ESO Announces Update 40 Details On Infinite Archives!

ESO Update 40 Endless Archive
An Infinite Dungeon, Grand Master Crafting Stations, New Group Finders, and Armor Sneak Peaks of ESO's Update 40.

ESO Announced via Twitch Live Stream the first public details of Update 40.  Continuing the Shadow Over Morrowing storyline for 2023, Update 40 will be available for PC/Mac on October 30 and Xbox/Playstation on November 14. 

PTS testing is set to begin on Monday, September 18 and the patch note reading will be on the Xynode Twitch Channel Monday as well.  

During the live stream, we got some great details and a few sneak peaks.  More details will be coming soon but here’s an overview.

Infinite Archive

The Infinite Archive will be available as a base game update to anyone.  Special rewards will be available and ESO Plus members will receive additional bonuses.  

Infinite Archives can be played solo, with a friend, or with a companion.  Over 60 bosses will appear in the Infinite Archive from all across Tamriel.  Every run will be different.  There are no normal or veteran versions.  Infinite Archives are not timed events.  There will be leaderboards for both duos and solos.

Here is ESO’s teaser trailer.

Grand Master Crafting Stations

If you’ve been to a guild house with crafting stations, you know that there are a TON of them!  Update 40 will simplify that system!  New Grand Master Crafting Stations will be available for purchase with Writs.  Each station, woodworking for example, can be ‘fed’ an attunable station.  Then whatever armor sets is added to the Grand Master station will be available going forward. 

Guild halls will become amazingly less crowded now with only 4 crafting stations (woodworking, blacksmithing, jewelry, and clothing) plus the two needed for alchemy and enchanting.  

Jewelry Simplified

To make the jewelry skill line more in balance with all other crafting skills, the entire jewelry system will be revamped.  More details will be coming, but grains will be converted to platings, and grains will no longer exist.  With Update 40, your current inventory will be converted to the new system.  Additionally crafting writs have also been reviewed to make them more in line with other crafting systems.

Group Finder

A new tool will be available called the Group Finder.  This will allow you to create a group request for other players to respond to.  You will have several options like specific dungeons, trials, zones, and even customizable areas.  Set the difficulty if you so desire and add specific requirements.   This should be a great help to console players who don’t have access of some of the PC addons.  Jokingly, it should also cut down on the zone chat in Craglorn!!!!

Archival Fortunes

There will be a new monetary system introduced in Update 40 with the Infinite Archive.  Archival Fortunes will be rewarded.  You can use Archival Fortunes and in some cases gold to purchase rewards from specialized vendors.  These rewards can include armor, Tales of Tribute clues, and other goodies with more details coming soon.

New Armor Sets

We only got a sneak peek at the new armor sets.  Please note that these are only PTS details.  Expect there to be changes as testing continues.  Here’s what we saw:

Wrathsun (Templar class)

  • 2 items adds 121 weapon and spell damage
  • 3 items adds 618 critical chance
  • 4 items adds 121 weapon and spell damage 
  • 5 items when you deal damage with a Dawn’s Wrath ability, you gain a stack of Sunlight for 10 seconds, once per attack.  You can have 50 stacks max and gain 12 magicka recovery per stack.  When at max stacks, your Dawn’s Wrath abilities deal 25% bonus damage and a Wrathful Nova is cast on the enemy, but you cannot refresh Sunlight.  When Sunlight expires at max stacks, you lose 50% of your current magicka.  

Reawakened Hierophant (Arcanist class)

  • 2 items adds 1058 maximum magicka
  • 3 items adds 1058 maximum magicka
  • 4 items adds 1058 maximum magicka
  • 5 items casting a non-Ultimate Curative Runeform ability grans an effect for 6 seconds to your affected allies based on how many Crux you had.  At 1 Crux, allies gain a damage shield that absorbs 3618 damage.  At 2 Crux, allies gain Minor Heroism.  At 3 Crux, allies gain Major Protection.

Soulcleaver (Nightblade class)

  • 2 items adds 121 weaponand spell damage
  • 3 items adds 1032 maximum magicka
  • 4 items adds 121 weapon and spell damage
  • 5 items while in combat and with at least 20 Ultimate, strengthen your Siphoning abilities at the cost of Ultimate.  Increase the damage and healing the Siphoning abilities by 17% of your current Ultimate, up to 200, from a minimum of 3% to a maximum of 34%.  Reducing the cost of Siphoning abilities by 15%.  Casting a Siphoning ability drains you of 1% of your current Ultimate, with a minimum of 1.

Tales of Tribute

We got just a sneak peek at the name of the new Tales of Tribute deck – Academ’s Mora.  We know that fragments can be earned in the Infinite Archive and in some cases clues can be purchased from the new specialized vendors in the Endless Archive using the new currency, Archival Fortunes.

More Info Coming Soon!

With the upcoming patch notes release and the ability to see Update 40 in action, more details will be coming soon.  Be sure to check back often.  

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