The Annual Undaunted Celebration Event Begins Today!

ESO Undaunted Celebration Event
The Undaunted Celebration in-game event offers special rewards for conquering Tamriel's dangerous dungeons! Earn rewards and Event Tickets today!

Celebrate The Undaunted

Beginning today, Thursday, September 8, 2022, at 10am EDT and running until Tuesday, September 20 at 10am EDT, you can join the Undaunted Celebration.  This in-game PvE event allows you to earn special rewards and Event Tickets.

Simply access any dungeon throughout Tamriel or use the Activity Finder to get started.  You can also begin the event by taking part in the introductory quest ‘Glory of the Undaunted’ by speaking to Serileth.  Serileth can be found at any Undaunted Enclave or at an Impresario tent.  Alternatively, you can pick up the introductory quest for free from the Crown Store.

Undaunted Reward Boxes

After you’ve defeated the final boss of your first dungeon each day, you will receive a Gloriuos Undaunted Reward Box.  Glorious boxes have a change to contain consumables, gold, style pages, Undaunted Keys, Opal Weapon styles, and more!

While the Glorious Undaunted Reward Box is only once per day, for each dungeon you complete during the event you will also receive a normal Undaunted Reward Box. 

Both versions of the Undaunted Reward Box include a guaranteed chance to drop an item set piece from the dungeon in which the box was acquired.  Both versions of the Undaunted Reward Box include a guaranteed chance to drop one of the following items:

While including all the above, the Glorious Undaunted Reward Box includes a chance to drop one of the following Opal monster weapon styles:

More Ways To Be Rewarded

Bolgrul, who is located within any Undaunted Enclave, gives you a chance to earn an additional Undaunted Reward Box each day by completing his daily quest.

Improving Your Odds 

Defeating (and looting) a specific dungeon’s final boss on veteran hard mode difficulty provides a greater chance to receive the dungeon’s associated Opal Monster Mask Style page.  Mask styles and dungeons during this event include:

Using Undaunted Keys

You may also purchase the Opal version of a shoulder style from the Undaunted vendors using Undaunted Keys IF you own the ordinary version of a monster shoulder style.  These vendors also sell mystery coffers that provide random Opal shoulder style pages.  Specific Opal style pages can be purchased for 50 Keys while the coffer can be obtained for 25 Keys.  Be sure to check out the Undaunted Guide.

Nenulaure Returns

This is an Event Ticket event.  In addition to the Impresario, you can also visit Nenulaure the Indrick Vendor who will have the following item available for purchase using Event Tickets:

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers
  • Onyx Indrik Berries
  • Mossheart Indrik Berries
  • Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet
  • Sapling Indrik Pet

Fragments & More

The Impresario will be offering the following:

  • Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet Fragments
    • Hallowed Hourglass Basin
    • Illuminated Dragon Scroll
    • Kvatchian Incense
  • Daggerfall Paladin Costume Fragments
    • Blessed Rubedite Enamel
    • Captured Dragonflame 
  • Bound Style Pages for Velidreth Opal Weapons, Opal Masks, and Shoulders
  • Impresario Group Repair Kits
  • Companion Guild Commendations

The Daggerfall Paladin Costume Fragments offered at this event are the first TWO required for this costume.

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