Quality Of Life Changes Are Coming In Update 34

ESO Quickslot Update 34
Update 34 will be released in June as a free update. While the timing will be the same as the High Isle chapter, this update is for everyone.

Update 34 Is For Everyone

Although Update 34 will be released with the High Isle chapter in June, you are not required to purchase High Isle to receive these benefits.  Update 34 is a base-game improvement update that will contain fixes and additions for everyone!

Save Mundus Stones With Build In The Armory

The armory is amazing!  If you need to know more about it, check out this previous article!  But one of the most requested changes was the ability to save your Mundus Stone with your build.  ESO has now added that ability!  

Spanish Language Added To ESO

In addition to English, German, French, Russian, and Japanese, Spanish will be supported as an in-game language.  ESO has noted that voice-overs will remain in English but Spanish subtitles will be available.

Quickslots & Quick Select Wheel

A major change to the quickslot system is coming allowing us to better organize our quickslot items and slot more of them!  

When you access the Quickslot, the normal 8 goodies will be available for your use but you’ll note there are now trigger buttons that allow you to access other wheels!  The wheels available are Emotes, Allies, Mementos, and Tools.  These are easily accessible by using your triggers to toggle between them.  

High Isle & Update 34 Coming In June

If you are excited about the upcoming High Isle chapter and the year-long saga which is the Legacy of the Bretons, then purchase High Isle today!  

Not only will you get High Isle when it’s released but you can also get access to the base game and ALL chapters!  There are additional pre-purchase rewards that you get right away and some that you will receive at launch.  The Elder Scrolls Online website will have the full details.

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