE Build

How is this possible?
This is designed from the ground up for ALL PVE content! Solo? Group? Trial? I doesn't matter what you preference,
it can do it ALL!

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This chunky warden tank is built for the big stuff! He can take a massive amount of damage, self sustain and survive BUT, at the same time, this can push a rather large amount of CC and DAMAGE in a group situation Especially in BIG add pulls! The BEST Tankbrid build in the business!

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YOGI - Stamina Warden PVE Build

Finally a BOW/BOW build that works! High damage from range! A totally new and unique playstyle fully utilizing both agility and damage from afar rather than they usual face tanking stamina dps!

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HIST KEEPER - Warden Healer PVE Build

The Hist Keeper is a close ranged warden healer build for a massive amount of buffing and supporting with huge up times, great sustain and MASSIVE heals! Capable of all group/trial content!

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ATRONACH - Warden Tank PVE Build

This chunky warden tank is built for the big stuff! He can take a massive amount of damage, self sustain and survive and also contribute to a rather nice amount of buffs and heals to the group. A very unique look at the warden as a tank!

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