ESO’s Update 39 Release for PC/Mac With Quality of Life Improvements Available Now

ESO Update 39 Preview Article Quality of Live Improvements
PC/Mac users can access ESO's Update 39. While the main emphasis is on Quality of Life improvements, there are also some additional features to explore.

Update 39

Many bug fixes, experience improvements, quality of life enhancements, and more are in Update 39.  

ESO listed their ‘big changes’ as follows:

  • Quest & Content Improvements for New Players
  • Navigator Quest Pins
  • Update to Event Tickets
  • New Cyrodiil Monster Masks
  • New PvP Face & Body Markings
  • PvP Death Notifications
  • Improved Imperial City Treasure Scamp Loot
  • New & Updated Achievements
  • Updates to Item Set Sourcing
  • Stacking of Identical Crown Store Items
  • Unifying Unsellable Items
  • New Furnishings
  • Master Writ Vendor Offering Adjustments
  • Placing Furnishings from Inventory
  • Furnishing Preview Placement
  • Suppressing Companions in Favor of Assistants
  • Occlusion Culling
  • New Endeavor Activity Types
  • Antiquity Skill Line Crown Store Unlock

Inventory Management Improvements

Some (but not all) similar Crown Store items that come from separate sources can now be stacked together using the ‘Stack All Items’ option.  This will help you manage inventory and reduce clutter.  Changes have also been made to help you easily identify those items in your Ivneotry that can or cannot be sold.

Home Editor Improvements

Now you can ‘Place’ a furnishing direction from your Inventory or Collectibles UI while inside your home.  Find the ‘Place’ option while viewing specific furnishing.  You can also preview Crown Store furnishings in your home before you purchase them.  This is intended to help you determine how a new item might look when placed.

Update To Event Tickets

Update 39 introduces a new safety guard for Event tickets that come from looted sources.  When you complete an action that would have dropped Event Tickets while you are at or near the Event Ticket currency cap you will receive a message letting you know that you could have gotten Event Tickets from this source but did not have enough room to loot them.  Event Tickets that come from quests already have a warning involved when you attempt to turn the quest in.

When you spend Event Tickets to properly loot additional tickets you will then be able to loot them from the next event-appropriate source.  If you fail to loot your Event Tickets you will not automatically be put on the daily reset.  You may attempt additional dungeons, kill bosses, or whatever the event-appropriate activity is until you completely loot your Event Tickets for that day.  

Please note that you can still only receive Event Tickets once per day and this new behavior is currently in place for the upcoming Undaunted Celebration, the Witches Festival, and will roll out to other appropriate events over time.

New Cyrodiil Monster Masks

Also in Update 39, there are THREE new Monsters Masks available at Elite Gear Vendors.

You can also check out ALL the monster sets offered in ESO on this page.

Read Patch Notes

With each update, ESO releases a full list of patch notes detailing all the changes.  You can read all about them here.

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