Beat Tribute Founders To Get Sorcerer-King Orgnum’s Deck

ESO Tales Of Tribute Patron Coin Orgnum King
Are you skilled enough in Tales of Tribute to defeat the Founders? You can win the Sorcerer-King Orgnum's deck. Find the Founders today!

Add Tribute Decks

Although you start with four decks, you can increase the number of Tales of Tributes decks you have available for gameplay to a total of eight.  One deck requires you to find and defeat the Founders.  

Obtaining Sorcerer-King Orgnum Deck

The Sorcerer-King Orgnum Deck is obtained by defeating five Founders of the Tales of Tribute game.

Founders play with odd decks so you must be adaptable.  You will acquire a fragment from each Founder which then rewards you with the Sorcerer-King Orgnum Deck.

Fillia’s Maormer Deck Fragment

Fillia can be found in Grahtwood.  Travel north from the Gray Mire Wayshrine towards the striking locale Sweetwater Cottage.  In the cottage, you can challenge Fillia to a game of ToT.

Linyia’s Maormer Deck Fragment

Linyia can be found in Craglorn.  Travel slightly southwest of the Shady Tears Wayshrine to the bridge.  Using the water, continue south and jump off the waterfall.  Continue in the water, until you arrive at a stone platform.  There you will find Linyia.

Murzaga’s Maormer Deck Fragment

Murzaga can be found in Ravenwatch Castle in Rivenspire.  Travel northeast of the Crestwood Wayshrine to find Ravenwatch Castle.  If you cannot get in the castle, you must first complete the zone quest called ‘Shornhelm Divided’.  NPC Mollier Guillon who is near the castle door will give you the quest.  Murzaga is on the second floor of the castle sitting at a table.  

Please note that unless your Tales of Tribute rank is master, she will not play you.

Nhorhim’s Maormer Deck Fragment

Nhorhim can be found in Eastmarch.  Travel northwest from the Mistmatch Wayshrine towards the striking locale the Hermit’s Hideout.  Enter the cave and you will find Nhorhim in a small room on the right of the main room.

Please note that he will not play you unless you have collected all of the other decks.

Author’s Maormer Deck Fragment

The Author is located in Coldharbour.  Travel south from the Hollow City Wayshrine to the covered area noted on the map.  She is sitting at a table behind a hanging curtain.

Please note that she will not play you unless you have defeated all of the other founders.

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