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ESO offers their players the choice of 10 different races to choose from when you begin the game.  Each race has different ‘racial passives’ and interesting origins.  Races can later be changed using a Race Change Token from the Crown Store.

Does Race Really Matter?

The short answer is NO.  The Elder Scrolls Online has always been a game where each player can pick and choose their character composition.  While some racial passives LEND themselves to certain roles, ANY race can easily (and well) play ANY role.  Choose the race YOU find interesting.  To help with that choice, you can learn more about each race by clicking the images below.

The Choice is Yours!

Click any of the images below to find out more about each race.

Daggerfall Covenant


Daggerfall Covenant Crest
Click Image to Enlarge
Daggerfall Covenant Races
Click Image to Enlarge
ESO Breton Character
Learn More About The Breton
ESO Redguard Character
Learn More About The Redguard
ESO Orc Character
Learn More About The Orc

Aldmeri Dominion


Aldmeri Dominion Crest
Click Image to Enlarge
Aldmeri Dominion Races
Click Image to Enlarge
High Elf Male Figure
Learn More About The High Elf
ESO Wood Elf Character
Learn More About The Wood Elf
ESO Khajiit Character
Learn More About The Khajiit

Ebonheart Pact


Ebonheart Pact Crest
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
ESO Dark Elf Character
Learn More About The Dark Elf
ESO Nord Character
Learn More About The Nord
ESO Argonian Male Character
Learn More About The Argonian


This race is only available if you purchase the Imperial Upgrade through the Crown Store.  Imperials have no set faction alliance so you are free to choose which alliance you’d like with this character.

ESO Imperial Character
Learn More About the Imperial

Which Race Should You Choose?

Any!  As mentioned earlier, each race does offer specific bonuses.  However, there are so many OTHER variables when creating a character in Elder Scrolls Online that choosing one race over another is not a make-or-break situation.  Gear sets, potions, food, enchantments, play style – all of these things factor into the performance of your character. 

If you enjoy one race over another, then choose that one.  You can easily make modifications to any of the other variables to compensate for what you’ve ‘lost’ with your racial choice.  Pick a character that compliments your personality and start having fun!  Your character can be or do anything you wish.  Build skill sets are not race-specific.  It really is YOUR choice! 

I’ve Decided.  Now What?

After choosing your race, the next choice is your build.  Unlike race, build choice is not reversible.  While you can purchase a Race Change Token from the Crown Store, you can NOT change your build.  Your next step should be to visit the Build Guide.  Take a look at each of the builds and their specific skill sets.

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