The Elder Scrolls Online: Exclusive Pet

The EXCLUSIVE Elder Scrolls Online Stream Team Partner PET! The Eerie Violet Bantam Guar now exists in the world of Tamriel!

eso stream team, rare pet, purple bantam
The RARE Eerie Violet Bantam Guar

This is currently the RAREST pet in the Elder Scrolls Online, and ONLY available via a giveaway from one of the 15 ESO Stream Team Partners!

There are many ESO Stream Team Members, but there are very few Partners, and to add a bit of exclusivity to the role/title, we have been given these amazing Eerie Violet Bantam Guar pets for ALL servers!

Recently Zenimax Online Studios added a feature to The Elder Scrolls Online in the form of a “redeem code” section, IN game in the options. Not, on the account part of the site online site. This is IN game!.

This is actually being utilized for these pets with a single code! That’s right, ALL of these pets are available for ANY server with a universal code input!

Usually the codes the stream team members/partners give out are specific to server/platform. These work no matter what! So for the first time ever, every single player in the world can enter giveaways for thess extremely rare pets without worry of missing out due to server requirements!

Keep your eyes peeled for Official Elder Scrolls Online Stream Team Members and their channels and don’t miss out on those exclusive rare giveaways!


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