Introduction To Transmuting And Reconstructing

Transmute Station Furnishing
Transmuting gear traits and reconstructing set pieces is easy. You need a few Transmute Crystals, a Transmute Station, and this guide.

Clockwork City DLC Required

In order to access the transmute system, you’ll need to have the Clockwork City DLC.  Clockwork City is available through ESO Plus or can be purchased from the Crown Store.  However, if you’ve purchased any of the most recent chapters, chances are Clockwork City was included.

Clockwork City Transmute Station Location
Transmute Station Location In Clockwork City

Accessing A Transmute Station

To transmute or reconstruct an item, you’ll need to find a Transmute Station.  You can find one in the Hall of Refined Techniques which is marked on the map.  This is located in Clockwork City using the Brass Fortress Wayshrine.

Most guild houses offer a Transmute Station for use by their members.  You can also purchase your very own as a furnishing with Writ Vouchers earned from completing Master crafting writs.  Rolis Hlaalu, a Mastercraft Merchant, can be found in each faction’s capital city.  Once purchased, like any furnishing, you can add this to your home and use it there.

Hall Of Refined Techniques In Clockwork City
Hall Of Refined Techniques
Rolis Hlaalu Transmute Station Purchase
Purchasing A Transmute Station

Transmuting Weapons Or Gear

If you have a gear or weapon and want to change its trait, you can do that using a Transmute Station.  The cost is 50 Transmute Crystals.  Any trait is available to you so long as you have researched that item type and trait.  For example, if you want to transmute a light helm from Infused to Divines, you must have researched the light helm Divines trait.  

Transmuting an item will bind it to you.  You cannot sell or gift transmuted items.

High Cost Of Reconstructing Gear
High Cost Of Reconstructing
Low Cost Of Reconstruction
Low Cost Of Reconstructing

Reconstructing From Set Collections

The other purpose of the Transmute Station is to allow you to reconstruct items from your set collections.  Any item collected can be reconstructed.  The cost of such reconstruction is varied depending on how many pieces you’ve collected from each specific set.

Looking at the higher cost image, you’ll see Robes of the Withered Hand has only 4 set pieces collected.  I have the option to reconstruct any of those 4 collected items in ANY trait I’ve previously researched.  The cost will be 67 Transmute Crystals each.  This cost will lower as I collect more items in that set. 

The highest reconstructed item cost is 75 Transmute Crystals and the lowest item cost is 25. 

Looking at the lower cost image, you’ll see the Grace of Gloom set has all but one item collected.  Consequently, I can reconstruct any of the collected items at a cost of only 27 Transmute Crystals each.

In some cases, it may cost FEWER crystals to reconstruct an item than to transmute it.  The resulting item is exactly the same whether reconstructed or transmuted.  

Reconstructed items are bound to your account and cannot be sold or gifted.  Both reconstructed and transmuted items are marked with a special symbol in your inventory.  An example of that notation is shown below.

Transmuted or Reconstructed Inventory Symbol
Transmuted or Reconstructed Inventory Symbol

Earning And Saving Transmute Crystals

Only 500 Transmute Crystals can be held per account.  Transmute Crystals are bound to your account, not to your character.  If you acquire any crystals beyond the maximum, they will be lost.  You can check your current balance in your Inventory System under Currency.  

If you are an ESO Plus member, your Transmute Crystal capacity is doubled!  This means that you can carry 1000 Transmute Crystals.

Transmute Crystals come from a Transmutation Geode.  This is a container that contains crystals.  Opening geodes reveal the crystals and adds them to your currency tally.  Geodes do count as an inventory space item until they are opened.  

Specific activities (like the ones listed below) will reward you with Transmute Crystals:

  • 50 Crystals – Alliance War 30 Day Campaign Rewards (Tier 1)
  • 50 Crystals – Alliance War 30 Day Campaign Top 10% Leaderboard
  • 10 Crystals – Alliance War 7 Day Campaign Rewards (Tier 1)
  • 10 Crystals – Alliance War 7 Day Campaign Top 10% Leaderboard
  • 5 Crystals – Arena Leaderboard
  • 5 Crystals – Trial Leaderboard
  • 5 Crystals – Battleground Leaderboard
  • 10 Crystals – Random Daily Dungeon Finder (once per day)
  • 4-25 Crystals – Rewards For The Worthy (once per day)
  • 1 Crystal – Undaunted Pledges Normal
  • 3 Crystals – Undaunted Pledges Veteran
  • 5 Crystals – Undaunted Pledges Veteran Hardmode
  • 5 Crystals – Veteran Dragonstar Arena
  • 4 Crystals – Veteran Maelstrom Arena
  • 5 Crystals – Veteran Blackrose Prison
  • 5 Crystals – Veteran Vateshran Hollows
Transmutation Menu
Transmutation Trait Menu

Other Potential Ways To Acquire Transmute Crystals

Transmute Crystals can also sometimes be found by defeating and looting any dungeon’s Main Boss or in Half-Digested Adventurer’s Packs acquired by looting defeated Dragons.

You can also deconstruct reconstructed or transmuted items.  While the item is destroyed, you do receive a return of 25 Transmute Crystals.

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