Update 32 Quality Of Life Changes In ESO

Grave Excellence Mask
November 7, 2021

Base Game Changes In Patch 32

Several map updates are included in the base game changes of Update 32.  While PC players have had some of these perks thanks to add-ons, console players will be delighted with these improvements.

Dark Anchors will now display as active on the zone maps when they are engaged.  This will work exactly like the display for Dragons.  

Active Dolmen On Zone Maps
Skyshard On Map
Skyhards On Zone Maps

Skyshards will now appear on the map AND compass when you approach them.  This will work similarly to Set Stations and Wayshrines.  Also if you hover over the Skyshard, it will give you the name and a clue in the upper right-hand corner.  

Zone guides will now direct you to the closest unacquired Skyshard when you’ve completed the other objectives in that zone.  

All Music, Some Music, No Music

You now have options with combat music.  You can decide if you want to hear all combat music, only boss combat music, or no combat music at all.

Audio Options
Audio Options For Combat Music
Blank Armory Slot
Armory Slots For The Armory Station

The Armory System

Save any of your custom builds to an armory slot and ‘change’ into that build with a few simple clicks for FREE!  This system allows you to save your gear, Attributes, Abilities, Champion Points, Curses, and Quickslots to a ‘build’.  Then later, you can equip that ‘build’ absolutely free!

TIP:  While you receive 2 free armory slots, you can purchase additional slots for only 1500 crowns from the Crown Store.  You may want to consider an extra slot that you leave blank.  This will allow you to ‘equip’ a totally empty build – which means a totally free respec of absolutely everything!  

Note:  As amazing as the armory system is, it does NOT change your Mundus stone effect.  Please bear this in mind when saving builds.

If you’d like more information about the armory system, please see this article.

Gear Farming 2.0

Say goodbye to the rng.  At least until your sticker book is full!  With each boss drop, your reward is curated to your specific set collection needs.  Once your set collection is complete, the drops return to random.  This only affects boss drops and not treasure chests.  

If you’d like more information about curated item set drops, please see this article.

Set Collection Progress Summarized

Quickly see your Set Collection Progress with the new Summary page!  A perfect addition for those players who are completionists!  

Set Collection Summary
Set Collection Summary Display
Instant Mail
Instant Guild Trader Mails

You’ve Got Mail Is No Longer Snail Mail

Ever bought something at a guild trader and have to use a Wayshrine to go to a different area just to come back and get your item?  No more!  With this upgrade, your purchases will arrive almost instantly.

While some of these changes are HUGE and others are tiny, they are ALL improving the quality of life in Tamriel.  

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