ESO’s Update 38 and Necrom Coming In June

ESO Necrom Chapter Preview
Take a deeper look at what's coming with the Necrom Chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online coming in June, 2023. New zone, new trial, new companions!

ESO’s Newest Chapter

On April 12, The Elder Scrolls Online treated fans to a preview of the Necrom chapter to be released in June, 2023.  If you missed the live event, you can catch the replay.

Lots of good information was shared including our first glimpses into the exciting new Necrom chapter.  While there are a ton of things to get excited about, everyone is most excited about the new class, the Arcanist.

Hermaeus Mora

A popular figure in the Elder Scrolls is Hermaus Mora.  While he hasn’t made an appearance since the Dragonborn DLC of Skyrim, he is center of the Necrom chapter.  Hermaeus Mora is the Prince of Forbidden Knowledge.  While he’s not really good or bad, his entire focus is on cataloging history and acquiring as much knowledge as possible.


House Telvanni

House Telvanni is one of the great houses of Morrowind.  It is not part of the three alliances but has broken away to create its own society filled with secrets, hidden knowledge, and dark politics.  House Telvanni is comprised of mages who pursue mastery and wisdom in solitude.  While they don’t normally interact with other houses or guilds, they don’t consider other enemies.

Arcanist Class

Update 38 and the Necrom chapter will introduce the first new playable class since 2019.  The Arcanist is something different and the developers have said the Arcanist is based on cosmic horror and themed around Hermaeus Mora.  The Arcanist will have a mechanical-focused skill line similar to that of the warden and will lend itself to all roles – tank, dps, or healer.  

Crux System

The Arcanist will utilize a new system called Crux.  Crux can be generated, saved, and spent while using some Aracanist skills.  While the Aracanist is an excellent easy-to-play class without Crux, understanding how Crux will empower the skills it is used upon will make the Arcanist even more powerful.  Not all the Arcanist skills involve Crux.  Crux can be saved or spent on abilities like Runeblades, Runespite Ward, and Bound Armaments.


This chapter will explore Apocrypha, the area of Morrowind that is steeped in Dark Elf culture.  The new zone, Chroma Incognito, will be home to the city of Necrom.  New enemies will also be introduced in this area like lurkers, the hushed, and tomeshells.

Apocrypha will also be home to new world events called Bastion Nemic.  Bastion Nemis is a fortress in Apocrypha.  These world events will have daily quests and will be different than other world events in that they will be instanced.  You can enter Bastion Nemics either solo or in groups of 4.  

Sanity’s Edge

There will be a new trial in the Necrom chapter called Sanity’s Edge.  There are also fun new achievements that can be earned including an exclusive Dark Ram mount.


New Companions

Two new companions will be added to the Necrom chapter.  Sharp, an argonian warden bounty hunter, and Xander, an arcanist mage will be available.  Each with their own personality, and each with their own backstory.


Update 38

Update 38 will be available for all ESO players and will include the ability to favorite collectibles.  Bundles like furnishing packs, will be given in containers thus saving inventory space.  Entire Fish stacks will be able to be fileted at the appropriate crafting station.  There is additional work done on the reset timers including adding the cooldowns for vampires and werewolves to a weekly reset.  

More Info

PTS will launch Monday, April 17.  We will learn more about this exciting addition to ESO and will keep you updated.  Be sure to keep checking back!

Arcanist Skills Explained!

Check out the video review of EVERY SINGLE Arcanist skill!

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