ESO Weekend Shopping Is Not Bargain Hunting

ESO Golden Vendor
Weekend shopping in ESO is anything BUT bargain hunting. Two special vendors appear only on the weekends offering high-value wares but it's gonna cost you.

Strike Gold With The Golden Vendor’s Midas Touch

Every weekend in Cyrodiil, the Golden Vendor appears.  Depending on your faction, you can find Adhazabi Aba-daro at the following locations:

  • Aldemeri Dominion (yellow) – Western Elsweyr Gate
  • Daggerfall Covenant (blue) – Norther High Rock Gate
  • Ebonheart Pact (red) – Southern Morrowind Gate

This vendor is called ‘golden’ because she glows gold!  Be warned – shopping with Adhazabi is NOT cheap.  However, she only offers the most premium of equipment.

Each week, on a rotation that is updated weekly here, the golden vendor offers several jewelry pieces all of which are in Legendary (gold) quality.  The items typically range in cost from 150,000 gold to 250,000 gold.  OR you can pay with Alliance Points.  The AP prices typically range from 200,000 alliance points to 500,000 alliance points.

In addition to jewelry, the golden vendor offers 2 rotating sets of Monster shoulder pieces.  Each weight (light, medium, and heavy) is offered for each of the two sets.  These items are in Epic rarity (purple) and cost 100,000 gold OR 200,000 Alliance Points.  If you want to change the trait of the purchased set, you’ll need to either reconstruct it or transmute it.  You can find more information about transmutation in this previous article.

Monster Headpiece Guide Now Available

To learn more about Monster Sets, please take a look at the newly released Monster Set Guide.   This guide shows you each Monster headpiece that is currently available and has a quick link to the All About Mechanics Dungeon Guide detailing for you exactly how to obtain it!

You can ‘purchase’ a shoulder piece from an Undaunted Pledge Master by using Undaunted Keys to buy a coffer that has a 50/50 chance of containing the set piece you need or you can purchase it directly from the Golden Vendor when it’s available.  To learn more about the Undaunted Pledge Master, take a look at the Undaunted Guide.

Luxury Furnishings At A Premium Price

Every weekend the ESO Luxury Vendor, commonly called the Luxury Furnisher, appears in Coldharbour.  Specifically, he is located just outside a little shop called Cicero’s Goods in Hollow City.  

Zenil Theran appears each Friday night at 8pm EST and is available for shopping until approximately the same time Sunday.  The items he offers do rotate from week to week.  His items are typically blue, purple, or gold and can vary in price from several hundred gold to several tens of thousands of gold.

For a complete up-to-date list of the items available, you can visit this Vendor Items page.  

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