Challenge Yourself With Necrom’s Public Dungeon The Underweave

ESO Apocrypha and Telvanni Peninsula Public Dungeon The Underweave Kynreeve Kev'ni
ESO's new Necrom chapter brings two public dungeons. The Underweave is one of those challenges. Everything you need to know about it is here.

The Underweave

“The fate lines flex and fray around the nexus of potential called the Underweave.  A locus of might-have-beens and never-will-bes, the faithful of Hermaeus Mora dutifully uncatalog and dispose of glyphics that transcend the paths not taken.” — Cipher Pujol

Underweave Location

Travel slightly southeast from the Apogee Nadir Wayshrine to locate the Underweave.  

Underweave Quests

There is one quest in the Underweave public dungeon.

Castoff Destinies

Ogle, a Watchling in the service of Hermaeus Mora, mistakenly sent a glyphic into the Underweave to be destroyed.  Fearful of the dangers within Ogle asked me to help him retrieve the glyphic from the Underweave. 

I should escort Ogle into Underweave and help him locate his master’s fated glyphic.

Completing Castoff Destinies

You will need to locate the glyphic.   Speak to Thaddeus Cosma to be rewarded with gold.

ESO In-Game Icon Hat Watcherwrap

Completing this quest will also reward you with the Sacred Watcher Hood costume.

Inside the Underweave

The Underweave is inhabited by Darkreave warpriests, ogrims, dremnakens, and seekers.  There are three levels, six bosses, and one skyshard in this public dungeon as notated on the map. 

Dungeon Bosses

The Underweave has 6 bosses.  To complete the dungeon, you will need to complete the quest and defeat all 6 bosses. 

Click on the boss name for quick access to that section.

All-Seeing Ky’zuu

All-Seeing Ky’zuu is a large watcher accompanied by Hushed Bloodfiends located in the Underweave Courtyard.  This boss servers as the group boss for this public dungeon.


All-Seeing Ky’zuu uses his many arms for heavy-hitting attacks.  He also creates electrical aoes on the ground that spawn tentacles that not only hold you in place but also damage you heavily.  All-Seeing Ky’zuu additionally will use his eye to laser beam in your direction.  Avoid the aoes when possible.  Ranged attacks work well.

Caz’iunes the Executioner

Caz’iunes the executioner is a darkreave warrior located in the Underweave Courtyard.  The dungeon’s skyshard is located closest to this boss as notated on the map.


Caz’iunes the Executioner pounds the ground creating aoes.  He uses a battle axe for heavy-hitting melee attacks.  He is easily defeated.


Creepclaw is a large lurker that is located in the Underweave Courtyard.


Creepclaw has heavy swipes and stomps the ground creating aoes.  He also spits poison onto the ground that grow tentacles.  Avoid the aoes when possible. He is easily defeated.

Kynreeve Kev’ni

Kynreve Kev’ni is a darkreeve warrior and is located in the Underweave Heart.  


Kynreeve Kev’ni creates flaming aoes on the ground that explode.  He also summons flame atronachs and flame daedra to aid him in battle.  Flame atronachs also explode when destroyed.  Avoid the aoes when possible.  Ranged attacks work well.

Loremaster Trigon

Loremaster Trigon is a seeker located in the Underweave Malifactory.


Loremaster Trigon summons whirlwinds of books to circle him.  The whirlwinds will knock you off your feet.  As with all seekers, Trigon also splits into two separate seekers.  Focus on the individual seekers and then turn your attention to Loremaster Trigon.  Avoid the whirlwinds when possible.

Qacath the Silent

Qacath the Silent is a darkreeve warrior accompanied by other darkreeve enemies and is located in the Underweave Nulifactory.


Qacath the Silent unleashes a ton of aoes.  Some are electrical and some are fiery.  The fiery aoes explode.  Focus on the adds first, then range attack Qacath avoiding the aoes when possible.


ESO In-Game Icon U38 Public Dungeon 2 All Champs

Defeating all the champions in the Underweave will reward you with the Underweave Conquerer achievement.

ESO In-Game Icon U38 Public Dungeon 2 Group Event

Defeating The All-Seeing Ky’zuu will reward you with the Underweave Group Event achievement.

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