Skyrim for The Elder Scrolls Online CONFIRMED!

During the Game Awards 2019 Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda took to the screens with a VERY sneaky yet somewhat anticipated trailer to end The Season Of The Dragon, and start a whole NEW hype train!

Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Online has been CONFIRMED! We see Abunr Tharn, Khamira, the Breton Hero and Sai Sahan fighting Kaagrontiid along with another winged friend by their side! Finally downing the dragon, a catastrophe takes place and Abnur chooses to stay behind and fight to the death!…IS it death for him?

Many players have been screaming for more Skyrim based content over the years and now it is finally becoming a reality! The amazing trailer showcasing the story unfolding along side an “old friend” you may all know as the Nord Warrior”.

This character of course is from Skyrim and you see him overlooking the land in the video with no real clue as to what is happening, which i am sure will be MUCH clearer during the January show case in Vegas 2020.

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So what is in store for us?

Skyrim without out a shadow of a doubt is the most popular location (let alone single player rpg from bethesda) in The Elder Scrolls for most. But not only do people look forward to the location and possible story, but what SHINY features will we get? Will we get a SHOUT? Is the Nord Warrior a Dragonborn? Do we NEED a Dragonborn in order to defeat the Evil kaalgrontiid once and for all? (we all know one does not simply “kill” a dragon)…


Zenimax Online Studios have yet again captivated audiences and players with  this unveiling of what’s to come and millions of players have shouted their excitement already across social media.

We have seen a lot of Skyrim versions over time… remakes, additions, patches, addons, mods, VR etc.
BUT, in The Elder Scrolls online we are yet to explore the full potential of what Skyrim has to offer, and that time is coming!

I myself and countless players across the world are counting the days till the full reveal of what is to come with the next chapter unveiling and 2020 can’t get here fast enough!

This game just keeps getting better and better, a true mmorpg in a league of it’s own!