New ESO World Events Called Volcanic Vents Are Coming Soon To High Isle

Coming in High Isle, we will see a new world event called Volcanic Vents. This new peril is sure to bring rewards to those who can stop them.

High Isle Is Certainly Beautiful

There is no doubt that High Isle is beautiful.  It is close geographically to Summerset which, arguably, is the most beautiful zone in the game.  Rolling fields of sunflowers, incredible architectural castles, and fascinating shipyards are just the beginning of what High Isle has to offer.  After all, this is the playground for the Bretons’ most rich and famous. 

Disturbing The Peace

While exploring High Isle, I saw smoke in the distance.  Concerned for the Breton’s architecture, I investigated to be greeted by a new peril – volcanic vents.  While I don’t know everything about them yet, I can tell you that they are smokey and hot, and filled with flame atronachs, magma golems, flame hounds, and fiery imps.  

What Is This Madness?

Volcanic Vents are new world events coming to High Isle.  They operate much like the Abyssal Geysers in Summerset.  The story behind them will be revealed in the High Isle chapter’s main story questline.  But suffice it to say that the Druids are involved.

Marked On The Map & Show When Active

You will be able to find Volcanic Vents (and other world events) on your map.  And as an added bonus thanks to the prior update, you’ll be able to see if it’s active.  The image below shows an active Volcanic Vent on the map.

Order High Isle Today!

If you are excited about the upcoming High Isle chapter and the year-long saga which is the Legacy of the Bretons, then purchase High Isle today!  

Not only will you get High Isle when it’s released but you can also get access to the base game and ALL chapters!  There are additional pre-purchase rewards that you get right away and some that you will receive at launch.  The Elder Scrolls Online website will have the full details.

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