ESO Event: Undaunted Celebration Coming To Tamriel

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November 16, 2021

Undaunted Celebration Starts November 18

The annual Undaunted Celebration comes back to Tamriel beginning Thursday, November 18 from 10am EST through Tuesday, November 30 at 10am EST.

Are You Undaunted?

While it’s true you won’t be able to accept Undaunted Pledges until level 45 and completing the quest ‘Taking The Undaunted Pledge’, you can join the Undaunted guild at any time which also puts you on the path to leveling the Undaunted skill line.  Visit a tavern in your faction’s main city and speak to an Undaunted group leader.  You’ll be assigned the task of entering a dungeon – the dungeon does not need to be completed so this can be done solo.  

To participate in this Undaunted Celebration simply enter into any dungeon.  You can walk in any overland entrance point or use the Activity Finder.  You may also complete the introductory quest called ‘Glory of the Undaunted’ from the Crown Store.  This is a free quest starter.

What’s To Celebrate?

Whenever you defeat any dungeon’s final boss during the event, you will receive a unique Undaunted Reward Box.  These bosses contain a variety of valuable items and consumables.  They can include treasure maps, survey reports, valuables, crafting materials, motif style pages, Undaunted keys, and more!

The FIRST time each day you defeat a dungeon’s final boss, you will receive a Glorious Undaunted Reward Box AND 2 Event Tickets.  This box will include regular Reward Box items AND is guaranteed to contain an Opal Weapon style page.  There is a rare chance to receive an Opal Weapon Style drop in a regular box.  Remember you must LOOT the box to claim this reward.

Opal Weapon style pages can include the Iceheart, Lord Warden, Nightlame, and Swarm Mother styles, and the new Chokethorn Opal Weapon style.  These style pages have an opalescent sheen with blue particle effects.

Get The Mask Style Pages You Need

During the Undaunted Celebration, when you defeat the final boss of certain dungeons on veteran hard mode, you have a bonus chance to receive an Opal Monster Mask style page for that dungeon.

  • Elden Hollow I drops the Chokethorn style page
  • Direfrost Keep drops the Iceheart style page
  • Imperial City Prison drops the Lord Warden style page
  • Elden Hollow II drops the Bogdan the Nightflame style page
  • Spindleclutch I drops the Swarm Mother style page
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ESO Merchants

You Can Purchase An Opal Style Shoulder

Undaunted vendors will sell Opal style monster shoulders.  You can purchase the Opal version ONLY if you already own the regular version.  This purchase will cost Undaunted Keys.  Vendors will also sell mystery coffers that provide random Opal shoulder style pages.

Earn 2 Event Tickets Every Day

The Undaunted Celebration IS an Event Ticket event.  2 Event Tickets can be earned every day after defeating your first dungeon boss.  Be sure to loot it!  Remember you can only carry 12 total Event Tickets.  Be sure to check your currency tab to see how many you currently hold.  If you earn them but cannot carry them, they are simply lost.

While some items are for sale for gold, the Impresario mainly deals in Event Ticket currency.  You can purchase bound style pages in all of the above-mentioned styles, purchase group repair kits, furnishings, grab bags, and other goodies including house fragments and Morpholith pet fragments.

ESO Event Impresario
The Elder Scrolls Online Impresario
ESO Unstable Morpholith Pet
Unstable Morpholith Pet

Fragments And Fragmented Math

The Impresario will offer all THREE Unstable Morpholith pet fragments.  These can be merged to create an Unstable Morpholith pet.  While that is cool by itself, this pet can also morph into a house!

Throughout events in 2021, the Morpholith pet was morphed into a skin, a mount, and now it has the opportunity to be morphed into a house!  Specifically, the pet can morph into the Doomchar Plateau house which is the Q4 event collectible.

WARNING – Math is involved here.  If you want to create the house, you will need a total of 50 Event Tickets (5 house fragments which cost 10 Event Tickets each) and either the Morpholith pet or another 15 Event Tickets (3 pet fragments which cost 5 Event Tickets each) to create it.

Including the 30th of November (but only up until 10am EST), there are a total of 26 tickets that can be earned during this event.  Bear in mind that you can only carry 12 tickets at a time.  

During the Witches Festival, the first 2 fragments of the house were offered.  This event will offer the first 2 house fragments again and the third house fragment.  Every event offers all 3 pet fragments to create the Morpholith pet.  

The final event details have not yet been released so the offering remains unknown along with the total number of tickets that can be earned.

The THREE fragments that must be combined to create the Unstable Morpholith Pet are as follows:

  • Deadlands Flint
  • Rune-Etched Striker
  • Smoldering Bloddgrass Tinder

Once you have all three, from your Collections – Fragments menu, just ‘Use’ one and it will morph into the Morpholith pet.  The Impresario, thankfully, tracks which pieces you already have so you will not be able to purchase a fragment you already own.  Once you have morphed the fragments into the pet, the Impressario will allow you to purchase additional pet fragments.  

ESO Doomchar Plateau

There are FIVE house fragments.  Currently, only 3 are known:

  • Scorching Pillar
  • Searing Column
  • Molten Key

Once you acquire all the house fragments along with the Morpholith pet, you will be able to morph it into the home.  

If this event ticket explanation has been as clear as mud, The Elder Scrolls Online has a Guide To Event Tickets & Rewards that may offer more clarity.

You can also find more information about this event on The Elder Scrolls Online official website.

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