Many Cursed Rewards Await At ESO’s Annual Witches Festival

ESO In-Game Event Witches Festival
Dremora Plunder Skulls, Event Tickets, and fragments for the Hoardhunter Ursauk mount are available during the Witches Festival!

Seasonal Favorite Event

ESO’s fan-favorite in-game event returns with the 2023 Witches Festival starting Thursday, October 26 at 10am EDT and running until Tuesday, November 7 at 10am EST.  

The Witchmother’s Bargain

To participate in the event you can visit the Crown Store to get the free quest ‘The Witchmother’s Bargain’.  Once this quest is completed, you will receive the Withmother’s Whistle tool.  

You can also pick up the quest by speaking with the Crow Caller that is located outside Olyve’s Brewery found in Stonefalls, Glenumbra, or Auridon (one location for each faction).  

Please note that if you have completed this quest in prior years and already have the Witchmother’s Whistle, you do not need to repeat it.

Witchmother’s Whistle

Now that you have the Witchmother’s Whistle, you simply need to use it to activate a two-hour 100% XP boost!  This can also be used in Cyrodiil.  Outside of Cyrodiil, when you use the whistle, you will summon the Witchmother’s Cauldron.  Using this cauldron will polymorph yourself into a scary skeleton.  You do not need to use the polymorph for the xp bonus.

Plunder Skulls

With each boss monster you defeat during this festival, you will earn a Plunder Skull.  This unique container contains regular rewards and also has a chance to contain worms, crawlers, guts, and insect parts and a chance at some of the following items:

  • alchemy reagents
  • a festival-themed furnishing recipe
  • a festival-themed provisioning recipe
  • a complete festival-themed furnishing
  • a small chance for one of the following:
    • a Hollowjack style item
    • a Dremora style item
  • worms, crawlers, guts, insect parts

Dremora Plunder Skulls

Each DIFFERENT type of boss that you defeat for the first time each day you will receive a Dremora Plunder Skull.  This container will include the items contained in normal Plunder Skulls but also a chance to contain some of these items:

  • Dremora motif champter
  • a chance for one of the following items:
    • a Witches Festival writ
    • a Glenmoril Treasure Map or Glenmoril armor outfit style page
    • a Grave Dancer weapon page
    • a Tome of Forbidden Appetites Memento Runebox
    • a Witches Festival Ghost Netch pet fragment
    • a tradeable style page for the Crowborne Hunter outfit style

The different types of bosses include arena bosses, invasion bosses (Dark Anchors, Harrowstorms, Volcanic Vents, etc), delve bosses, final dungeon bosses, public dungeon bosses, trial bosses, and world bosses.

‘Pluck the Crow’ Daily

During the event there is a daily quest that you can acquire by speaking with the Witchmother Taerma who is located inside Olyve’s Brewery and at every Impresario tent.  Completing this quest will reward you with a Dremora Plunder Skull.  This provides a small chance to win a massive trove of tradeable Witches Festival goodies instead of the normal Plunder Skull items which could include the following:

  • 10 Witch-Tames Bear Dog fragments
  • the FULL style book for the Dremora motif
  • a folio of ALL Glenmorial treasure maps
  • Runebox:  Tome of Forbidden Appetites
  • a random Crowborne Hunter outfit style page

Earn Event Tickets

The Witches Festival is an Event Ticket event.  You can ear up to 28 Event Tickets.  Event Tickets are earned from defeating the first boss each day.  Don’t forget to loot!

As a reminder, you can only hold 12 Event Tickets at a time.  If you earn more, they will be lost.  

The Impresario will be offering the following items:

  • all three Passion Dancer Blossom pet fragments:
    • Chartreuse Lily Petals
    • Enchanted Silver Flute
    • Mystical Sheet Music
  • the first fragment for the Hoardhunter Ursauk mount
    • Blessed Honeycomb
  • Crowborne Hunter outfit style pages
  • Witches Festival Ghost Netch pet fragment
  • Tome of Forbidden Appetites memento
  • Assorted Spooky Witches festival-themed Furnishings
    • webs, cone furnishing
    • Hollowjack Lantern, Ouroboros furnishing
    • Specimen Jar, Spare Brain furnishing
    • Ruby Candlefly Gathering furnishing
    • Vampiric Lamp, Azure Tall furnishing
    • Vampiric Lightpost, Azure Single furnishing
    • Vampiric Container, Yellow Liquid furnishing
  • Group Repair Kit
  • Companion Guild Commendations
  • Witches Grab Bat (This is also purchasable only if you haven’t yet collected all the items contained within it)
    • Skeletal Marionette memento
    • Spectre Mask collectible (there are 4 variations of this collectible)
    • Apple-Bobbing Cauldron fragment
    • Throw Bones Memento fragment
    • Marshmallow Toasty Treat emote
    • Witch’s Bonfire Dust
    • Ghastly Visitation memento
    • Witch-Tamed Bear-Dog pet fragment
    • Witchmother’s Servant outfit style pages

2023’s Final Event Morphing Collectible

The final event morphing collectible is the Hoardhunter Ursauk mount!  The first fragment for this mount will be available during this event:  Blessed Honeycomb.

If morphing is a little confusing to you, check out this previous article on how morphing works.  

Nenulaure Returns

The Impresario’s colleague, Nenulaure the Indrick Venord will return with even more items available for purchase with Event Tickets.  She will offer the following:

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers
  • Pure Snow Indrik Berries
  • Crimson Indrik Berries
  • Frost-Light Indrik Pet
  • Rosethorn Indrik Pet

The Impresario’s Assistant is offering the following items that can also be purchased using Event Tickets:

  • Unstable Monrpholith fragments
    • Deadlands Flint
    • Rune-Etched Striker
    • Smoldering Bloodgrass Tinder
  • Dagonic Quasigriff fragments
    • Smoke-Wreathed Gryphon Feather
    • Black Iron Bit
    • Bridle Black Iron Stirrups

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