ESO’s Holiday Season Is Starting With The Witches Festival

ESO Witches Festival 2021
October 18, 2021

Witches Festival Starting October 21, 2021

As the world prepares for the holiday season, The Elder Scrolls Online is kicking its holiday season off with the annual Witches Festival!  This creepy event will begin on Thursday, October 21, 2021, at 10am EDT and continue until Tuesday, November 2, 2021, at 10am EDT.

If you’ve participated in prior Witches Festivals, there is no need to complete the quest.  Just use your Witchmother’s Whistle memento from your Collections menu to activate the Witchmother’s Cauldron and gain a 100% XP buff.  Please note the Cauldron cannot be summoned in Cyrodiil but the Whistle can still be used.  In addition to the huge XP buff, you can also turn your character into one of the undead.

If this is your FIRST Witches Festival, on October 21 visit the Holiday section of the Crown Store and pick up the FREE quest entitled ‘The Witchmother’s Bargain’.  Once completed, you’ll receive the Withmother’s Whistle memento which allows you to summon the Withmother’s Cauldron.

100% XP & More Rewards

If you were thinking 100% XP is not enough, there’s more!  For each boss monster you defeat, you’ll receive (in addition to your regular loot) a Plunder Skull container that could contain these rewards:

  • Hollowjack style items
  • Dremora style items
  • Themed recipes
  • Themed furnishings and furnishing recipes
  • Themed alchemy reagents
  • Bonedust Pigment Fragments (10 required) to craft the Witch-Tamed Bear Dog pet
  • and more!

Want more?  The first time each day that you slay a different TYPE of boss, you’ll receive a special Dremora Plunder Skull filled with items from the list above and other goodies like these:

  • Dremora Motif chapter pages
  • Witches Festival Writs
  • Glenmoril Treasure Maps
  • Glenmoril Armor Outfit Style pages
  • Grave Dancer Weapon Style pages
  • New Marshmallow Toasty Treat emote Runebox
  • New Bonefire memento Runebox

Motif pages will be different depending on the type of boss you defeat.  But you will always earn bonus rewards for any victory.

Premiering A New Daily Festival Quest

This event is offering a new daily quest called Plucking The Crow.  This quest is available each day from either Witchmother Taerma (within Olyve’s Brewery) or any Impresario tent.  

This quest requires you collect Cursed Feathers from Plunder Skull containers.  Once you’ve acquired 50 you can transform them into an effigy to transport into a special battle realm with a new world boss monster!

Earn 2 Event Tickets Every Day

You can earn 2 Event Tickets from the first boss monster you defeat each day.  You will be able to earn 26 tickets in total.  Remember you can only hold 12 event tickets at a time so be sure to check your inventory each day.  

This event will be the first event that offers the first TWO fragments for the Doomchar Plateau, the house that can be morphed from the Unstable Morpholith pet.

Event tickets can also be used on other goodies like mementos, Bonedust Pigments, furnishings, group repair kits, and grab bags.

More information about this event can be found on The Elder Scrolls Online official website.

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