ESO’s Update 40 Is Here! Get Up To Speed!

ESO Update 40 Endless Archive Entrance Apocrypha
Update 40 is finally here! Get up to speed with everything we know before you head into the Infinite Archive!

Update 40 is here for PC/Mac.  Sorry consoles, you’ll have to wait just a little longer!  

Tales of Tribute

A brand new Tales of Tribute deck is available with an exciting new patron, Hermaeus Mora himself!  Check out this article to learn more!  Everything you need to know about Tales of Tribute can be found in the Ultimate Tales of Tribute Guide.

Dust to Plates

Exciting changes have been made to Jewelry crafting!  The first time you log in you’ll notice your grains are gone!  Find out more in the video or check out this article.

Looking For A Group?

The new Group Finder will quiet down Craglorn!  Learn more about all the Group Finder in this video or check out this article.

Class Sets

Armor intended for a specific class?  That’s right.  Check out the new Class Sets available in the Endless Archive with this article.

Endless Archive

And lastly, what everyone has been waiting for:  the Endless Archive!  Learn more from the dev team and check out game play of this crazy fun and ENDLESS new PVE adventure.

Learn More About ESO

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